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Jonny's craft beer floats

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Summer is a state of mind and Jonny's getting into it with some magic beer floats. He pairs vanilla with Brewdog's (15%!) whisky-aged Paradox Heaven Hill, and chocolate with Lindemans Kriek, and then spills most of it. Let us know your favourite combos! You can pick up bottles of Paradox here: http://www.brewdog.com/shop And bottles of Lindeman's Kriek here: http://www.beermerchants.com/lindemans-kriek-cherry-lambic-fruit-beer-3-5-75cl-bottle.html
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Text Comments (59)
pittkendoka (4 months ago)
a lemon or orange sherbert might go nice with a hoppy ipa
Thomas Hoogendam (1 year ago)
Saw these video a few weeks ago, and got so curious, that I couldn't take it anymore. Bought some lovely chocolate and vanilla ice-cream combo, and used a Kasteel Rouge. Girlfriend and I both loved it!!
absolutely! No one loses it when people make cocktails with amazing spirits. Some whiskies are brilliant straight, but that doesn't mean they wouldn't make an amazing Old Fashioned.
Thomas Hoogendam (1 year ago)
Agreed. I'm not above doing some weird experiments with cooking or cocktails with beers. I know some purists feel you should only drink it, but there's so much more to be done with beer.
+Thomas Hoogendam awesome! It's a great and unusual way to get more from a beer.
z43 (1 year ago)
lat's just waste a very good beer with a industrial shitty icecream
True, some better ice cream would make for a better float, but these were still delicious.
Tim Green (2 years ago)
No problem with the mustach just the foam on your nose when John made his first drink! Lol
The Craft Beer Channel (2 years ago)
+Tim Green haha! beer floats are a messy past time.
Tim Green (2 years ago)
John it was not the mustach it was the stuff on your nose that was a bad thing to have!
The Craft Beer Channel (2 years ago)
Haha. Nothing wrong with a real tasche.
James D. Wheeler (2 years ago)
I tried a beer float in 1971. They thought I was nuts. Pioneer of the beer float or just a wacky futurist!
James D. Wheeler (2 years ago)
+The Craft Beer Channel It was off the wall then especially with Pabst blue Ribbon but now it makes all the sense in the world with craft beers! Cheers!
The Craft Beer Channel (2 years ago)
+James D. Wheeler you were a float futurist!
Jedidiah Hendricks (2 years ago)
mint chocolate chip might work with a single ipa I don't know about double or triple. might be to bitter.
Mark Winters (3 years ago)
If Paradox Heaven wasnt around 20€ a bottle... When I get back to the states, I might try this with a Stone Imperial Stout...
Gabriel Martins (3 years ago)
Stoat flout: complete disrespect towards the short-tailed weasel.
Caroline Olsen (3 years ago)
Hoppy IPA + Dulce de Leche
Ireland1984 (3 years ago)
Looks amazing! Does this work with most Stouts? Or just that particular type?
Ole P. (4 years ago)
Have not tried it (maybe I will when the sun comes back), but my guess would be that an IPA would work with a mix of Vanilla Ice Cream and a Sorbet. IPA, creamy vanilla, and something like a blueberry sorbet that also delivers a bit of sour to cut through?
Mark Hall (4 years ago)
how about a lemon sorbet with an IPA rather than icecream..?
Mark Hall (4 years ago)
+The Craft Beer Channel sweet! if it's good - do I get a life time supply of sorbet? (8
The Craft Beer Channel (4 years ago)
Lovin' your work! We'll try it!
The Master of Hoppets (4 years ago)
Hahaha such a funny video. Stoat, spillage, etc. hilarious! I actually tried making a float with an IPA once. I used lemon ice cream, and it was.... well not that good. The bitter IPA flavors just don't match that well with ice cream... Cheers!
The Craft Beer Channel (4 years ago)
Dang that was our next thought! Glad you like the vid though, if we find the right ice cream we'll let you know.
Marc-André Trudeau (4 years ago)
Maple icecream with a porter is the best thing in the world! :D
The Craft Beer Channel (4 years ago)
Ooooh maple would work so well!
Séamus Ó (4 years ago)
Love it lads, have to give it a go! Being from Ireland i gotta ask, would a guinness float work?
The Craft Beer Channel (4 years ago)
I think you need something a bit sweeter, but the texture would be excellent. Let us know if it does work though!
kira w (4 years ago)
I want the cherry one, can i find it I states
Jamie Oliver - Drinks (4 years ago)
This had us actually LOLLING in the Drinks Tube office. Stoat flout anyone?
Susan Adams -Wauro (4 years ago)
The Craft Beer Channel (4 years ago)
Jonny is a model professional with a bright presenting career ahead of him.
Nikita Ind (4 years ago)
You should test the Bush Amber Beer, it's 12% alcohol, made by the Dubuisson brewery, and it tastes soooo gooood !
Rainbow Gardens (4 years ago)
Wow, I would have never thought to do this.  Sounds great!
The Craft Beer Channel (4 years ago)
+Matt Hickford great shout, with something malty and sweet like Top of the Hops: St Austell Admiral's Ale
The Craft Beer Channel (4 years ago)
+Kuki Piwomani Hey - they don't use aspartame, they use Stevia, which is a plant extract to help sweeten the beer. All natural and enhances flavour, rather than adding it. We used the sweetest one because something like a Boon would be too big a contrast with the sweet ice cream!
Kuki Piwomani (4 years ago)
Great news!! Maybe we can talk about beers via Skype? We can make some beer review :-)
The Craft Beer Channel (4 years ago)
+Kuki Piwomani they haven't used it for several years, and that comes straight from Dirk Lindeman!
Kuki Piwomani (4 years ago)
Jonny where did you get such information that Lindemans is using Stevia?? I know they used aspatame all the time. Can You get me a link to this information, it is a  important news. I don't drink Lindemans regular lambiks becouse of aspatame use. Cheers!!! :)
ThousandSunAnger (4 years ago)
You guys in the UK have a massively different bottle and label for your Lindemanns Kriek.
ThousandSunAnger (4 years ago)
+The Craft Beer Channel San Diego. The bottles I've seen along my coastline—as for north as Vancouver, to as south as Tijuana—have consistently been corked and capped, green glass bottles with logos embossed, beige labels, and corresponding foils.
The Craft Beer Channel (4 years ago)
Really?! Where are you from?
ThousandSunAnger (4 years ago)
You guys in the UK have a massively different label +
The Craft Beer Channel (4 years ago)
+Chad Sideris something sour like lemon might well be the way to go! The sweet and bitter are too far apart. Nice idea - we'll try it.
S3xyGam3rs (4 years ago)
I just tried Young's Double Chocolate Stout, very good beer. I'm gonna try making a float with cherry ice cream, since I saw you mixed cherry beer with chocolate ice cream.
S3xyGam3rs (4 years ago)
I just tried Young's Double Chocolate Stout, very good beer. I'm gonna try making a float with cherry ice cream, since I saw you mixed cherry beer with chocolate ice cream.
Chad Sideris (4 years ago)
I sat and thought all day about what would go good with an IPA, and came up with something. I think a lemon sorbet float with a nice citrusy IPA could be nice! I had a vanilla porter with vanilla ice cream one tonight, inspired by this video.
ThousandSunAnger (2 years ago)
My personal experience: orange flavors work better with malts/maltier IPAs; and lemon flavors with subdued acidity work better with hops/succinct, thesis-driven IPAs. Grapefruit flavors are on a case-by-case basis depending on the hop profile.
The Craft Beer Channel (4 years ago)
Maybe a double IPA so it's got a bit more sweetness. Glad you were inspired! great idea to match the vanilla.
Elvings92 (4 years ago)
Yeah belgian beer!
Kuki Piwomani (4 years ago)
Lindemans adds aspatame to they regular kriek, that is why they are so sweet. Better drink Lindemans Cuvée René Kriek, or 3 Fonteinen, Cantillon, Boon :-) You lucky with that BrewDog Paradox :-)
Matt Hickford (4 years ago)
How about brown bread ice cream?
Harry Upton (4 years ago)
I have made an ice cream float with New forest Stem ginger ice cream a dash of lime and Old golden hen i think it would work well with an IPA.+The Craft Beer Channel 
Harry Upton (4 years ago)
Funnily enough it was scorching today so i made a lemon curd and Erdinger white beer float p.s. i would like my life times supply of ice cream now XD
The Craft Beer Channel (4 years ago)
Sounds good! If it's a subtler British style IPA that might well work!
The Craft Beer Channel (4 years ago)
+aR0ttenBANANA96 The Brewdog probably, nbut any bourbon-aged imperial stout will work - just needs that sweetness. The Lindemans is pretty widespread though, and cherry beers made by lots of breweries - just check it's the real deal and not full of additives though.
retepnajaratan (4 years ago)
An imperial bourbon barrel aged oatmeal stout with the vanilla ice cream I think would be pretty delicious as well. :D
aR0ttenBANANA96 (4 years ago)
Man this looks incredible but i suppose those beers are only in the uk am i right?
Harry Upton (4 years ago)
Lamburg is Belgian and you can order it online.

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