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HACCP - Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points - Part 7 - Risk Assessment

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http://food-safety-training.net Factors to consider when undertaking hazard analysis Raw ingredients Are they likely to contain pathogens, toxins, chemical or physical hazards? Likelihood of low-dose pathogens in ready-to-eat food, especially fruit/salad vegetables? Have they been treated to destroy pathogens? Physical characteristics and composition of ingredients/product Include:pH, aw, level of preservatives,type of acid Can pathogens multiply and/or survive and produce toxins? Safety record of similar products Processing/preparation Is there a process step to destroy pathogens, spores and/or toxins? Is contamination after processing likely? Microbiology of food product Is the food likely to contain pathogens, toxins or spores? Could a change in the microbiological characteristics of food affect its safety? Premises design (prerequisite) Equipment design (prerequisite) Packaging Will the packaging protect the food from contamination? Could chemicals leach from the packaging? Does the packaging include essential safety information e.g. relating to allergens or storage temperature and shelf life? Cleaning and disinfection (prerequisite) Personal hygiene/training (prerequisite) Storage between packaging and consumption Could poor storage result in contamination or temperature abuse that could lead to unsafe food? Distribution Could contamination or multiplication occur? Intended use Is the food intended to be reheated by the consumer? Is there likely to be food left over, stored and reheated? Potential consumer abuse Intended consumer Is the food likely to be consumed by someone from a vulnerable group, e.g. the infirm, elderly, immunocompromised or pregnant women? http://food-safety-training.net
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