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How to sync Android with Outlook direct over USB using CompanionLink 4.0

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How to sync Outlook contacts, calendar, tasks and notes with Android smartphones and tablets direct over secure USB using CompanionLink 4.0. PC sync works in tandem with DejaOffice, a suite of contacts, calendar, tasks and notes apps for Android. Find more info and download a free trial at www.companionlink.com/android
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@JonathanRoseland1985 We are able to sync to the Nexus S 4G - it actually has an internal card we can mount. As for to do's, DejaOffice (our free Android app) handles those. Just set up your sync and use DejaOffice to manage and maintain yours tasks. Check it out now from the Android Market. And feel free to give CompanionLink a run-through with our 2-week trial. Hope that helps!
@tglionna Sure will!
@dwilmer7 Yes - sync via USB is entirely local. Your data is never transferred through any servers.
mehoff jack (7 years ago)
is it syncing locally , so just between your android phone and your pc?
Yağmur Birdinç (7 years ago)
Thanks a lot; it comletely works! :)
iuchu1 (7 years ago)
How to copy(or turn..) Dejacontacts on phone contacts??
Esteban Torrás (7 years ago)
Es posible sincronizar Outlook 2007 con Tablet Galaxy Android 2.2.? Contactos, tareas, calendario y notas?
Gary Rice (7 years ago)
@greatkdo I just got my phone - it is an EVO - where is the HTC sync is it an app or something similar?
Alan Lawson (7 years ago)
Very clunky if you are migrating to Android from Windows mobile but seems to be the best option at the moment. Struggles with formatting and outlook features - recurring appointments for instance. Why is it so hard to have a plug and dynamic sync environment like windows? Turn on CL, then turn on deja and on the S II you have to turn on the USB - much, much too hard.
@tglionna Yes, absolutely. CompanionLink works with any Android OS device.
MBLR-GM (8 years ago)
Will this work with Droid 2 by Motorola?
@greatkdo Sorry to hear you were having trouble with CompanionLink. If you want to let me know what was going on, I should be able to offer some help!
@FedericoJimbo Sure does :)
Laurie Mohler (8 years ago)
Hallelujah! I spent over a week trying to get this worked out. This nifty program will enable me to keep my Evo. THANK YOU!!

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