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Espresso-beer martini

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Great for breakfast, lunch and after dinner, Ben's delicious espresso martini cocktail had even Jonny "caffeine-makes-me-vomit-honest" Garrett bouncing off the walls. Made using the incredible Espresso by Dark Star, which gives it a lovely thick head and some malty depth. NB Jonny is wrong in the video, the beans are added just after the boil. He was high when he said it.
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Helen Symonds (4 years ago)
How do I get hold of the Espresso Beer? I live far away in Melbourne, Australia. 
Humberto Souza Pinto (4 years ago)
why do not you write the recipe?
Ole P. (4 years ago)
Hi guys! I was wondering if you could help me out a bit. I got this homebrew which did not go as planned and now I have a stout which is rather low on malt and heavy on raspberry and oak. I am thinking it might be better as a cocktail base than straight. I would be grateful for any suggestions as to where to start with that. Beer nerd, but new to the cocktail thing. Keep it (the bottoms?) up and cheers!
The Craft Beer Channel (4 years ago)
+MyVirginKitchen what can we say? We're classy guys. We only drink beer from martini glasses now.
My Virgin Kitchen (4 years ago)
That's got sophisticated stag do written all over it
Mauricio Berlanga (4 years ago)
Nvm, I wrote the comment before watching the other ones
Mauricio Berlanga (4 years ago)
How do i make the beer syrup?
The Craft Beer Channel (4 years ago)
+Strange Powers woah! Sorry! watch this id, where he explains it  Beer Gin Fizz Basically it's a reduction of 50% hoppy IPA (we used Jaipur) and 50% sugar over a low heat. Super easy to do.
Strange Powers (4 years ago)
Strange Powers (4 years ago)
Uhm, Ben uses 'that wonderful beer syrup', but I don't see a video on your channel explaining how to make it... Am I missing something?
Ben Lippett (4 years ago)

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