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Complete WooCommerce Tutorial | eCommerce

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Learn how to create an eCommerce website from start to finish using WooCommerce for Wordpress. In this step by step tutorial I show you all the things you need to know about creating an amazing webshop in WooCommerce. I talk about the different kinds of products, WooCommerce Widgets, Reviews, Categories, Shipping, Taxes, Coupon Codes, Payment methods and much more! The Enfold theme I use: http://ferdykorpershoek.com/enfold-theme Enfold Theme Tutorial 2017: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5kTP_6qW6IU Here is an overview of The Complete WooCommerce Tutorial 2017. How to make an ecommerce website: Set Up WooCommerce 03:51 Install WooCommerce 04:25 Configure WooCommerce 05:32 Get The Shop Page Into Your Menu 06:30 Set Your WooCommerce Image Standards (sizes) Create A Simple Product 07:21 Create A Simple Product 08:42 The Short and Long Product Discription 09:53 The Different Kind of Products 10:22 Simple Product General Options (Price, Salesprice, Schedule Sale) 10:45 Inventory Options (SKU, Manage Stock, Sold Individually) 12:42 Linked Products, Upsells and Cross Sells 13:42 Advanced Options (Purchase Notes, Reviews) 14:11 Create WooCommerce Categories and Subcategories 15:17 Add an Product Image (download example products) 17:35 Create a Hover Image (Enfold Option) 18:39 Change the location of the Cart Icon (Enfold Option) Create A Variable Product 19:55 Create a Variable Product 20:30 Variable Product Attributes (Create Options like Size, Color etc.) 22:02 Create Variations from Attributes 22:40 Edit all different variations individually or with a bulk edit 27:08 Change the price per variation 28:02 Add Product Tags Create a Digital Product (Virtual Product) 29:01 Create a Digital Product 30:05 Activate the 'Sold Individually' Option Buy max. 1 product 31:34 Make a Purchase Note Create a Grouped Product 32:23 Create a Grouped Product 33:34 Create a Child Product of the Grouped Product 34:43 Group the Child Product with the Parent Product Create an Virtual and Downloadable Product 36:33 Create an eBook 37:08 Add/upload the Downloadable Product 37:55 Configure the Download Limit and Experiation Create an Affiliate Product / External Product 39:48 Create an Affiliate Product / External Product 40:29 Enter the affiliate link / Product URL Create Sidebar Widgets 42:19 Create Sidebar Widgets 42:48 Create and Configure the WooCommerce Cart Wiget 43:34 Create and Configure a Price Filter Widget 44:34 Create and Configure the WooCommerce Product Widget Configure the Shop Page 45:24 Configure the Shop Page 45:40 Display Options of the Shop Page 45:02 Add Images to the WooCommerce Categories 47:12 Change the Column Count of the Product Catalog (Enfold Option) Create Coupon Codes 47:41 Create An Coupon Code with 10 percent discount 48:20 Choose the Discount Type, Amount of Discount, and Schedule it 49:05 Congifure the minimum and maximum spend, individual spend only, exclude sale items, products etc. or apply the discount to certain products. Or exlcude certain users for the coupon code. 50:21 Usage limits. How many time can the coupon code be used in total and per user. 51:18 Create a Coupon Code with a discount of 10 dollars 52:18 Create a Coupon Code for a certain product Configue Shipping Rates 53:48 Download the Easy Table Rate Plugin from JEM Plugins 54:22 Configure the Plugin Settings. Title, Handling Fee, Tax Status, Table Rates. 54:58 Add a shipping zone based on total price 57:24 Add a shipping zone based on total weight 58:30 Add weight to products Setup WooCommerce Taxes 00:59:59 Setup WooCommerce Taxes 01:01:38 Standard Rates, Country Code, State Code, Zip, City, Rate %, Tax name, Priority, Compounded, Shipping. 01:03:29 Reduced Rates 01:04:17 Assign Rates To Products WooCommerce Settings 01:05:46 WooCommerce Settings 01:06:06 General Options. Base Location, Selling Locations, Shipping Locations, Enable Taxes, Store Notice, Currency settings. 01:08:02 Products. Weight Unit, Dimensions Unit, Reviews. 01:08:24 Display. Shop Page View, Product Image Sizes, Redirect to cart page after cllcking 'add to cart'. Columns. 01:09:22 Regenerate Thumbnails 01:09:50 Inventory. Stock Management, Hold Stock, Notifications, Notification Email, Threshold messages, Stock Display Format. 01.11:32 Downloadable Products. Force Download 01:12:04 Checkout Settings. Coupons, Checkout Process, Checkout Pages, Accepting Terms and Condition Page, Checkout Endpoints, 01:13:30 Payment methods. 01:13:57 Paypal Configuration. Paypal Email. Receiver Email. Paypal Identity Token. 01:15: 32 Account Page Settings 01:16:42 Email Settings The Order Process 01:18:54 The Order Process Rate a Product 01:21:15 Rate A Product Please subscribe for more upcoming video's! Also feel free to take a look at http://ferdykorpershoek.com for mor educational resources about Mailchimp, SEO, Convertkit, Facebook and more!
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Text Comments (325)
Help me plzz! While I am going to add to cart the + button and - button is not showing there! There is only I can input number like 1,2,3,... to order.
shjohn` sen (14 days ago)
how to create vista print website pruduct like self costomize card t shirt and other product on #please tell me its really argent ##please sir
Masanori Goto (21 days ago)
there are many plugins for DIVI which is the best plugin? DIVI shop extend DIVI commerce wc product builder Divi – Awesome Woo Products Divi BodyCommerce woo products Page Builder Everywhere
Marc Povell (1 month ago)
What's Happening ?  You ask me to use your your images to copy your guidance via a download from your Site... but alas this leads me to a site you don't show on your video, and when I input your address details exactly, still no way to be able to get your images, please answer this stuck learner, I await to hear from you Ferdy ;)
Sophia Johnson (1 month ago)
Thanks for the great stuff. you earned my respect, like, comment and subscription <3 keep up the good work
Ferdy Korpershoek (1 month ago)
Thank you Sophia!
Patrick Sughrue (2 months ago)
Clear and concise THANK YOU
Ferdy Korpershoek (1 month ago)
You are welcome Patrick!
Lorcan Crooke (2 months ago)
Hi Ferdy, nobody can seem to sort this issue for me so lets see what you can do!! Im in the process of building my online shop using woocommerce and want to use a large search bar that I can design in elementor - but I cant seem to get it to search products only! Am I missing something? Thanks in advance!
Ferdy Korpershoek (1 month ago)
Hi Lorcan, unfortunately I do not how how that it is done. You probably should change a few things within the php code.
Jeroen Oerlemans (2 months ago)
Good video, but i miss the invoice part. I want to send to the customer a invoice, i installed WooCommerce PDF invoice plugin. Everything is ok. But i cannot find total excl btw part on the invoice, also not in Woocommerce. Do you know how get it on the invoice?
Ferdy Korpershoek (1 month ago)
Hi Jeroen, I don't know how to achieve it. I will implement it in my new tutorial that is coming soon!
Rahul Parmar (2 months ago)
Thanks ferdy that was really veryb helpfull
Ferdy Korpershoek (2 months ago)
Great to hear that Rahul! Thank you!
Spike Burless (2 months ago)
Frerdy, are you answering any questions about this?
Ferdy Korpershoek (2 months ago)
Did you post your question already?
Ferdy Korpershoek (2 months ago)
Hi Spike, I try. I have to say that it is time for me to refresh all the knowledge about WooCommerce. I do not use a webshop at the moment. I will tka e alook at your question!
Kiki Yusup (2 months ago)
Very good tutorial, can you help me ! i would like to my customers (visitors) login or sign up before they into checkout , in other words, they must login or signup before buy my product in my eCommerce site, do you know how to setting it?
PSL 2018 (2 months ago)
I can,t See Tax icon in menu of Woocommerce settings
The secret recipes-tsr (3 months ago)
Thanks for the amazing tutorial, I have an issue when the payment fails my cart becomes empty can you guide how to retain elements in the cart if payment fails due to any reason
Ferdy Korpershoek (3 months ago)
Hi, I don't know how to fix that. Does it happen a lot that the payment on your websites fails?
DD DD (3 months ago)
Thank you so much
Ferdy Korpershoek (3 months ago)
You are welcome!
Daniel Irom (3 months ago)
Ferdy as of 2018 which theme do you recommend for creating a woo commerce site
Ferdy Korpershoek (3 months ago)
Hi Daniël. Flatsome for sure. It gives you more options to configure your WooCommerce layout.
Vladislav Polak (3 months ago)
Hello, I was watching your video and also liked the part Create Sidebar Widgets. I wanted change widgets as you described. BUT I do not have shop overview page where I can put all Woo widgets. Im using DIVI Theme for all my projects. Thanks for help. Cheers Vlad
Ferdy Korpershoek (3 months ago)
Hi Vladislav, if you go to the backend, pages and the 'shop' page, can you assign a sidebar? If so, then you can choose a sidebar and configure the sidebar in the widget area of the backend. Does it work?
Muhammad Umar Khan (3 months ago)
Thanks Ferdy its really really nice & easy learning, hope u will make more videos like this, again thanks
Ferdy Korpershoek (3 months ago)
Hi Muhammad! Thank you! Yes, more WooCommerce video's are coming!
PSL 2018 (3 months ago)
i can,t see WooCommerce filter by price widget i can,t see woocommerce cart widget. Plz Help Me
PSL 2018 (3 months ago)
Ferdy Korpershoek I Can,t See widgets of woocommerce in backend i have used elementor theme...I think u have used another theme thats why... Plz guide me
Ferdy Korpershoek (3 months ago)
Can you see it in the backend at appearance, widgets?
Hanni Hanni (3 months ago)
Hi! This tutorial was very helpful! But I have one question left: how can you deal with the customer data, that the customers type in the registration form? can you collect this data like in a database or do you get an email with the data and what are the customers able to do in their accounts? can they change der username and password or can they even delete their accont after buying something? Maybe you can answer my questions or send me alink to another helpful tutorial :)
Ferdy Korpershoek (3 months ago)
Hi Hanni, you will store the data within your website. You can see it in the backend. People that have registered can edit their info at /my-account/. So for instance: https://elementor2018.com/my-account/
Maarten dB (3 months ago)
Hallo Ferdy. Great tutorial. I have one problem: when you got to "shop", all the categories are displayed. I you click then on a certain category, all the products of that category are displayed with their thumbnails. However, above the products is a "banner" that repeats a productphoto from installed category-thumbnail. The photo used is in contradiction with the thumbnail cut off in the wrong way and only half displayed. How come?
Francesco Pescatori (3 months ago)
Hi Ferdy this is an awesome tutorial, as many others of you that I followed, thanks for your effort. I saw that you use different THEMES for different tutorials and, looking for a free theme for my blog+minimal shop, I am a bit confused about picking the right theme. So far, I have seen the Astra, Sidney and here Enfold. I like the sticky header of Sidney and Enfold and I hear that Enfold is bettter optimized for Woocommerce but it seems not free... can you clarify? Which one would you suggest?. One little suggestion for your tutorials, since the result of the website is the result of several settings at different layers (WP, the theme, the plugins, the widgets), it would be nice if during the tutorial you mention if a specific setting is standard WP or comes only with the theme or the plugin. thanks
Ferdy Korpershoek (3 months ago)
Thank you Francesco for the great comment! I would go with OceanWP. It seems to be the best free theme out there!
Aadvik Solution (3 months ago)
hi Ferdy good tutorial.
Ferdy Korpershoek (3 months ago)
Thank you!
Adri Paduraru (3 months ago)
1045/5000 Hello, Ferdy Korpershoek. How are you? How is the weather in the United States? I have a project for my website to create web templates for wordpress and sell them as you have. You can give me a hand, what plugin I have to use to load the site (speed), security of my website of hackers, I want to know everything that can be used without affecting the load of the website as recommended for a Online store. And how can I show the demos of my templates if you can help me? If you prefer to send it to me via E-mail, tell me and I will send you the email through your website. When I have the website smooth I want to invite you to post something on my blog if possible. Forgive my spelling I am writing with Google translator, ha ha ha ha is not written I understand 40% of your language for the movies and the tutorials that I see them. Thank you very much and I await your response. A greeting from me (Spain). A and CALL ME BETTER ___________ MARIO____ a if they call me the best friends.
basketball (3 months ago)
Thaanks bro ,how can i hide proceed checkout on cart page and keep paypal express?
Ferdy Korpershoek (3 months ago)
Hi, you can apply this css code to your website. Does that help? .cart_totals { display:none!important; }
Adri Paduraru (3 months ago)
Hello Ferdy Korpershoek. My name is Mario I am from Romania but I live in Spain for 16 years I discovered you recently and I love your videos. I'm learning WordPress little by little someday I'll ask you for some advice, ha ha ha, I hope you advise me when you need it. Very well explained even though I do not understand much of English but it looks great in how you do it and this is enough for me. Follow if a greeting from Spain.
Ferdy Korpershoek (3 months ago)
Hi Adri, you are lucky, living in Spain! :) The weather is amazing over there! Let me know if you have a question. I try to answer all the comments.
5G ASSAM (3 months ago)
Thank you so much sir for your opportunity to learn.. love you a lot.. really thanks.. my name is Asif mamun bulbul
5G ASSAM (3 months ago)
Sir please give me your email address..
5G ASSAM (3 months ago)
Ferdy Korpershoek (3 months ago)
Hi Asif! Thank you for your kind Words!
Gamie O (4 months ago)
Thank you! This is what I've been looking for.
Ferdy Korpershoek (3 months ago)
Great to hear that Gamie O!
Dieter Schwartz (4 months ago)
Hi Ferdy, do you know a method how to hide the titel with enfold on a woocommerce site, for example the shop page. If I select "Hide both" in the Title Bar Settings for the shop page, it doesn´t effect the appearance of the titel.
Ferdy Korpershoek (4 months ago)
Hi Dieter, does this help you? https://stackoverflow.com/questions/17827595/hide-product-title-and-categories-on-product-page
Duc Ta (4 months ago)
How do you get the floating affect of your clothing products? Did you shoot those items yourself?
Ferdy Korpershoek (4 months ago)
It is a digital product. https://graphicriver.net/item/hoodie-mockup/13753104
DnBQemist (4 months ago)
Thank you for this tutorial! If I'm understanding this correctly...once I activate Woocommerce to my existing WP site, nothing will be affected other than adding the new pages (shop/checkout/etc) on the backend?
Ferdy Korpershoek (4 months ago)
Imdad Ali Arain (4 months ago)
my products detail are not showing I don't know why I have added description and short description but page come up blank please cheek and update its argent http://www.eggrollsandbowls.com/product/philly-cheese-streak/
Imdad Ali Arain (4 months ago)
i am in the setting now what should i do can you please elaborate more still products now showing details http://www.eggrollsandbowls.com/product/burger-beast/
Imdad Ali Arain (4 months ago)
OK i am going to do this and update you shortly thank you for reply.
Ferdy Korpershoek (4 months ago)
Hi Imdad, go to the dasboard, settings, permalinks and save them twice. Does that fix the problem?
Mahmoud Elsman (4 months ago)
can you pls explain they way to sell code or serial of games or app and devilry it automatic after payment as digital goods
Waqas Reshi (3 months ago)
this webiste is free in plugins or themes
Mahmoud Elsman (4 months ago)
thank you for answer and awesome video i made my store and work fine
Ferdy Korpershoek (4 months ago)
Hi, I am sorry. I can't.
Sharon Shelton-Corpening (4 months ago)
Hi! Love your video! My shopping cart on my nav menu doesn't show number of items in cart. Any ideas what I may be missing?
Ferdy Korpershoek (4 months ago)
Hi Sharon! Thank you! Which theme do you use?
Jide Solanke (4 months ago)
Love ferdy.wonderful video.Sorry what is the name of the theme you used
Ferdy Korpershoek (4 months ago)
Thank you Jide! I use the Enfold theme.
biplab bala (4 months ago)
Hi, your tutorial is very helpful. What is the theme you used?
biplab bala (4 months ago)
Ferdy Korpershoek (4 months ago)
Thank you. I use the Enfold theme.
Kagiso Tloubatla (4 months ago)
Thank you for the video, very insightful! I just have one question at 10:45 mins you describe how to add a price for the product, is there an option to set a minimum like $100 and allow the client to pay any amount above that? I am trying to build an investment website which has a minimum of $100 and clients can invest any amounts above that and he able to write it in e.g $150
Valornet.blog (4 months ago)
Great presentation Ferdy. Easy to understand and thorough. You have saved me hours of work. Thank you.
Ferdy Korpershoek (4 months ago)
Thank you so much! That means a lot to me!
Traffic Algorithm (4 months ago)
Hi Ferdy, thanks for this great video. For this tutorial, did you also use siteground as well?
Zolt Lab (4 months ago)
Hello, do you know the best way/plugin to export products to google shopping?
Are you using the Kriesi Enfold theme or another theme?
Ferdy Korpershoek (4 months ago)
I use the Enfold theme indeed.
#Phoo (4 months ago)
thank you so much Ferdy
D-JaR Official (4 months ago)
Thanks man! heb er veel van geleerd!
Phil DA (4 months ago)
I can't see the variations tab in the product info submenu ?
Phil DA (4 months ago)
Nevermind, found out how to do it.
gta 10 (5 months ago)
Hey bro can sellers sell their products like in amazon on this website ???? Please tell
gta 10 (5 months ago)
Ferdy Korpershoek OK thanks I subbed
Ferdy Korpershoek (5 months ago)
No, not using WooCommerce alone. Probably there are plugins for that.
solarglaze uk (5 months ago)
Thanks ferdy
Crazy Dom201 (5 months ago)
Thanks for this awesome and great tutorial, me and my mother are having a dream to help students get books for free and you made it alot easier for us! A big salute to you brother
Viola Lee (5 months ago)
SI Hearn (5 months ago)
That was an amazing tutorial and i got amazing value from it.
K3 (5 months ago)
sebastian hanspeter (5 months ago)
Hey, my problem is that on the shop site the images aren't quadratic. So there are some products which have a very high image and other's dont. It just looks really bad, do you have any idea how to make them all qaudratic, since they aren't on my website but on amazon I can't regenerate thumbnails. Kind regards ANTWORTEN
pooja manjera (5 months ago)
Hi ferdy ,i really liked your tutorial thats really so much helpful, one thing that i dint understood in entire tutorial was,why you have added two value in Max Value (99,99)section in table rate shipping panel.
Stephen Morgan-MacKay (5 months ago)
Fantastic job Ferdy, thanks so much!
Md Mahtazul Haque (5 months ago)
Hi, I a trying to setup WooComerce Plugin on my existing WordPress Website. At the Settings page in 'Products' menu, there is no 'Display' button. It says "looking for the Product Display Options? They can now be found in the customizer..(a link given)... Moreover the pages like Shop, Cart, Check out, & My Account pages did not come automatically. I had to bring through other option. So, please let me know how can I overcome these problems and setup Woocommerce comfortably. I am using Enfold theme.
K N (6 months ago)
Ferdy or anyone else reading this, I really need some help and can't find the answer anywhere. I have a existing website blog with my main menu and want to install WooCommerce on this website. I want that when people click on the ''SHOP'' page on my main menu, that the main menu then disappears and the client sees my WooCommerce menu/categories. Is this even possible or not and how? If it's not possible I don't want WooCommerce on this website, but it SHOULD be possible in 2018.
K N (6 months ago)
Nevermind bro, I have decided to use a subdomain. It's way too much headache to fix this. I use newspaper 8 by the way, but it does not offer it. Maybe you could help me finding a free WooCommerce theme that could help me make this website: https://www.fightshop4u.nl/ I found Storevilla, but it doesn't offer me to change colors in the free version pff.
Ferdy Korpershoek (6 months ago)
It is possible fepending on the theme tou use. What theme do you use?
Gwendolyn Elsie (6 months ago)
Thanks Ferdy! Really helpful tutorial. I am selling classes and I wanted to know if there was a simple way to put conditions on the products eg. if I dont sell 10 then the classes don't go ahead and the customers are refunded? At the moment I have just outlined these as terms & conditions in the product description and if I don't hit the required number then I cancel the course and refund manually but I wondered if there was an easier way? Thanks in advance!
zev schnitzer (6 months ago)
thanks for ur quick reply, i am following ur video on u tube very informative, so which enfold is it , there are a few enfold themes, i like the one i am following on u tube. thanks Z
Digiphic (6 months ago)
Dear Ferdy Korpershoek, Thanks for your great Tutorial about WooCommerce. I have a question: Can we have a report about how many products we have sold in a month or How much money we have earned in each month ? I mean WooCommerce can generate report for us? Thanks for your time and efforts.
s raj balan (6 months ago)
A GREAT TUTORIAL .At my age of 68 years, I could make a full website with your video. I have 2 doubts.when I set up woocommerce for E-book how to protect my url of downloads and if not how to keep the setting for my sending the files after purchase. your help will be highly appreciated.Thanks.
WPTuts (4 months ago)
I've done a video on how to protect your digital downloads with Woocommerce - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NHLVtwSeQnY&index=13&list=PLTbrc9HXDstqWk0Kerkj7GYLG2GoF1BPd&t=2s I hope that helps you out :0)
FELIX NDIRANGO (5 months ago)
Google Hash Agrawal's ShoutMeloud blog to find your answer.
Jerry Loveless (6 months ago)
I started a Website using Wordpress/Woocommerce... after seeing Elementor I have started over, do I need to load Woocommerce setup up Shop/Cart/Checkout prior to loading Elementor for best results?
thewelsho (6 months ago)
Did you not say at the start of your video that the "Wordpress theme was totally free"?
Natália Zampieri (6 months ago)
This tutorial helped me a lot! Thank you so much! Greeting from New Zealand :)
yasmina mina (6 months ago)
hii very good video i followed you step by step and i created many product but when i go to the shop its always empty
Mari Daniela (6 months ago)
Ferdy, you have no idea how much thish as helped me. I did all the steps for my 1 varied product I sell. Everytime i check it says "prduct cannot be purchased" WHAT DID I DO WRONG? Ive seen this vide like 10 times. Im going crazy!
Kurt De Windt (6 months ago)
Top!! Alles goed uitgelegd. Weer het één en ander bijgeleerd.
Ferdy Korpershoek (6 months ago)
Thanks Kurt!
Tatiana Varela (6 months ago)
You are the best. Thanks a lot!
Kerry Crane (6 months ago)
Great tutorial, it's my #1 go to for useful information! Do you have any recommendations for an easy tutorial for adding custom fields to the product vendor registration form? Thank you!
Kumasi Digital (6 months ago)
Great Tutorial. I was looking for an up todate WooCommerce tutorial. This was Ideal.
Diana Erwin (6 months ago)
Hi Ferdy, I just uploaded the theme and Woocommerce. I notice it is different then what you have in your tutorial. For example, you cannot add a box around SHOP in the menus section.
Leeanne Hepple (6 months ago)
Hi Ferdy, I have just changed my theme to Enfold and have added the Woocommerce plugin. I have added my first product but I am unable to view cart or checkout. I have noticed on my SHOP page the advanced layout editor is disabled. There is a note saying that the page is set as the default Woocommerce shop overview and therefore does not support the enfold advanced layout editor. Does this have anything to to with me not being able to view the cart? When i look at all of my pages on the dashboard, i see SHOP with Shop page, cart page, checkout page. Help please....
Ferdy Korpershoek (6 months ago)
I will take a look at it!
Mari Daniela (6 months ago)
havign the same problem!
Sajjad Mehta (6 months ago)
woow nice video bro...which theme is this ?gonna use it
Tony Xu (6 months ago)
Hi Ferdy, I followed your video AVADA THEME TUTORIALS, the video is very helpful to me. Now I am learning your WOOCOMMERCE TUTORIALS, I have some problems of Woocommerce product page layout. The head is overwriting the product image. And I don't know how to edit the product page ,so I can display the product properly? hope to get your help, thanks!
poly phonique (7 months ago)
thx bro !
משה כהן (7 months ago)
very informative!
N Affiliate (7 months ago)
I need your help https://youtu.be/VscIAsvfsrc
james montemayor (7 months ago)
Hello fredy thanks for the videos it has helped me a lot. Do you have a video on how to make a carousel with swatches together. Hopefully you can help.
james montemayor (7 months ago)
Anyway thanks for the reply ferdy ill look for your video about elementor pro👍🏻
james montemayor (7 months ago)
If i bought it is it possible make a swatch with a carousel??🤔
Ferdy Korpershoek (7 months ago)
The best option is to get Elementor Pro. It has a carousel element in it. I have a tutorial about the element.
james montemayor (7 months ago)
Im using phlox any advice? I greatly appriciate it
Ferdy Korpershoek (7 months ago)
Hi James, you are welcome. Which theme/page builder are you using?
Abdullah A Shaker (7 months ago)
Thanks Ferdy for this Sssuuuuuuupppperrrrrrrrrrrr Tutorial................................... Just amazing :)
Thojs Natsyora (7 months ago)
Very Nice Two Thumbs Up.. By the way, some of my friends would like to add some their ebook to my website. How to add multi vendor plugin with woo?
Thojs Natsyora (7 months ago)
I am waiting for your next multi-vendor woo tutorial. I have a small groups of english teacher so they want to joint on my web to sale same ebook,video and sample test in pdf or word file.
Thojs Natsyora (7 months ago)
Maybe on your next plan. Thanks again for your tutorial, i can make my own by myself. Here i am working as HR Consultant never know blank about html or WordPress but now i can. I made 3 web finished just follow your tutorial. One of theme is an interns and volunteer community so now they know us from internet and come here to joint.
Ferdy Korpershoek (7 months ago)
Bali seems amazing! Great that you live there! I have no plans (yet) to ho there.
Thojs Natsyora (7 months ago)
Ferdy Korpershoek Great! Thanks for that. When do you have time to come to Bali meet me brother. As an appreciation with your video I will give you a night free stay in Bali. Let's me know when you come here in advanced.
Ferdy Korpershoek (7 months ago)
Thank you! I don't know yet. In the future I will create a tutorial about that. For now, you can add them als editors or administrators.
mpone affirmations (7 months ago)
Great tutorial as always , but I will have to admit that the enfold theme really slows down my website . (it is the only thing installed , woocommerce + enfold) , I am looking for a FASTER theme .
mpone affirmations (7 months ago)
Ok I will try it Thanks
Ferdy Korpershoek (7 months ago)
Hi, I also use Enfold and don't expierence that my website is slow. Here are some tips to speed up your website. I recommend hosting at Siteground or Hostgator: 1. Optimize all images with AI/Photoshop before uploading to server ‘save as web safe’ jpg 2. Once all images are uploaded on the website, optimize with www optimizer plugin twice 1hr 10mins apart. 3. Install wp-smushit run once to remove jpeg extra data, then uninstall. 4. Use BWP minify plugin to minify scripts and stylesheets. 5. Install WP-Super cache, select all recommended settings. 6. Logout your website, visit every page at least once to create super cache files. 7. Join Cloudflare setup your website on their CDN, Choose options: Full CDN Optimisation save then activate purge files. once done log out. 8. Have a cup of coffee. 9. Visit your site after 20 minutes or so.
Milon (7 months ago)
i never found 'enfold' option....pls help #Ferdy Korpershoek
Ferdy Korpershoek (7 months ago)
Hi Rochey, It is because I use the Enfold theme.
Politifeast (8 months ago)
Great video. I see that on the email tab your customer invoice is not marked checked. What does this mean and why do I have the same unchecked for customer invoice/order details. Also can you explain how I get my pdf file on the "order received page" for the customer to download. I have done everything possible. Thank you.
Evan Petra (8 months ago)
Hello Ferdy.. I want to post my product catalog on wordpress, but without any commercial things.. just for information only.. I tried the portfolio but the problem is like this: I have 2 different category of product, and when using portfolio, the menu category is always everything (main category A and B showed up) and cant be organized, while only the content which can be organize. I want each category in each separate page. therefore, i am thinking to use commerce, but it seems to always have the commercial value and quite complicated. please suggest what should i go for.. thanks
Nkghosh 25 (8 months ago)
Please make a video of "How to make a hotel accommodation booking website?" and a good theme for that?
happy shop (8 months ago)
sir please tell me upto how much web traffic can hold this type of site?should i heir a person for that
happy shop (8 months ago)
(thank you sir! i am going to open a online selling site & your video help me lot.) so after your reply i do not heir any person to control the online traffic .is it ok sir?
Ferdy Korpershoek (8 months ago)
Unlimited as far as I know.
MAX Deepak pal Thakuri (8 months ago)
hello sir how can i get free theme as u said that its a free theme but i cannot find free theme any where so can u send a zip file of it
taz tam (8 months ago)
I have free shipping enabled for purchase of $50 or more in m store. Also created a coupon code "impact10". I placed an order for a $60 item and notice free shipping did not apply to my order but the coupon code did. I want to know how do I set it up where the free shipping will always applies when a customer qualifies for it, with a separate coupon and without it?
Viv Naidoo (8 months ago)
Hi again. Also, on my product page, if I load the main product image it displays fine in the shop. But if I add more pictures to product gallery, they seem all display big and distorted in the shop product page. Please help.
Conker32192 (8 months ago)
hey im sorry i havent used word press yet but i am looking to. I use shopify right now so im not certain. im assuming it would be based off of the theme you are using? If your theme doesn't do it by default you would have to edit the code to do that
Viv Naidoo (8 months ago)
Hi. Yes, changed to a bigger size, so pics are not pixelated. However, my pics are not formatted the same way as in the tutorial (one main large pic, with smaller additional pics underneath) - it displays all pics large one below the other in a straight line vertically. Any suggestions to make it look like the tutorial layout?
Conker32192 (8 months ago)
did you try changing the size of the pictures?
Jimmy Orio (9 months ago)
i didnt use the same theme so the enfold option doesnt show up, how can i find it or add it to be able to have the cart attached to the menu? please help, thank you.
Viv Naidoo (9 months ago)
Hi Ferdy. In this theme, in my checkout page, the problem is that the full terms and conditions page is reproduced twice before the terms and conditions checkout, and upon clicking on the hyperlink nothing happens. Please help. I would just like the checkout page to look like yours in the tutorial. Thanks.
A Pelera (9 months ago)
how to display history of sales :) in wordpress ?
De Stalling (9 months ago)
Nice. I like also tot know more about IDEAL intergration. Iff possible. And about what about Wordpress and woocommerce safety. How to make you webshop safe for this kind of transactions.
Ferdy Korpershoek (9 months ago)
Hi, You can use a payment provider like Mollie or Sisow. They are safe. I teach more about that at ferdykorpershoek.nl.
Fabian (9 months ago)
Hello Ferdy! Thank you for this great video! I️ am have drop shipping store using Woocommerce and offering free shipping worldwide, I️ want to offer couple items using FREE + SHIPPING formula, how can I️ offer this from my store? I️ will be using Facebook advertising , I️ am not sure how to set this offer separate from my products which also have free shipping? I️ can’t use sales or click funnels right now ! If can explain this I️ appreciate your time.
Excellent video! You should produce the WP King t-shirt. I would be the first to buy one :)
woocommerce dropshipping (4 months ago)
you want a free chrome extension that allows you to import products from aliexpress and ebay to your woocommerce shop, please see the following extension (watch the video and start importing products, if you have any issue please contact [email protected] or [email protected]) https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/woocommerce-ebay-importer/bbfaahenfadkihafkbpldkmmfehnohma https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/woocommerce-dropshipping/cbkgkcpnnmnhoijnmbfggohhfgbmdjdh
Jack Mallon (9 months ago)
Thank you Ferdy, your tutorials have been of great benefit to me in building my e-commerce online stores. Could you please tell me what you used to record your screen and audio?
Ferdy Korpershoek (9 months ago)
Hi Jack! Great to hear that! I use Snapz Pro X for my screen recording and a Zoom H4N for the audio :).
AuthenticSound (9 months ago)
Thank you so much, Ferdy!
tri juliansyah (9 months ago)
thank you dude very solve my problem
Ferdy Korpershoek (9 months ago)
Great to hear that!
Cris C&E (9 months ago)
My checkout page don't let me enter the Street address. It keeps showing the address I used on test mode and it cannot be change. What could be the issue? Thanks!
Ferdy Korpershoek (9 months ago)
Could it be because you are logged in already?
Video Ngasal (9 months ago)
good job
HomeMadeOurWay.com (9 months ago)
Thanks Ferdy! Great tutorial! Keep them coming. You have a fan!
Lina L (9 months ago)
when i post a product to shop i get the buy now button there how do i remove that
piggyprint (9 months ago)
Great video! Absolute precise and useful informations. Thank you so much. Keep it up!

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