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Futures and Options Virtual Trading Account - NSE Paathshaala - bse2nse.com

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Video by http://bse2nse.com This video talks about a cool initiative from nseindia. Virtual Trading account to try out your futures and options trading strategies and skills at NSE Paathshaala.
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Text Comments (74)
kundan kumar (5 months ago)
sir kindly make new video on MY NSE RECENTLY MODIFIED
Jake P (6 months ago)
Ok, so What are futures? What are options?
S Kumar (7 months ago)
Hi Mani, it looks like NSE Paathshaala has been discontinued.. Would you please suggest any other plotform to do virtual trading on options?
Ganesh Shinde (8 months ago)
Sir, When i short sell, then my order not take. What can i do????????
Indian Viral Videos (10 months ago)
Here is what i found Live Intraday Buy Sell Signal @ www.nselive.info it uses strategy of Day Open=Day HIGH/LOW. Auto udated with Entry Price and Stop Loss
Nayan Agrawal (11 months ago)
i bought options in NSE paathshala. It automatically squared off at the end of day. there 3 weeks to last thursday. why would this happen. pls guide
Radhakrishnan S (11 months ago)
NSE patashala is not working nowadays... Any one used it recently ?
Nikhilesh Barshikar (1 year ago)
Can you please place demo video on how to short sell a future contract and then again buy it for booking either profit or loss. I have done buy and sell but never tried sell and buy, hence the request.
Patil SK (1 year ago)
How do i get to know the OPTIONS delta for a particular contract?
VIVEK SRIVASTAVA (2 years ago)
Thanks for the informative video. i just wanted to know that what percentage if promoters are holding then that company is worth investing.?
Manikandan R (1 year ago)
Try and look at our long term investment dashboard @ http://bse2nse.com/Dashboard/EOD/Equity/screens/eod_dashboard.php ...
Swaroop Reddy (2 years ago)
how to place orders in carry forward. when i buy any options automatically it sold out next day. what i will do and also what the diff. between SL-L and SL-M. tell me plzzz
sactemp777 (2 years ago)
how to save/download performance reports? cant see any "Reports" menu
Varun Avira (2 years ago)
HI Mani sir. I'm failing every time to open NSE Pathshala account. It's showing blank page after filled the form. I tried in week days nd in market hours also. How can I open it. Any suggestions plz...
Ranjith Kumar Malaram (1 year ago)
Hi.. After blank page go to ur mail id which u given in registration process there u ll get a mail amd through that mail u can get link and also password
Gokul Priyan (1 year ago)
same here.. Please help. Thanks..
Charu Chauhan (2 years ago)
Sir, how to choose F&O ??? HOW we judge it will go up side.... Please advise...
harsha vardan (2 years ago)
sir, in nse patshala if i have made sell order in intraday, then it wil be shown buy order in carryforward position.please clarify on that.
Ashif Khilji (2 years ago)
hi sir my name is ashif husain sir maine aapke video dekh ke nse pathsala main account bena ya per sir isme kabhi advance selling nhi hoti kabhi yeh by ke baad selling nhi hoti sir plese ise shi mantene kese kerte he plese betao na sir plese help me sir
jay patel (2 years ago)
Hi Manikandan! I have almost watched all your videos as I am very much passionate about stocks and also I am very young currently doing my undergraduate course in engg. Your tricks have left a very deep impression on my mind. I already have account on zerodha but not under you. But I really want to learn more from you. can u please help me? how can I contact you?
ironman hulk (2 years ago)
Hi Mani great work, But can you please help me on how to put stop loss and also I am unable to close the positions. If you have done another video on it then please help me with the link.
KRISHNAA KR (2 years ago)
Mani thanks for this vedio, very useful.
23shreyas (2 years ago)
really helpful video...do we need to be a member of NSE India site for the login id?
Sushant (3 years ago)
How can we check the greeks like Delta, Theta as well as ITM/OTM/ATM percentage.
Shivani Motipara (2 years ago)
+Sushant Thakre you can try the option calculator tab
bhanu xboy (3 years ago)
i went to nse patashala opened an account there ,they gave me 20 lak ,in one day i turned it in to 1 crore ,i was very excited and now i opened an account in axisdirect used the same strategy i put 20 k in stocks in a single day i lost half of my money ..... NSE patashala is different from real life trading .......i also used stock trainer app and in a week i turned 5 lak in to 100cr...it doesnt work..
Tejesh Reddy (1 year ago)
NSE paathshala in essence is not different from "real" trading. You could invest 20lakh in NSE paathshala because it's not real money. You were able to see things clearly because you didn't have the tension of loosing money. But in real trading, you have to deal with your emotions and urges which might have caused the loss of money. EQ is very important for trading.
Ravi Kanth (1 year ago)
You should have repeated that success at least 10 time and then tried real time.
Abhilash Naroth (3 years ago)
Mani, can't we do short calls in NSE Paathsala? Is there a tweak to do this?
Abhilash Naroth (3 years ago)
+Manikandan R I couldn't... let me try it on large caps as you suggested and will update. so it is obvious that we can't do short on other stocks!
Manikandan R (3 years ago)
+Abhilash Nair ... you shd be able to ... assuming u try on large caps
karan s (3 years ago)
SIr i am a student and i wish to invest in stocks ..i am thinking of choosing zerotha..do i need a bank acc or zerotha will be the only requirement for investing in stocks plzz help
Manikandan R (3 years ago)
+karan lohia ... you will need a bank account ... and PAN Card as well ... apply for PAN card if you do not have it
Harsh Bhardwaj (3 years ago)
i am  trying to login since a month ago but all time a same error is showing that system not responding plz try after some time... any one plz help me
Manikandan R (3 years ago)
+Harsh Bhardwaj ... try during market hours
Santosh Anand (3 years ago)
system not working
Santosh Anand (3 years ago)
+Manikandan R thanks Sir
Manikandan R (3 years ago)
+Santosh Anand  Try on weekdays when markets are open
Santosh Anand (3 years ago)
site not working
Manikandan R (3 years ago)
+Santosh Anand ... Try on weekdays when markets are open
w. Bhushan (3 years ago)
Hi, How to square off positions ?
kumropotashify (3 years ago)
If you bought an option(i.e if you are long), you sell it to square off. If you sold an option(i.e you are short), you buy it back to square off.
ARNAB PAKHIRA (3 years ago)
I like to know two things..... 1. whether i'll get the same trading platform as pathsala while trading in real world as a trader? 2. what is the functional difference between an equity relationship manager and a equity dealer?
Manikandan R (3 years ago)
+ARNAB PAKHIRA  ... 1 ... yes, same as nse paathshaala ...  Join us at www.bse2nse.com and get free training ....2. dealer places order on your behalf ... Manager is just a point of contact
manish mva (4 years ago)
 for cash segment it is working fine,,,but not for F&O segment,,,pls reply,
manish mva (4 years ago)
OK ...sir,,,,will report you tomorrow. Thanks for quick reply.
Manikandan R (4 years ago)
+manish mva ... I think the error is only for today ... it should work soon ... Try again tomorrow
manish mva (4 years ago)
For Futures and options,,,it do not  work,,,,,during market market hours,,the error message is  "16000 : The trading system is not available for trading" This error message is for both Futures and option orders.
Equity Pf (4 years ago)
Thank you so much for adding this video. you efforts are really appreciated . 
Rishi Valleti (4 years ago)
thank you
arm239 (4 years ago)
Thanks Mani for the very useful information. Anantha Raman
Sunil Roy (4 years ago)
great video thank 
Praful Jain (4 years ago)
I registered on nse paathsaala bt was not able 2 understand it.. ur video is vry helpfull  thxx alot..
Manikandan R (4 years ago)
glad u find it helpful
Ravish Sangiah (4 years ago)
good work
himanshu mehrotra (4 years ago)
really useless site...not able to login after many tries..
Manikandan R (4 years ago)
Hi Himanshu, Try during market hours ...  It is pretty useful to back-test your trades
Sreevidya Jakka (4 years ago)
Hi mani....Nice video.. I have a problem to place an order on NSE Paathshaala...It says "exchange user id for the user is invalid" . Can you help me on this?? Thanks in advance.
Manikandan R (4 years ago)
Sreevidya Jakka (4 years ago)
+Manikandan R Thanks for responding. Is there an email Id where I can send the details on the error. 
Manikandan R (4 years ago)
Hi Sree Vidya, Can you take a snap shot of the error and mail me ...  Also detail when you  are getting the error ...
Manikandan R (5 years ago)
Where are you facing problems? describe your problem and i can try to help you out ...
sharan kumar (5 years ago)
Hi for me this is not working. is there any problem with new users..?
Manikandan R (5 years ago)
Hi Hemanth, i have faced this too ... Since this is a FREE feature by NSE, it seems like its not able to handle during peak hours ... Keep trying ... It works for me mostly by the 3rd to 4th time ...
Hemanth G (5 years ago)
hi Mani I have login problem in NSE Paathshaala can you please help me out in this.. When ever i try login it tells "System isn't responding please tyr later". Thanks..
Manikandan R (5 years ago)
It looks like you cannot short sell in equity segment ... Try short selling in futures segment
shankar k (5 years ago)
it says " RMS: Blocked for S PLUS_RMS CNC block type: NON-SQROFF"
Manikandan R (5 years ago)
Add to watch list ... Then you can "Sell" first to short sell and buy later to cover positions ...
shankar k (5 years ago)
how to short-sell intraday ... how to sell the equity n square off at lower price in this virtual trading account?
Manikandan R (5 years ago)
yes ilyas, let me know if you have any queries
ilyas khan (5 years ago)
Manikandan R (5 years ago)
glad u find it useful ... :)
Subair Ap (5 years ago)

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