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Pole Shed - Our thoughts behind the design and layout

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Take a quick tour of our building and then check out some resources that we found helpful here: http://www.hansenpolebuildings.com/pole-building-planning/
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Anthony Spencer (6 months ago)
Could I ask you how much the cost for the pole barn was, not including your own interior build out. I'm curious because I'd like to have one built myself, and I know it will vary by location and manufacturer, but I'm just looking at a ballpark for the shed and the slab. Thank you for your videos. Really enjoying them.
Anthony Spencer (6 months ago)
Wow. Fantastic reply, and great information. Thank you.
Thanks for watching and the question +Anthony Spencer!  Our total cost was about $50k and here is a quick summary of the major items within the construction process:$4,500 - Excavation - site prep (remove topsoil, haul in fill/rock and then grade level). $1,000 - Paperwork/permits. $30,000 - Amish crew - materials ($20,000) and labor ($10,000) for the shell of the structure. $2,500 - Final grade inside building and remove topsoil and haul rock in for approaches to the building. $3,000 - Pink foam board insulation and install Pex tubing for radiant floor heat - we did most of this ourselves. $9,000 - Contracted someone else to pour 4"+ concrete.  I hope your project is a success!!!
Mark Sleeper (1 year ago)
Wow nice bulding
MattN03 (1 year ago)
Looks great! What are the plans to finish it out? Do you plan to heat it?
Thanks +MattN03! The plan is to finish out a 20' x 24' woodworking shop initially and leave the larger area unfinished for the time being. We ran PEX tubing throughout the entire floor before we poured the slab. There are 9 heating zones or loops. 2 of them will be for the woodworking shop and the remaining 7 are for the larger area that could be connected and heated in the future if we decide to finish it off. A couple of our other videos show the PEX tubing and concrete slab that was poured. As always, thanks for watching!
George Smith (1 year ago)
really like your design. the clear panels for light - outstandinga soft tire and wheel outside that sliding door to keep it against the building might help. I've always driven a piece of sucker rod in the ground. really like the cam latch. can't wait to see you pour the slab and set up the wood working shop.
Thanks +George Smith! The soft tire idea is great. It did not show up in the video but there is currently a small bracket with a little caster/guide that is designed to keep the door next to the building but if you open the door to far it can go beyond the guide and if your are not careful when closing it the door may end up on the outside of the guide. So maybe a few pieces of sucker rod or rebar along the path would do a better job of keeping it in place. For now the door is not going to see a whole lot of use so we will just have to pay attention and careful close it each time. Hey, the slab was finally poured and shows up in one of our other videos. Next we will be working on the the insulated shop area this winter.
mi2tn (1 year ago)
That is one beautiful shed. Like how you did it and why. I like the sliding door the best.
mi2tn (1 year ago)
Thanks! We had a good time.
Yeah, I don't know how often that will happen. It took close to 3 days to upload!!!
BigJim57 (1 year ago)
yeah, he joined the movie making ranks now. ha! ha!
Thanks +mi2tn! Hey, just caught you on the video over on +Tractor Time with Tim's channel. That was great!!!

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