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John Deere/Frontier - Rotary Cutter (Brush Hog) - (Part 3 of 3)

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Don't forget to like, comment, and subscribe for more. Thanks for watching!!! NO MUSIC, just tractor noises!!! John Deere 3038e and Frontier Rotary Cutter RC2060 with iMatch Quick Hitch. Frontier rotary cutters fit a wide range of tractor HP ratings, on the low end these cutters are intended for tall grass and light brush. On the high end of the HP ratings the cutters can handle thicker brush and small saplings.
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Sidney Mathious (29 days ago)
That is a nice brand of bush hog you have there. I have a Frontier brand also which came with my 790 John Deere tractor in a package deal. Mine is a model 513 bush hog and it have given me great service and still is. Mine is well built and the delivery man told me that it will cut bushes up to 3 inches easily.
Thanks for watching and the comment Sidney Mathious! I agree, this type of equipment is well built and can handle the job. I have definitely mowed over some 2-3 inch saplings and it took care of them with ease.
Kevin Dytrich (3 months ago)
That back wheel needs to be on the ground.
tsimmons1974ts (3 months ago)
What was that a wild hog ????
Funny! I never noticed that before. No wild hog at :44. That was our dog running through the freshly blazed trails. Thanks for watching +tsimmons1974ts!
231MasseyFerguson (10 months ago)
How do you like the tractor? Does it have plenty power being that it's hydrostat drive? Have you had any problems?
Hi 231MasseyFerguson.  Thanks for watching!  As far as power goes, we have been completely satisfied with what our John Deere 3038e can handle and do. The hydrostatic drive has not created any issues for us yet and it has been more than capable for each implement that we have used with it.  No problems to date other than mice trying to nest in the engine compartment.
deer rudy (1 year ago)
its pretty but the JD mowers are built cheap. i have an old JD 503 mower thats bent to hell. i can see they havent beefed them up. very thin metal where you need support. look at some YouTube you will see what I mean. can always get some support welded on. good luck,
Thanks for watching +David Alexander!
Thanks for watching and the comment +David Alexander! I have been impressed with how this mower has held up so far. A few dents here and there but over all it has been a work horse and knocked down a bunch of weeds and small saplings.
David Alexander (11 months ago)
I have a Frontier that failed where the draw bar pins are connected. The metal cracked and bent. Yours has an angle on it, so they obviously figured out how weak it is and reinforced. I am trying to fabricate some reinforcement. Also considering the quick hitch you have. Great video
Thanks for watching +deer rudy! I agree. As I was looking, I debated going with another brand that offered a welded deck versus the metal stamped deck of the John Deere. It looks like they have reinforced it in some areas but time will tell if it holds up to the abuse that it will receive. Thanks for the comment as well!
Seth Thomas (1 year ago)
How is your RC2060 holding up? I'm considering added one to the stable, as well as a Rhino 160, or a Kodiak ST-60; would really appreciate your feedback after having your unit a while.
Thanks +Seth Thomas! Glad you found something that worked. I agree that the dealer can make a big difference. Enjoy your unit!
Seth Thomas (1 year ago)
Thanks for the input! We actually ended-up going for the Rhino RS160. The local dealer was the most friendly, most helpful, a better price than the RC2060, and a better warranty. I've already put about 9 or so hours on the unit and it has done splendidly, even with some shoulder high wild grass and some wet cutting. Glad your unit seems to be holding up well. Continued smoothness on your journey.
Thanks for watching and the question +Seth Thomas! Sorry for the delay in my response, we have been away for some time and now just getting back to catching up with things. As for the the RC2060, I have been impressed with how it has held up so far. There are a few dimples in the top of the deck as the blade has picked up a rock or two. At this point I only have about 20 hours on the unit. Both of the other units you mentioned seem to be well built. For us it came down to the fact that we had the John Deere iMatch quick hitch installed and I wanted to make sure the PTO drive shaft would work correctly for the distance needed as well as how the unit attached. So far it has been easy to back up, hook up and then disconnect when I was done.

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