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How to buy stocks on ICICIdirect.com

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Sachin Kumar (6 days ago)
Dear sir please add about share buy back option ....
Arun King (7 days ago)
Hi Icici channel I am your bank customer please tell me how invest long term investment in your bank. I need instructions to apply and I don't required any broker to apply.
Siddhesh Chaubal (21 days ago)
How to invest in US Equities with ICICI Direct?
Shabnam Mansuri (2 months ago)
D quality ke share h
Pinker Sagi (2 months ago)
Do we get to talk 2 any broker who can buy or sell shares ?
Arunnidhi Manimaran (3 months ago)
How to buy delivery?
Arunnidhi Manimaran (3 months ago)
Here delivery is called what?
Rupesh Joshte (5 months ago)
I followed same process but still some extra amount deducted from account. Just wanted to understand why ?
baleswar reddy (6 months ago)
Trading on this platforms help only the broker. see brokerage plans with all brokers. Don't open dmat blindly. they squeeze all your money step by step. Even 0.01% intraday brokerage will kill your profits. see your billing. STT is 0.01%, Stamp Duty, iGST, so many taxes. Finally, you are paying to all, blowing your account.
binay mishra (8 months ago)
How to buy & sell conform but stoplus bank nifty buy or sell not knowing . Please any solution Thanks Binay mishrs
MONIKA TEXTILE (1 year ago)
hum icici merfot trading kar sekthe he lakin hum help chaiyihe please give me chance
I have no icici acconut but how to buy a share with different account.
Sampathkumar M (1 year ago)
hi sir please create the video of how to convert intraday into delivery in icici direct please am searching for this since 6months n rules of intrday if we sales on same day if we get profit n when will we get that amount into our account or if we get loss then how to convert to delivery n
Can i buy foriegn shares thru icici
Sir i Need Explain in Tamil Language.Please send To tamil
Sushmita Singh (1 year ago)
Sir plz make video on cash buy or cash sell at vtc order using limit price or stop loss using icici demate account
kadiveti ashok (1 year ago)
please tel how to buy long term share... for one year and more time...?
Infostock India (1 year ago)
Every new investor must read equity research reports at start to find good stocks.
Birju Kumar (1 year ago)
Good one it is :)
Zishan Ahmad (1 year ago)
is it necessary to have any ICICI saving account to tread because I am having sbi saving account so can I use ICICI direct???
Atul Katiyar (1 month ago)
sir mera a/c www.direct.com share market me bn gya h use close krna ka koi vedio send kijiye plz
seo gurutown (1 year ago)
there is no need to having bank account for this
Probir Gorlosa (1 year ago)
Zishan Ahmad yes
Aditya Yerunkar (2 years ago)
going to try this
irshad eaizy Md (1 year ago)
Shivang Gupta (2 years ago)
how to sell stock the next day you purchase it. As in Demat allocation no stock comes. So I am not able to sell. please help
oV The Dreamer (8 months ago)
If the share comes with BTST option then u can Sell it from security projection
Dinesh Patel (9 months ago)
Shivang Gupta
Aditya Yerunkar (2 years ago)
better wait for few days... see any raise in value and then sell...well this is what i am assuming..

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