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How To Add A Popup and Notice Bar To Wordpress 2017

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In this video, i will show you how to add a popup or announcement bar to your wordpress website! This will help you get more conversions or signups with your website! if you do not have this on your website, i highly recommend to get it because it will help you get more sales!
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Text Comments (68)
Simply me (8 days ago)
Hi! Thank you. This is the best tutorial so far.
Darrel Wilson (7 days ago)
you are welcome! thanks for watchin!
Silvano Percebao (1 month ago)
Hi, your video helped me a lot. The free version of this plugin is wonderful, very useful and easy to use. Many thanks man!
Darrel Wilson (1 month ago)
im glad this worked out!
Crayon Webs Limited (1 month ago)
how do we harvest emails from icegram
FASHIONIST 207 (2 months ago)
Awesome information as always..thanks, Darrel!
Deep Blue Charters (2 months ago)
thanks Darrel, for an wordpress newbie like me , i was able to add a pop up after watching your video. thanks for sharing your video, it helped our business.
Darrel Wilson (2 months ago)
right on! glad it worked out for you
Spicequeen ja (3 months ago)
do you know to prevent customers from deleting the pop up. i want them to select the call to action before proceeding is that possible?
Darrel Wilson (2 months ago)
well i dont think that would be compliant
Angela Thorp (3 months ago)
Where do you find the emails of people that did subscribe?
Darrel Wilson (3 months ago)
in your mail chimp account, you wil need to sync it
krishna chaitanya (5 months ago)
You deserve an OSCAR dude !! Thanks for Saving Lives.......
Darrel Wilson (5 months ago)
thanks bro glad i could help
Life shouts (6 months ago)
can I use Adsense code?
e2-e4 (7 months ago)
Thank you for the video, but I myself wouldn't install that on my site. It only annoys you when it pops up suddenly and you have to close it to continue reading the site info.
jacko89d (8 months ago)
Optin fields are not appearing for a popup. I am only getting a text message with a call to action button, which is very annoying, been an hour trying to fix that! It's like "WE DESIGN LIKE NO OTHERS" then "SEND IT NOW", No email optin no nothing, even though i checked the optin part!
best channel in the world for wordpress knowledge
Darrel Wilson (8 months ago)
thanks brotha!
Lawrence Hernandez (9 months ago)
Darrel, I need a Pop Up video Plug in whats the best out there?????
Darrel Wilson I got it from the icegram. They have a feature that kind of works. but any idea why my YouTube video continues to play the sound only, after clicking away the video?
Darrel Wilson (9 months ago)
im not sure about video
Louay Yehya (9 months ago)
Hello Darrel, thank you very much for you're videos, but in this plugin i cant see the free compains! :)
Louay Yehya (9 months ago)
lol You are very strong men ;-) i have a question, i need to do a filter widget to choose colors and sizes.... like the one in this page: https://www.dafy-moto.com/equipement-motard.html Any suggestions?
Darrel Wilson (9 months ago)
its pretty awesome huh
RadioAktiveBeats.com (9 months ago)
Hi Darrel, Is this plugin still working? Im haveing issues getting it to show up. I've followed you instructions exactly and no results. I hit update and everything and I can't get it to show up. Any suggestions? I wonder if my wordpress template is blocking it or something
RadioAktiveBeats.com (9 months ago)
Darrel Wilson yeah it’s not working for some reason. Not sure why.
Darrel Wilson (9 months ago)
yeah its still working, i think its pretty legit, its not working for you huh ?
Mohammed Anower (9 months ago)
hi darrel how can i check the email list ?
Darrel Wilson (9 months ago)
im not sure what email list you are using, you may want to ask your email company
ajanti gupta (10 months ago)
Darrel winson thank u i like your videos go on we are wating from you more i have i question how i i can buld website like alibaba have multi venders and costumer can dirrectly chat with the supplier tnkz
ajanti gupta (9 months ago)
any plugin that can help me for chatting mr darrel
Darrel Wilson (9 months ago)
yeah but this sounds like a really big project, maybe starting your own store to start off is ideal
Humayun Kabir (10 months ago)
Thanks Man...
Darrel Wilson (10 months ago)
you are welcome!
Sanjivan Biswas (10 months ago)
Thank u so much for all these tutorials. I learned a lot from you. U r like Guru to me. Thanks
Darrel Wilson (10 months ago)
right on bro thanks
princeofwealth1 (10 months ago)
Very powerful video tutorial. Plugins are everything, just like apps are everything on a device. Darrell, I have a question that has been bugging me: I am building a website through your link and video tutorials, and i run an affiliate program that has technological products, that I want to use this website to promote. What will my PORTFOLIO page look like? What kind of thing will be in my portfolio page, or will I simply forget about portfolio and build PRODUCTS page?
princeofwealth1 (10 months ago)
thanks a bunch
Darrel Wilson (10 months ago)
most affiliate websites dont have portfolios,. depends on what you are selling, i think the blog structure works the best but it depends on what you are selling
Blueberry Fuzz (10 months ago)
Just be mindful of timing and frequency of pop up's as google will penalise you if they deem your site not user friendly, particularly on mobile devices in terms of SEO ;) (Don't be too spammy in simple terms) - Great Plugin though, thanks for the Video.
Darrel Wilson (10 months ago)
Darrel Wilson (10 months ago)
Let me know how your experiences go with this plugin! Its a pretty cool free plugin
mo sadab (10 months ago)
Darrel Wilson give me which one
Vipul Haldankar (10 months ago)
Awesome.. This is what I was looking for. Thanx Darrel !
Darrel Wilson (10 months ago)
right on! have fun
longkam Teron (10 months ago)
I just did on my website and tried out. It works well on computer but on mobile once it start to pop up then the screen remain transparent black after closing the pop up resulting in unable to click the website contents. Is there any way to fix that?
longkam Teron (10 months ago)
Darrel Wilson thanks very much.
Darrel Wilson (10 months ago)
they may be able to help, ushually these can be fixed in the options setting
Jose Canul (10 months ago)
Great video!v thank you for sharing what kind of templates ( company) you used to make the cover, the hand with the megaphone, I've seen that in a couple places and it looks simple and cool Thank you
Jose Canul (10 months ago)
Thank you
Darrel Wilson (10 months ago)
you can try fiverr, they have some good designers on that website
mo sadab (10 months ago)
Hiii sir please make one site iphoneicloud removed sir please make it is very deficalt to make in wordpress
mo sadab (10 months ago)
Darrel Wilson iphone icloud remove service website please create
Darrel Wilson (10 months ago)
lmao what is that
Sabas Flores (10 months ago)
Thank you so much for your service and advice.
Darrel Wilson (10 months ago)
you are very welcome
Vakies (10 months ago)
is the popup consider as some like some kind of leadpage also? great video by the way.
Darrel Wilson (10 months ago)
ehh, not really, more of a capture/subscription servce
Floower Resident (10 months ago)
Give this man a medal 🎖
Sajha Kitab (1 month ago)
Add one more :) lol
Sriranga R (10 months ago)
Yeah, one more from me :)
Darrel Wilson (10 months ago)
thanks bro

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