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How To Setup Google Product Listing Ads (Adwords Shopping Campaign) - Google Merchant Tutorial 2018

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Do you want to have your products appear at the top of the search engine on google? In this google merchant center tutorial, ill show you how you can start creating listings for your products on the google search engine! If you are running an ecommerce website and dropshipping website, i highly recommend to stop using facebook ads and the adword shopping campaigns because you can reach a better quality audience! TO CREATE YOUR OWN ECOMMERCE WEBSITE, FOLLOW THIS AMAZING TUTORIAL! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vKBSrdKWb4Y&t=588s Create a google adwords account here: https://ads.google.com Create a google merchant service center here: https://www.google.com/retail/solutions/merchant-center/#?modal_active=none Need Help With some of the rules? Here is an article by google to help you: Webmaster Tools Link: https://www.google.com/webmasters/tools/ Also my dropshipping tutorial will be available next week and the link will be here so make sure to check back! Thanks for watching, for more tutorials like this and to learn how to make a wordpress website, feel free to visit my website at https:/www.darrelwilson.com
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Afzal Affu (2 days ago)
How much I need to start WooCommerce business?
David Cinchwear (5 days ago)
Hello, came across your video. I have a Shopify store and most of all I think Google Shopping is where it's suppose to be. Facebook ADs concerns me deeply when money is so darn tight to make and spend in this time. My question is... isn't "adword shopping campaigns " the same as "Google Shopping"?
David Cinchwear (4 days ago)
Darrel Wilson ok... So it's the same?
Darrel Wilson (4 days ago)
they have changed the name, but this is located in your adwords and its also somewhat of a cross platform with google merchant center, its kind of mixed
Kanhnika K (6 days ago)
Great tutorial as always. I have eBay store. Can I use Google Merchant?
Darrel Wilson (4 days ago)
yes this is what i use
Falcon (7 days ago)
I am confused about how the products listed in the Google Shopping category link directly to their Amazon page? Do they achieve it by uploading a Product Feed to Google Shopping or by running an Adwords campaign? Thank you!
Iain McCarron (7 days ago)
Hey Darrel, i run a month show. When it comes to selling products, all we have are tickets. Would be really interesting to see what your experiences with this is. In terms of calendar plugins, promotions and layout. Really appreciate all the work and effort you put into the tutorials!
Iain McCarron (4 days ago)
Thanks. Will check that out.
Darrel Wilson (4 days ago)
i think wootickets would be a good choice here, its pretty well rounded for it
Roger Alkana (8 days ago)
Hi Darrel. I am a newly website developer and small business owner. I purchase the Flatsome theme a couple days ago and I love it. The only downside is that Stripe for Apple has virtually no good support. They want people to pay a developer (they are quick to recommend a developer instead of helping out. I therefore don’t recommend Stripe payment gateway. I like Square much better because you get paid much sooner than with Stripe. Thanks. I hope one day we can talk. Please look at my site. I am very proud of the site and I have been working hard at it. The website is: https://lemonsprayer.com. It’s not perfect. My video needs improvement for the most part. Thanks for reading this. Your videos are very personable. Thanks for all you do. Maybe you can make video on how to setup Apple Pay. That is very hot topic.
A very nice tutorial. Darrel is there any way to advertise the products via Google Merchant which are on the marketplace?
Its a Pakistani based marketplace "www.daraz.pk" and "www.yayvo.com". I am having a vendor account with them and seeling few products. So I was thinking to advertise them but I am but low on budget and not sure whether to advertise my product or not.
Darrel Wilson (7 days ago)
which marketplace? advertising to them to any marketplace would be a good idea
Aleksey Karpov (9 days ago)
In the case to delegate for to someone on fiverr how to add accounts, is merchant or adwords or?
Darrel Wilson (7 days ago)
you would be in control of adwords, thats where you advertise, let them to the product uploads
soheil Mozaffarian (9 days ago)
any suggestion for a woo-commerce or WordPress plugin to do the feed part?
Darrel Wilson (7 days ago)
they have some but they didnt work too well, i would use this method
Dey-noh Den (9 days ago)
Hello please do tutorial on auction site
Darrel Wilson (7 days ago)
will add it to my list
Babzs Bhatt (9 days ago)
Great Tuts Darrel cheers
Darrel Wilson (7 days ago)
you are welcome! Thanks For Watching!
Maybe you can just export your product list from woocommerce and then paste it on Merchant Center's spreadsheet
Darrel Wilson (7 days ago)
worth a shot!
Famous Snapz (11 days ago)
Great video! Is there any way to choose products for each campaign? Or do you have to do all of your products at once.
Darrel Wilson (7 days ago)
a user says you can export a product list from woocommerce onto this platform!
Jerome Flores (11 days ago)
How much do i need to pay?
Jerome Flores (7 days ago)
Darrel Wilson Cool? This is amazing bro
Darrel Wilson (7 days ago)
its free!
wedoebe (11 days ago)
Thanks Darrell! This good information! 💯🔥👏
Darrel Wilson (7 days ago)
glad i could help, thanks for watching!
Youssef Ouhmid (11 days ago)
good tutorial i have a question please how i can bring more traffics to my website my website is for an hotel so i want my clients book with my website better than booking or airbnb
Darrel Wilson (7 days ago)
i have a tutorial on how to bring more traffic to your website!
Niks Margam (11 days ago)
Am waiting for it from along time .. along..thanks a lot darrel...
Darrel Wilson (7 days ago)
glad i could help, thanks for watching!
WPking000 Developer (11 days ago)
Hey Darrel.. i have a Question???
Darrel Wilson (7 days ago)
send me a question on my website
Total football (11 days ago)
Great work..keep it up
Darrel Wilson (7 days ago)
thanks bro!
ExtraCreative (11 days ago)
#1 Hey yeah
Darrel Wilson (7 days ago)
lol the best feeling huh

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