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How To Build an Email List for Free - Start Email Marketing 2018

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Try Aweber yourself, free for 30 days https://www.aweber.com/gregnarayan.htm Email marketing isn't as big as everyone online says it is and you don't have to start email marketing today. What? It's true. I waited forever to start email marketing too. But to grow your business and be taken seriously among popular blogs and websites, you do need to build an email list, soo why not start email marketing now, and have more subscribers later? In this video I'll talk you through exactly how I began email marketing in 2012 using Aweber's free 30 trail. You will setup email marketing exactly like I did, knowing literally nothing, and eventually seeing the first subs trickle in and now I have over 5000 amazing people. You basically pay nothing and get full access to their tools - create an email form, add it your blog, create an autoresponder series, collect subscribers to build an email list, all for free. Do as much damage as you can in 30 days, or stay for 6 years like I have. I'm so excited to actually finally be talking about email marketing strategies because it's been a behind the scenes effort in my business (DearBlogger Inc) for several years now, but we didn't want to get into the email marketing tutorial space because, as you can probably see, it's really loud and annoying, full of people preaching at you about why NEED TO START LIST BUILDING. So we hope to take a more laid back approach, and I'll be sharing some real strategies for the form design, subscriber interactions and even which forms do better than others in this longer video. You can definitely just play this video in the bg as you create an email list and use it piece by piece. The process to setup email marketing will take you well over 30 minutes, but this video will answer many questions you will have as you start an email marketing list campaign so at least there's that. Watch until the end where I show you how to deliver an eBook automatically to subscribers using the same process at DearBlogger.org. Sorry for talking super fast there. Okay, enjoy! Thanks for watching! G (That's my affiliate link above and takes you to the free 30 day trial, thanks! You can also find the free trial thru aweber.com) #emailmarketing
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Text Comments (14)
Cem Mertkan (2 months ago)
How about sending out automated newslatters. ? Thank you by the way.
Robert Sudock (3 months ago)
Greg, thanks again
Greg Narayan (3 months ago)
Got you covered Robert! Have you been getting into some email marketing?
Brandon Olson (3 months ago)
Hey Greg! Brandon from AWeber here. Great tutorial! Thanks for sharing.
Greg Narayan (3 months ago)
Thanks for stopping by Brandon!! ☝️See guys, real people, real service. I mean how many email marketing platforms will take the time to watch your YouTube videos? 😜👍
Cori Leigh (3 months ago)
Thanks, Greg! This tutorial is so timely for me! New to Aweber so learning how to use it now. So helpful in my simplifying the process of getting started with Aweber! Great tutorial and easy to follow as usual!
Greg Narayan (3 months ago)
Happy to help you start email marketing and build a list Cori! I owe it to ya for all your email help you've given me!! ☕☕😀😀
Ken Thurston (3 months ago)
Awebber Number 1, says who ?
Greg Narayan (3 months ago)
For DearBlogger it is! But there are lots of great email marketing services our there that'd like to convince you otherwise :)
wedoebe (3 months ago)
Good deal sir.
Greg Narayan (3 months ago)
Did you try it?? Aweber is one of my serious favs! Easy to create stuff, fast results, happy everyone :)
deepak Athawale (3 months ago)
Greg Narayan (3 months ago)
Thank you Deepak!! 👌
COMPUTER SOLUTION (3 months ago)
nice @ www.iitinfotech.xyz

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