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John Deere Tractor 3038e - Pallet Forks (Part 3 of 3)

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These pallet forks will provide us with plenty of conveniences to reach and lift things. This pallet fork attachment will handle most lifting and light weight towing tasks without taxing your machines power or lift capacity. The lightweight steel frame is designed to be the most efficient fork attachment out there. The integrated hitch receiver is perfect for moving trailers and other equipment around without having to change implements. The attachment will fit 200, 300 ,400, 500 loaders with a John Deere quick attach. It is great for moving round and square bales and it comes with a 1 year warranty and free shipping. Features: - Fits John Deere - Total Capacity: 3,000 lbs - Top pin set fits H120, D120, 210, 200x, 200cx, 300cx, 300x, 305, 400x, 400cx, 410, 419, 420, 430, 440, & 460 series loaders. - Bottom pin set fits 500, 510, 520, 521, 540, 541, & 542 series Ag loaders. - Does not fit any loaders equipped with the Global/Euro style or universal Skid Steer style mount. Specifications: - Total weight: 108 lbs (frame only) - Width: 50" - Height: 19" - Fork length: 36"
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sideskraft (6 months ago)
I'm now debating on what to buy for pallet forks. Are you still pleased with going 36" rather than 42" or 48"? You can always purchase the 60" extensions which should be stout enough for anything you'll be lifting with your Deere. I also need a FEL hitch receiver, so I've been looking at that Titan model, but for the skid-steer attach version (I've got a Mahindra 2540). Have you used the hitch to move any serious weight trailers? If so, what kind of weight (tongue and trailer) have you moved? I need something pretty stout -- Titan says your model has a 600 tongue and 6000 trailer capacity, but I'm guessing at low speeds and flat surfaces considerably higher weights could be safely moved.
CPUDOCTHE1 (6 months ago)
My son and I built a pallet fork frame for my wife's 3038. It has 42" forks. They are nice. As far as storage, if they are off of the tractor, they are stored outside. If you leave them on, you can tilt them down and they don't take up any more horizontal space than shorter forks. A lot of the time, we have a pallet setting in front of where the tractor is shedded and just stick the forks in the pallet. You do pick the back wheels of the ground more often with the longer forks than I suspect you would with shorter forks.
sideskraft, thanks for watching and the questions! We have been very pleased with the 36". I debated long and hard about going with one of the longer options but ultimately was concerned with maneuvering around the shed with the extra length and so far I have appreciated the short length and they still have done everything we needed them to do. As for the receiver, I have been pretty cautious. Only moved our small utility trailer (under 2k pounds). We do have a midsize travel trailer that weighs about 5k that I am going to try and move with the loader this Spring but am a little nervous. I'm sure it will be fine! Keep me posted on what you decide.
Hank Waddell (1 year ago)
stupid thing to do with kids on the front.
Great way to run over them
Jesse Klaus (1 year ago)
Glad I watched this. I was considering going with the 42" but looking at them it seems like the 36" would work for me.. currently we only have a little 1025R anyway.
Plowboy228 (2 years ago)
Funny I came across this video of your tree trimming idea me and my dad are also making a cage for trimming trees and re-roofing the pole barn!

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