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Sync Outlook with Android direct over USB with CompanionLink 5

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This setup video shows how to sync Outlook with Android direct over USB using CompanionLink 5. Many Android devices require specific configuration instructions to sync; check this page for any notes on your specific device - http://www.companionlink.com/support/kb/Android_USB_Device_Specific_Notes
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jimmy56boy (4 years ago)
Is there an expense window for Mac?
The description for DejaOffice on Google Play states the price for the optional sync component right in the first paragraph. "Works with CompanionLink PC or Mac software sold separately starting at $14.95."
Dillinger R. (6 years ago)
DejaOffice cost 14 dollars a month or 50 dollars for a full licence & it doesn't tell you that until you've installed it and are using it
Yes, CompanionLink works great with LG Motion 4G and Ice Cream Sandwich.
jjsiegal (6 years ago)
I am considering the purchase of the LG Motion 4g....WHICH runs on the "Ice Cream Platform" QUESTION: Does your software sync data with the LG Motion 4g? NOTE: I see on your site that your software runs with ICE CREAM 4.0, but i don't see the phone on your website. THANK YOU!
ThePugMonkey (6 years ago)
Seems to messy to me
Unfortunately, there's not a consistent "Notes" application across Android like there is for Contacts and Calendars. So, while we do sync contacts and calendars with the native Android apps, we can't do tasks or notes at this time. I'll be sure to make a note of your request, though!
wompwompWomp1 (7 years ago)
Or even from the dejamemos onto my Android memos ? Im not sure if you understand what i mean but I'd really like some help!!
wompwompWomp1 (7 years ago)
Hi is there a way to get my notes in outlook to appear in my memo pad on my Samsung Galaxy SII ?
Glad to hear it! Is it safe to assume that you were able to get the Contacts figured out as well?
JBlinky67 (7 years ago)
WOW! Just sync'ed with the Wi-Fi option and what a difference! Soooo easy! Why didn't I do this way before! I guess I can purchase it now. lol. Thank you for creating this software! Its so great to see all my categories, colors, and organization just like it is on my Outlook desktop! And the widgets are perfect! Love it!
We just released the 2nd USB option that you're seeing - sorry if that caused any confusion! I'll look into updating the video to reflect this new sync option. As for the progress bars, I'll pass this request on to our developers. Thanks for the feedback. Finally, what features are you missing in the Calendar that you'd like to see? We're always open to exploring new ideas.
JBlinky67 (7 years ago)
Just got the Galaxy Note. I have to say, your directions are not that thorough when describing setup, especially since THIS video is no longer current! There's 2 usb options now! Not to mention that there's no progress monitor either for retrieving Outlook info or when writing to the native apps, which I accidentally interrupted by unplugging the usb cable. Finally got it to sync, and now realize the Android calendar sucks compared to my 3 year-old WinMo 6.5 Calendar. Great.
Eric Downing (7 years ago)
I am desperately trying to sync a new Samsung Galaxy Note GT-N7000 (non branded) with Android 2.3.6 GINGERBREAD.XBKK4 to an Otlook 2003 professional on a PC Win7 Home Premium 64bit. Is this supported by the recent version of Companionlink 5? (=is it worth buying?)
@OrhanBaser1 We don't support USB sync to the Galaxy Nexus at this time, though we're working on a solution. In the meantime, we support WiFi, Sync via Google, and our Secure Hosted Wireless sync - all of which work well on the Nexus.
Orhan Baser (7 years ago)
Is this feature working for Samsung Galaxy?
@changetomorrowtoday We offer both USB and Local WiFi sync options, neither of which upload your data to any third party or online database. The data is synced to our Android app, DejaOffice. It should be noted that DejaOffice can be configured to sync with the built-in Android address book, which is linked to Google. In that case, you'd want to ensure to turn off Google's sync in your Android Settings (on the phone, hit Menu > Settings > Accounts > Accounts & Sync, or Data Sync).
changetomorrowtoday (7 years ago)
2 Quick questions. If I use companion link to link my outlook to my android, I'm assuming that my contact/calender data won't go online or go to a third party. But once it's on my android (and is on google contacts/calender, etc), will there be any chance for it to accidentally THEN sync with Gmail/Google accounts?!?!? I'd like to make sure my data is 100% local. Thanks.
@reydawg27 I've sent you a message via YouTube with a request for contact info so we can get in touch with you directly. Look for that and reply, then we'll get things straightened out for you! Thanks.
reydawg27 (7 years ago)
i have Outlook 2007, and Android (Samsung Infuse 4G). I tried everything from restart, to usb, to wifi etc. And it's impossible to reach someone over the phone.
@reydawg27 If you could clarify your specific setup, I should be able to help out. Either reply to this comment or send me a note at social [at] companionlink [dot] com (YouTube hates links in comments, sorry) and we'll go from there!
reydawg27 (7 years ago)
I'm trying to synch from device to Outlook but nothing comes on my Outlook. The output is stored on Deja Office on my device. What's wrong?

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