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Bitcoin in South Korea

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Earlier this year I visited Seoul in South Korea to learn more about bitcoin and blockchain there. I had some amazing adventures: bought some tea with bitcoin, visited the bitcoin center, used the phone-booth bitcoin atms, interviewed sponsors of the d10e conference I was emceeing, and chatted to people in the line friends cafe about bitcoin :) South Korea may well be the future of blockchain! Huge thank you to Jason King for helping me film! If you liked this video, please subscribe! Patreon.com/NaomiBrockwell HUGE thank you to all my AMAZING Patreon supporters! And a GIANT thank you to my sponsors Nelly's Organics (https://nellysorganics.com/), Decentranet (https://decentranet.com/), and HardFork Entertainment (http://hardforkentertainment.io/) Thanks for watching!! Leave a comment below and come say hi to me on: Twitter (@Skycorridors) Steemit (https://steemit.com/@skycorridors) Bitchute (https://www.bitchute.com/naomibrockwelltv/) dTube (https://d.tube/c/skycorridors) Podcast: https://soundcloud.com/naomibrockwell/tracks https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/bitcoin-blockchain-and-the-technologies-of-our-future/id1332680060?mt=2 BTC: 33a8WEWYwVvvVKmohpXJVVWznYVTNrESkc BCH: 1Na4u2akeCNqGoShcUscBEb3EFkt6firGb Dash: XswT7Dn6pLeu3RYQMiJXPXZh4oVgNr5cJ3 LTC: MStHu3bKxtsyDy6Cnex7sExW7Sntye3Hod ZEC: t1U1BWDM5WpRK8VNR1a5MjnRLyGeaV9ocGZ Doge: DUS4TRXCErchmx4W7PujR9oCh3hfYvNY1F ETH: 0xaE0E925159ef42d3B4A9BCaa2808f1C456A7be6b
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Text Comments (33)
Jordi l (1 month ago)
3 of 10 using or having bitcoin? HAHA
Humoyun Koraboev (1 month ago)
But I dont know how to purchase ?!😓😓😓
Naomi Brockwell (1 month ago)
check out my series "bitcoin for beginners" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T33m3H7jyxA&list=PLt3zZ-N423gVu4HB273Bs_LZ1_o94qQuy
Obuj Hridoy (2 months ago)
How to create coinpluq account??? How possible withdraw service for coinpluq bitcoine atm?give 1, more video please
Naomi Brockwell (2 months ago)
Sebastian H. (4 months ago)
You are our Bitcoin Girl Naomi! Thanks for your existence and effort 😚
Naomi Brockwell (4 months ago)
Thanks for watching Sebastian :) :)
DettoX (4 months ago)
If you ever come to france i would gladly give an interview lmao
Naomi Brockwell (4 months ago)
Thanks! France is on the list
kan ata (4 months ago)
kimichi premium wird name haha
Naomi Brockwell (4 months ago)
Yeah it's pretty funny :)
Roger 9000 (4 months ago)
Yaaaah Brockchain!!!!! ⚡️⚡️⚡️! I reckon you should do a K-pop Video toooo Miss Bitcoin 😻 !
Naomi Brockwell (4 months ago)
haha I would love that :) I'll try to find a sponsor, because another music video is definitely out of my budget right now lol
Kimchi Socks (4 months ago)
I wish we could of met so I could of given you a real insight on Bitcoin in Seoul because the rest of Korea doesn't really use it. Plus that man's estimate on out of every 10 people who uses it, is wrong. Korea has a large trading volume BUT not a huge daily use number.
Kimchi Socks (4 months ago)
Naomi Brockwell let me know in advance so I can put in leave from my day job.
Naomi Brockwell (4 months ago)
I wish we had met also! Next time for sure!!
Kimchi Socks (4 months ago)
Kimchi Socks yeah! Also when people say Korea, they are really talking about Seoul.
Kimchi Socks (4 months ago)
Naomi Brockwell it's real difficult for people who only spend their time in Seoul to understand that the rest of S. Korea like Busan which is the 2nd biggest city doesn't have Blockchain confrences. It's also hard for them to acknowledge that outside of the Blockchain circles they hang in mainly, everyone else would use a T-Money card before Bitcoin because you load stable fiat on to a card that can be used for a cab, bus, train, buy food, some places pay for hotel, go see a movie, and more with. Bitcoin is NO WHERE near that level of use here because Bitcoin goes against Koreans' morals which is stability and security. Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies is liked for the fact they were able to make gains up to 48% off of arbitrage trading and then they moved those profits into fiat that's stable and secured. Most of the confrences are in Seoul because the international airport is closer to Seoul. Therefore, creating a centralised location of money for Blockchain devlopment and confrences in Seoul. NOT S. KOREA.
Naomi Brockwell (4 months ago)
Good point!
DeanA (4 months ago)
Will Koreans buy ICON ?
Naomi Brockwell (4 months ago)
Who knows!
Rakib Fiha (4 months ago)
Where is the video with Nick Szabo?? Can I get the link please??
Naomi Brockwell (4 months ago)
tbh I never edited of posted it! It was very very short, maybe less than a minute, I'll try to find the footage and get something together
Andy Raman (4 months ago)
In Korea drama no bitcoinn shown 😞
Exciting World Cryptos (4 months ago)
south Korea one of my favorite countries i visited looks like u had a cryptolian time! lol
Naomi Brockwell (4 months ago)
Me too, I adored Seoul!
Fox Mulder (4 months ago)
that elder gent with glasses who owns that cafe, should do voice acting work! AWESOME voice! pretty cool that he was prescient, in getting involved early; to _BE_ 'ageist', that's awesome to see! :D
Naomi Brockwell (4 months ago)
He was so great, I loved chatting with him :)
Lambo Llama (4 months ago)
Did he say #Brockchain I know I heard #Brockchain 😆
Lambo Llama (4 months ago)
Naomi Brockwell Your trademarked phrase needs to be on a t-shirt and a hoodie. 💰
Naomi Brockwell (4 months ago)
That's my trademarked phrase!!
Janne Wolterbeek (4 months ago)
Naomi Brockwell (4 months ago)
haha :)

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