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Live Day Trading (Indices/Forex) - 20th September 2018 - Just A Loss

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Live day trading on the FTSE100 from the 20th September 2018 (Indices/Forex) Hi, I am Luke from Disciplined Trader and I am a Forex and indices day trader. I upload these live day trading videos every week. Here is my recording of my live day trading on the FTSE100 from 20th September 2018. I start by showing you my morning chart analysis before moving on to the main live day trading. I identify a trade setup in the morning which ends up taking quite a while to play out. Price does move slightly in the trade direction before reversing and stopping me out. I show regular updates and provide commentary of the live day trading throughout the video. I hope you enjoy. PREVIOUS VIDEO ============================================= My Previous Video - https://youtu.be/tLHxcqJzIxc SOCIAL LINKS ============================================= Subscribe to the YouTube Channel for more videos: https://www.youtube.com/c/DisciplinedTraderUK Check out the Disciplined Trader blog: http://www.disciplinedtrader.co.uk Follow me on Twitter: https://twitter.com/disciplinedtrad Follow me on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/disciplined_trader/ Follow me on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/disciplinedtrader/
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Selaimane Kassou (3 months ago)
Luke thank you so much for everything you teach for free ,i have a question ;how many times do you trade a week ?
Disciplined Trader (3 months ago)
Hi Selaimane, I trade as often as I can. Sometimes that's all week, sometimes that might only be a couple of days in a week. It really just depends what I have going on. Something I have learned over the years is that it's easy to try and do too much. I have tried trading whilst doing other things and it tends to have a negative effect on my performance. If I know I need to leave early one morning or I am going to be distracted for a period, I close the charts and don't even attempt to trade.
Selaimane Kassou (3 months ago)
I have a complex question that i hope you have tha answer for Luke ,when i buy a stock as an equity i'm technically contributing in the rising of the price of that stock ,but if i bought/sold it as a CFD am i contributing in the rising/falling of its price or no ?
Disciplined Trader (3 months ago)
No Selaimane, CFDs don't affect the underlying asset
Fiq Faris (3 months ago)
keep up the goodwork mate
Disciplined Trader (3 months ago)
Thanks Fiq, hope you had a good week.

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