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How to Redirect a URL to Another URL in WordPress Using Redirection Plugin

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How to 301 Redirect a URL to Another URL in WordPress Using Redirection Plugin. ★Join me on Telegram ► t.me/nayyarshaikh Hostgator 60% Off --- http://bloggdude.com/hostgator Please Subscribe if it Helps :) LET'S STAY CONNECTED http://facebook.com/bloggdude http://twitter.com/realnayyar http://bloggdude.com Tags:- 301 redirect, 301 redirect wordpress,redirect url, redirect url wordpress, how to redirect a website to another website, how to redirect a url to another url, how to redirect a url to another url in wordpress, how to redirect a url, how to redirect a url to another url
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Text Comments (25)
Charissa Santos (1 month ago)
Thanks for the video! Just as a tip I had to clear cache several times to see the changes.
This is awesome! Thank you so much you are a life saver! :-)
Chethan k g (2 months ago)
thanks a lot :)
Bharat Pawar (6 months ago)
Hello my domain name is...www.abc.com, and i installed my wordpress website in www.abc.com/wordpress...i want to get open www.abc.com/wordpress if we hit url www.abc.com..thanx
Philip Enders (6 months ago)
saved the day!
ISHIKA Garg (7 months ago)
I have a doubt, do we have to create a new group for each redirection?
ISHIKA Garg (7 months ago)
It was helpful. I have a website, http://tripbohemia.com/ , i wanted to redirect the old links that have been trashed, and was successful!
4kiitieslady (8 months ago)
I'm sorry, but I didn't understand this at all. Looks like you really didn't redirect at all. Started at blogdude.com and ended at blogdude.com What am I missing?
ent account (4 months ago)
you fukin fool
med chr (8 months ago)
helpful, thank you Nayya
Jhavinder Thakur (8 months ago)
I have changed a post url but when i open my post it's empty only showing title. Help me
Thank you so much you saved my damn life!
Best Kitchen Knives List (9 months ago)
very helpful, thanks
Nayyar Shaikh (9 months ago)
+Best Kitchen Knives List You're most welcome 😊
Fotograf Thinna Aniella (11 months ago)
If I want to redirect and open in new page side... do you know what to do?
AJAY ASHOK (1 year ago)
Wat os r u using in your computer
John Cook (1 year ago)
windows duh, look in the top corner at the window control buttons
Patmalyn Ali (1 year ago)
what if the url is from the different domain name going to a different external website?
John Cook (1 year ago)
so you couldn't redirect to another domain using the plugin? Is it masked this 301 redirection you speak of? Also, is there an extension I can protect against redirection say if I wanted to stay on the same domain and not allow a link to switch to another domain?
Nayyar Shaikh (1 year ago)
+Patmalyn Ali Then use the 301 redirection from ur hosting cpanel that will help you! 😃
Heath Dotson (1 year ago)
Nayyar Shaikh (1 year ago)
+Heath Dotson Your most welcome😃
masarrat imteyaz (2 years ago)
Thanx a lot, worked for me 👍
Hafiz Naushad Zaidi (2 years ago)
Thank you

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