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Workshop - Interior walls go up in the pole shed

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Part of our pole barn will be a heated wood working shop area or room. In this video, our good friend Greg and I are putting up the interior walls. Check out the entire series of videos: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL6MN32Lv5HZ52Khhdg2TSg-M2C4pIl1N6
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Gamet Logging (3 months ago)
How far down is your radiant pex tubing. Just curious since u are putting nails in the concrete
Thanks for watching and the question +Gamet Logging! The concrete was 4"+ and the pex tubing was stapled to the pink foam board at the bottom of the 4" so we made sure that we were only going into the concrete about 2" when we fastened the base plate of the walls to the concrete floor.
mi2tn (1 year ago)
Office space, always nice.
BigJim57 (1 year ago)

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