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Beer Battered Fish recipe | The Craft Beer Channel

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Jim uses Tribute to make a beer batter for his lump of haddock. Loads more beer reviews, brewing, pub tests, cooking and beer cocktails to come in the next few weeks.
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Ameer Hammod (1 year ago)
Nothing better than beer battered fish. Absolutely golden crunchy bubbly batter
Amen to that, and nothing is sadder than soggy batter!
rosene (2 years ago)
wow! what a crunch sound at 4:20! this is incredible. i can see this fried fish is insanely delicious without eating it!
The Craft Beer Channel (2 years ago)
+rosene it was damned crispy!
Calvin Wong (3 years ago)
lol the reaction when biting into it i thought... here we go another exaggerated taste test. then you said it was hot haha
The Craft Beer Channel (3 years ago)
I still have the scars!
the boss (3 years ago)
better run to shop to get beer if I to make this tonight
the boss (3 years ago)
can you use white cider
the boss (3 years ago)
thank you    as  i only had cider in the house at the time     but i made it the next day with beer and it was so lush and light  ,x
The Craft Beer Channel (3 years ago)
+Diane Alexander it was Jim that said it first! Anyway a cider could work nicely too!
the boss (3 years ago)
calling a person a weirdo because they ask  a question  . 
the boss (3 years ago)
yes you glen power   .
the boss (3 years ago)
stick and stones    you troll
Gary Miller (3 years ago)
Zoeslaterz (4 years ago)
Just to note, drop anything away from you!!! Otherwise when you release the cod, chicken etc, then it'll splash away from you. Great recipe though and love the format.
shamirastyle (4 years ago)
"if u dont wanna use beer, go away cause this is what the channel is all about, you weirdo" hahaha
Joe Adkins (5 years ago)
Hay CBC! Can you recommend the perfect Beer to match my Bourbon and Rosemary Hot Smoked Salmon! http://youtu.be/mVB1eZ1FWp8 Cheers...
Joe Adkins (5 years ago)
That's awesome Guys, thanks for the ideas and thanks for the response... I'll give them a try. Keep up the awesome beer and food combos, big love, Adventure Cooking x
The Craft Beer Channel (5 years ago)
We sure can! I'd suggest either a lovely, malty bock or match like with like with a smoked porter! You'd want some real burnt caramel flavours with it, which would be incredible with the salmon! Nice recipe - beer with breakfast, that's how we roll.
dermickl (5 years ago)
heyy greetings from germany :D that looks fantastic; i really like your channel ;) THUMBS UP :D
Adriana Pa (5 years ago)
Thanks Jonny! Had the fish so far and it was amazing! Gonna try the sauce next :)
The Craft Beer Channel (5 years ago)
Heya - Jonny here. It's super easy to make - just make a mayo from scratch (2 egg yolks, 500ml olive oil, lemon juice, seasoning) then add some french mustard to taste (maybe 1tsp). To make it tartare, add some fresh tarragon, finely diced cornichons and capers (equal amounts of each) til you like it! Any questions, let us know!
The Craft Beer Channel (5 years ago)
Haha! Cook the chips in the same oil as the fish - never waste flavour!
The Craft Beer Channel (5 years ago)
Well get cooking! Has to be said, jim cooked it perfectly.
Thomas Stenborg (5 years ago)
I just cringe when he starts eating it and you hear the crust breaking... you just want to eat that NOW!
galaxy (5 years ago)
i need chips too! also some drink as well
The Craft Beer Channel (5 years ago)
That's Jonny's recipe - he's gone to Belgium....to drink beer! We'll let you know asap
Adriana Pa (5 years ago)
Really really want to know the recipe for that tartatre sauce that goes with it! Was that Mustard Johnnie was using?
RHINO WALT (5 years ago)
Thanks for Recipe , also Subscribed for future Recipe's !
Sarah O'Reilly (5 years ago)
After watching that I would eat fish looks amazing great video bit of humour in it
The Craft Beer Channel (5 years ago)
Which guy is the last guy?! Otherwise Jim and I will have to arm wrestle for the compliment.
Harald Leon (5 years ago)
youre cute
Nikita Drayton (5 years ago)
The Craft Beer Channel (5 years ago)
Because beautiful fish is even better with beer! Most things are.
Wael Elazab (5 years ago)
Looks amaaazing - but - if the fish is so good, why the batter fuss? Are we after eating the batter or the fish?
danielleArc (5 years ago)
Last guys cute
OGCrystalBay (5 years ago)
The best food BB fish , very easy . GJ TCBC...
fangirling (5 years ago)
that looks so good! and i'm really hungry now
The Craft Beer Channel (5 years ago)
Our answer depends on how many of your friends are policemen
TheMCJakeyb (5 years ago)
Seriousbacon.wordpress. com Come check my food blog out! :)
Laura Lowther (5 years ago)
Hahaha I like that Tou'che!
The Craft Beer Channel (5 years ago)
Are you sure you're not just drunk? If you're not, he probably was.
Laura Lowther (5 years ago)
The camera man is shocking!
The Craft Beer Channel (5 years ago)
Hey there - I reckon if you used the Punk IPA I made my beer bread with (wheat beer clams video) you'd get a really hoppy kick. There can be really big flavours gained from flavoured beers like Krieks (although you wouldn't want to use that on fish!) but what beer does best here is make a really gorgeous light, crispy batter because of the bubbles.
BRUNO (5 years ago)
Does the beer batter really makes it taste like beer ??? I really really really want to know what it tastes like but I got no fryer. I wonder if flavored beer actually can make the flavor kick in a bit better.
The Local Traveler (5 years ago)
This looks so good, but I'd be so tempted to drink the beer meant for the batter!
Jen Whalen (5 years ago)
I think a crisp pilsner would be great in the mushy peas.
Jonny Garrett (5 years ago)
Once we work out a way of getting beer into mushy peas, it will be on here.
Jonny Garrett (5 years ago)
Hey - depends where you're from! if you're UK try Ales by Mail or the Beer Boutique. Also, most breweries sell their bottles from their website at pretty good prices. Always worth a look.
Jen Whalen (5 years ago)
Looks and sounds amazing. Would be great with mushy peas!! And of course more beer.
The Craft Beer Channel (5 years ago)
Hi Rob, thanks mate you can cook it next time we come over.....
Robert Adam (5 years ago)
That looks delicious. Good work chaps!

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