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Pole Shed - Day 3 of Construction

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Day 3 - The crane arrived first thing in the morning and away the crew went to get the trusses installed. About an hour later they were all set in place. By the end of the day most of the roof panels were installed. Check out Our Big House in the Little Woods entire video playlist of Pole Shed videos: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL6MN32Lv5HZ5HmfXIIIw1vRavguVs20Kk Suburban Buildings (garage, “man cave,” workshop, storage, toy shed, home, cabin) The Difference Between Post-Frame and Pole Barn While the two terms refer to the same type of building, “pole barn” happens to be slightly more dated. Historically, these buildings were called pole barns because builders used poles — similar to telephone poles — to support the rafters making up the roof of the building. Eventually builders began constructing with square columns which, compared to round poles, were easier to work with. Now builders use laminated columns, which are much stronger and allow post-frame structures to be utilized for many purposes. The term “pole barn” also originates from when buildings were not as technically and deliberately engineered. “Post-frame” is more correct, as it more accurately reflects the engineering and quality of the structure built. Here is another great resource for those considering constructing a pole shed: http://www.hansenpolebuildings.com/category/constructing-a-pole-building/
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Ben A (7 months ago)
Somewhere, in a dark and quiet corner, an OSHA guy is crying himself to sleep; after watching that Amish guy stand directly under the load while it's in the air.
Thanks for watching and the comment +Ben A!  I agree, it even made me a little nervous but they seemed to be comfortable with what was going on around them and hustling to get the job done.
I like that the crew assembled sections of the roof on the ground - much quicker and safer!
Thanks +Mike The Pole Barn Guru! Assembling the roof in sections on the ground seemed to make for a much more efficient process and of course the crane made light work of getting them into place. Fun to watch!
BigJim57 (1 year ago)
looking good. now that is the first time i have ever seen a roof installed like this. are them 2/8's between the rafters? i suppose it saves on the cost of rafters -right. here we use all rafters at 16 inch centers, on account of heavy snows. thanks for shareing-thanks.
There is really no structural necessity to place rafters (trusses) on 16 inch centers unless you have a very wide truss span and a tremendously heavy snow load.
Thanks BigJim57! They are 8' - 2x6's between the rafters and are to code for the snow loads in our area. I'm sure they will be tested in a few months when the snow starts to fall and collect on the roof!

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