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Bad-ass beers at Indy Man Beer Con | The Craft Beer Channel

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Held in a swimming baths and featuring mad collabs from all over Europe, Manchester's Indy Man Beer Con is one of the best beer festivals in the UK. Given the insanity of the event, Jonny decided to only drink the most mad beers he could find – hence doughnut beer, peanut butter ales, earl grey tea sours and grape IPAs. Welcome to Manchester, here they do thing s a bit differently.
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Text Comments (7)
Bumpy Road Brewery (7 months ago)
I heard arsenic is not good because it can bring tannins out when you mash....😃
Matt Colledge (2 years ago)
Are you heading up this year chaps?
Donal Skehan (4 years ago)
Doughnut Beer...Yes please!
Food Busker (4 years ago)
Manchester my second home, loved it Jonny.  We need to do a collab soon
sofakingdrunk66 (4 years ago)
Is that Festival on every year?
sofakingdrunk66 (3 months ago)
Mmmmmm might give it ago when i back on the Hops 2019 as i didnt manage it back in 2017..
The Craft Beer Channel (4 years ago)
Sure is, only started 3 years ago though.

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