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Samsung Galaxy S5: How to Remove SIM Card

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Learn how you can remove SIM card on the Samsung Galaxy S5. If you have forcefully insert the SIM card, you may find it hard to take out the SIM. Here is what you can do in the video. "samsung galaxy" galaxy samsung s V s5 "s 5" "s V" s V "galaxy s V" "galaxy s5" "galaxy s 5" FOLLOW US ON TWITTER: http://bit.ly/10Glst1 LIKE US ON FACEBOOK: http://on.fb.me/ZKP4nU FOLLOW US ON G+: http://bit.ly/WfMmZN http://www.itjungles.com Visit Android Forum for Discussions: http://www.androidsnap.com
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Text Comments (163)
Keyla Ruiz (10 days ago)
thank u so much u saved my life
Natou (2 months ago)
Cette vidéo m’a beaucoup aidée ! Merciii
nqesto (3 months ago)
Dankeschön, du hast mein Leben gerettet!
Booyalty Fresh (4 months ago)
your a life saver
Angel Harp (5 months ago)
life saver
Rafael Cruz (6 months ago)
you marvelous person thank you
ITJungles (6 months ago)
Thank you for watching.
Lubriel 10 (8 months ago)
graciaaaas como 30 min buscando un video y tu me lo diste we
Reea Fu (10 months ago)
Thanks! :)
QUEEN IQRA (10 months ago)
You are the man. Thankyou..
Natalia Briceño (1 year ago)
great! it worked perfectly for me!
Guineaface1987 (1 year ago)
This helped me. Thank you!
Thank you helped so much!!!
BYUN BAEK (1 year ago)
thank you
DarkRedman31 (1 year ago)
It didn't work for me with fingers, so I used a little piece of scotch tape on the sim card and gently pulling, and it worked.
Lisa G (1 year ago)
I used one of those jar openers (the flat disc) to get traction. Just used a small edge of it to grab onto the card to slide it out.
SpeczDaPlug (1 year ago)
Lik a sumbuudy fuk u bic
Retno Wulan (1 year ago)
Dengan mempukbIikasikan
mine is built differently
Allan Villanueva (1 year ago)
VendPrekmurec (1 year ago)
It is not macwo sd card, but micro sd card!
Uvraj Ram (1 year ago)
why you uploading this video???? imean everyone knows how to insert a sim card and how to remove it. wtf
I didn't know how to remove the card, so yes, it did help! Grateful to have found it.
SpudFc (1 year ago)
Bruce Judith John (1 year ago)
Terrific - thank you indeed. Instruction are so clear, and the picture is crystal clear and sharp.
Tina Monroy (1 year ago)
my Verizon Wireless Samsung Galaxy S5 phone is cracked, so can I put my sim card into a Sprint Samsung Galaxy S5 phone and will it work , giving me my Verizon service?
Julia evangelis (1 year ago)
cool! thanks
Drewce Juice (1 year ago)
I don't know who the fuck you are but thank you homeboy.
Global Generation GG (1 year ago)
thank you :)
ArtuNu (2 years ago)
Gracias :)
red45935 (2 years ago)
Pity they didnt put the spring loaded one like the Galaxy S4!!
Michael Pratt (2 years ago)
you're the man. thanks so much
keny gomes (2 years ago)
Obrigado! Muito útil.
Dan Rosner (2 years ago)
Helpful, thanks.
David Dunton (2 years ago)
Kathleen Riley (2 years ago)
Thank you for this video. It was shot really well and was very helpful. This is how you do a how-to video. Nice job. :)
Carly McCalla (2 years ago)
Thank you very much this was very useful :-)
Peter Smith (2 years ago)
thank you. just what I needed to know :)
Jill Williams (2 years ago)
Just what I needed.
Nancy (2 years ago)
I had no idea what a Sim Card was until I switched to a replacement phone. I was baffled. I can't thank you enough for this video! You are the best!
Jean ette (2 years ago)
Huzzah! you helped me out! thanks for making this!
JBoardOnly (2 years ago)
Thanks, huge help!
Jesse Wieczorek (2 years ago)
Extremely helpful!
claudinei candido (2 years ago)
obrigado , por me ensinar a retirar o chip..
Bibek Bhattacharyya (2 years ago)
Thank you, your video helped me remove my sim card from Samsung Galaxy J5 very easily.
Gabriel Souza de melo (2 years ago)
que merda em tio
Ayanna James (2 years ago)
Thanks! This helped me!
Gabriel Souza de melo (2 years ago)
que merda em tio
Delma Jacob (2 years ago)
Thank very much.
Anahí Giménez (2 years ago)
thank you c:
dingoswamphead (2 years ago)
Very helpful, thanks.
Trevor Archdall (2 years ago)
Thanks. The little tool did the trick.
Tareq Masud (2 years ago)
thank you so much after break my sim card mostly to remove from my mobile!
Airton de Oliveira (2 years ago)
thank you, good job.
N R (2 years ago)
Thank you
BiG ReD (2 years ago)
slides right out for you but for me i gotta use a fucking fork to get that nightmare out
Paul Denney (2 years ago)
THANK YOU. My SIM would not slide out at all by applying pressure like you said, however I wasnt aware of the tiny hole you mentioned. Grabbed a toothpick and it popped right out. Thanks!
Rhusselle Rivera (2 years ago)
thank you..ill try on my grand prime :)
xO Sosa (2 years ago)
Dr. Pamela Campanelli (2 years ago)
Thanks for the video very helpful!
Ann-Marie Nguyen (2 years ago)
Thank you for the eraser comment Lauren Valiente!!!
ጦርታር (2 years ago)
omg i've been wondering how to get this out D: i was like o.O "this is NEVER gonna come out" i thought i was screwed....
VojaK Voja (2 years ago)
Thanks a loooot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Paolo Trento (2 years ago)
Thank you good video,sometimes easy solutions are so close,but...Bye Bye
joeygemini63 (3 years ago)
The best way is to take a 1 inch piece of clear scotch tape, and cut about half to a third of the width off lengthwise. Stick one end to the exposed edge of the SIM card. Be careful not to touch the tape at the end that you will stick on the card. Simply pull the opposite end of the tape straight out along the same plane as the card. I could not get the finger method to work at all. I was reluctant to push down very hard. The pin or toothpick method doesn't look wise to me either. That is not what that little hole was meant for.
Ivan Dunne (3 years ago)
Thanks :)
Samantha Smith (3 years ago)
my boyfriend sucks his own dick
2004done (3 years ago)
+Samantha Ramirez What does he need you for?
Samantha Smith (3 years ago)
i like when people fart in my mouth
2004done (3 years ago)
+Samantha Ramirez I assume you are a midget that likes to ride elevators?
Ivo Metodiev (3 years ago)
Ivo Metodiev (3 years ago)
Thanks you so much!!! ☺
Ivo Metodiev (3 years ago)
I will copy the phone, sim, sd card, and you.
Hasham Ali (3 years ago)
Use a piece of tape to slide the sim card out. This method is quite dangerous.
Jay AR (8 months ago)
Smart man
Francine Shafer (3 years ago)
very helpful.  thank you!
senses2000 (3 years ago)
Thanks.  I did what you said and used a rubber band to help me grasp it.
Mike Kimball (3 years ago)
Thank you sir, this saved me a headache for sure! Pencil eraser should work if its lodged per Lauren above. Poking something in should definitely be a last resort and shouldn't be necessary in most situations.
Paul Wright (3 years ago)
Many thanks, I even learned that another sim sits on top! Cheers, very helpful :)
gofigure (3 years ago)
thanks so much - appreciate it - you saved me a visit to a Samsung centre and potential damage to my new 5. :-)
ddraguti (3 years ago)
Why using a sharp metal object when a nail push works simply fine.
Sk Ks (3 years ago)
Thank you! I didn't know the trick of gently pushing down to slide it out. It worked!! :-) Thanks again!!!
Masterof Destruction (3 years ago)
Funnystupid Videos (3 years ago)
ITJungles (3 years ago)
You are welcome.
James Erice (3 years ago)
thank you sir. Very helpful :)
ITJungles (3 years ago)
You are welcome.
Paul Sheraton (3 years ago)
Thanks I did not know before :) 
Dibzer Gaming (3 years ago)
Thanks I removed it. So easy.Galxay s5 is so good
Alessandra Matos (3 years ago)
Muito obrigada. Meu chip estava preso, não saía. Preocupei-me se estava fazendo algo errado. Valeu. ^^)
Nicoll Castillo (3 years ago)
Thank you so much !!! ;)
ITJungles (3 years ago)
You are welcome.
Lauren Valiente (3 years ago)
you should NEVER put a sharp metal object into an electronic device like that.  Take an eraser (the top of a pencil0 and drag it out.  DON"T PUT ANYTHING INTO THE PHONE LIKE THIS.
Selim A. Atasever (1 year ago)
THANK YOU!!! ii used everything didnt think about rubber!!
Atharva Naik (1 year ago)
Thank you Lauren. It worked. I will be using this method every time. :)
Naida Palmer (2 years ago)
So you're saying it'd be easier to have this "special" tool vs getting an eraser that's on the back of every pencil and some pens and easily available at nearly any store? Ridiculous.
+Naida Palmer because every home doesn't!
Naida Palmer (2 years ago)
+MC CLG Da Crazy Lyrical Genius why buy the tool when almost every home should have an eraser?
Steve Bell (3 years ago)
Thank you!  
Adam Abraham (3 years ago)
OMG this is great!
Darius Solomon (3 years ago)
thanks boss this was a great help.. 
ITJungles (3 years ago)
You are welcome Darius.
Ashenkitty (4 years ago)
Elizabeth Garcia (4 years ago)
I used a toothpick to push it out, then I slide it out with my thumb
Rhyme Bito (3 years ago)
+serxhio muca10 That's a very small dick you have there, I'm sorry.
serxhio muca10 (4 years ago)
I use my dick to push it and then my balls to slide it out
travelgirl007 (4 years ago)
marsupinladen (4 years ago)
thank you so much for this helpful video.
ITJungles (4 years ago)
You are welcome. Thanks for watching.
Mickey V.P. (4 years ago)
Thamk you.
mary norton (4 years ago)
Perfectly helpful!!!!!! Excellent.
JalandharShere (4 years ago)
how wank is this. its easier to get ur sim out on a old nokia 3210. this is ridicuolus
A Ho (4 years ago)
Awesome. I was just fretting about removing it!
warmaxxx (4 years ago)
thxn now i can open my phon
spybaz (4 years ago)
Fiddly! Thanks!
Craig Washington (4 years ago)
Wonderful! Thanks!
Ryan Wesley (4 years ago)
Just so you know, samsunggeeks .us will unlock all your android phones for free.
ITJungles (4 years ago)
You are welcome Craig.
Jessica Turner (4 years ago)
thank you soooooo very much! You saved my day!
ITJungles (4 years ago)
Glad I have saved your day. Thanks for watching.

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