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How Donald Trump Answers A Question

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Text Comments (29694)
Leticia Effley (1 hour ago)
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Leticia Effley (1 hour ago)
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Leticia Effley (1 hour ago)
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Leticia Effley (1 hour ago)
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Leticia Effley (1 hour ago)
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Ryan H (2 hours ago)
I always knew he was full of shit everytime he opened his mouth because he was avoiding questions. When he spoke about his plan it showed his true intent and so far he has been doing a great job.
ken pinzky (8 hours ago)
Funny, Obama was not scored ... why ? Any answers ?
qwertyuiopqwerty112 (8 hours ago)
Nailed how good anthiny hopkins is on the other video, completely fails to understand or appropriately analyse Trump. "Trump isn't smart or well informed" No sir, you'll be hard pressed to find any CEOs in the world choose sophisticated or complicated words when its not necessary, because it achieves nothing of worth other than appearances
Dan Lee (10 hours ago)
Donald Trump has 'dangerous mental illness', say psychiatry experts at Yale conference Mental health experts say President is 'paranoid and delusional' It's about time to impeach him!
Hassan Mubasher (19 hours ago)
Life long Salesmen !
toxykzone (20 hours ago)
So many people in denial concerning Trump while he reduces taxes and is really making america great again. He's not a racist, he makes de difference between legal immigrants and illegal immigrants. You all kids spend your time reading fake media and buzzfeed. Get a job and stop living in denial, Trump is the best predisent you've ever had since the past years
Starlesslemon (1 day ago)
It wasn't to ban all Muslims... Stay informed bud
- AmbieticA - (1 day ago)
One thing. The tone and sound waves of his voice... The very reason I can't stand actually listening to him for very long.
Shannon Campbell (1 day ago)
MRMehran (1 day ago)
What did you expect? He's donald trump after all
alexandru benza (1 day ago)
So do you think that he's aware of what he's doing, and in full control, down to your analysis.... or is he just delusional enough to believe he is the final authority, on literally everything? So of COURSE he's gonna use language like "YOU look at what's happening," "YOU see what I did" etc because in his mind he is the PRIME with which everyone agrees, and we're so grateful for having had our minds blown by this great man.... the ONLY man who can see all the ails and how to fix them? I was reading something about this recent midterms, and how some aides think he had such a hard time accepting the "blue wave" because he literally thought that it wouldn't happen, or be as bad, and he was upset as if those closest to him sat him in front of "bad tv" to upset him.... I just don't think he has a self-reflective or self-critical bone in his body, as in, he can NEVER be wrong. I mean didn't his econ guys ask him where he gets these views (China's screwing us, NATO's bad etc) and his answer was "well, this is what I've believed for 30 years and I'm not gonna change my mind now."
Gatto Di Ossa (1 day ago)
Wisecracks or wiseass? Fuck You!
NeonsStyle (1 day ago)
Amy Sugg (2 days ago)
Trump. Firing everyont well he needs to. Fire whoever does his makeup cause his skin toner is way off unless he likes or has no clue his face is orange
Jerico Dela Cruz (2 days ago)
He always build up him self hehe
louie peterson (2 days ago)
So your point is that he's so stupid, that he's a genius? Nice try!
chris helen (2 days ago)
trump is an asshole.....................
Angry Kittens (2 days ago)
What his speech patterns reminds me of: televangelists, car salesmen, TV salesmen, pimps... In other words: conmen.
Dang Nabbit (2 days ago)
Trump suffers from arrested development. His privileged life has not allowed him to fully develop into a mature adult. His afluwenza has made him a narcissistic prick. He is unable to relate or have empathy to others. His sociopathic behavior if not for his money or position would get him punched in his mouth under normal circumstances.Ted the pussy Cruz should have kicked his ass for talking shit about his wife.
oof Asion (3 days ago)
So the point of this is... Trump is dumb but he's really smart? Which is it?
Mark S (3 days ago)
Great President, no matter what the idiots say... This man has made a billion dollar empire yet the morons who can't even run a government office criticize him, think about that for a moment! TRUMP! TRUMP! TRUMP!
arnauuu1 (3 days ago)
Blessed everyday (3 days ago)
ooh ya I thumbed you down also and I will do the same to all your shit now😎MAGA🇺🇸
Blessed everyday (3 days ago)
Barry Lincoln (3 days ago)
Trump don’t care if your black ! Democrats do. That’s all that matters. If your not white you are a victim! Democrats might not help you but they’ll help you feel like a victim. You don’t need help just realize your a victim. Or vote republican
darren irwin (4 days ago)
this thing is a devious arsewipe totally incapable of doing anything good but remarkable capable of destroying the situation around him
ndumiso mkhonta (4 days ago)
trump is the best
Sergio Perez (4 days ago)
I would appreciate this video, but though he's trying to stay neutral, he has an undertone against Trump. It's as easy as starting with the picture he selected. Change is fround upon throughout history, by it's always the most successful option. We didn't need another career politician! Trump is kicking ass. Statistics speak for themselves. Don't like him, but recognize his accomplishments
Moses UBF (4 days ago)
Trump is an absolute moron. He's an idiot. He may be an incredible salesman and a huckster, but he has no concept of the end game. Even more, I don't believe anybody outside the 4th grade intelligence quotient really believe he's "like a really stable genius". Problem is that generally speaking, stupid people tend to outnumber intelligent people in society.
Daniel Luna (4 days ago)
He's so loathsome, but this was a great break down of the juvenile speech patterns of a tremendous idiot. It should be worrisome that a man who holds the power of the American presidency speaks with such a low level of intellect and coherency, yet so many Americans find it appealing. This seems to be to be not only an indictment of Trump's low intelligence, but also that of a large portion of his base. His speech is at best vacuous, and his efforts to lend solidity to his failed verbalization of what passes for thought through repetition does nothing but further illuminate the lack of substance. It's honestly confounding. How does this not completely invalidate him as someone who can make a contribution of any value at that level of power and diplomacy?
urban cza (4 days ago)
thank you. he talks like a hustler/ like a criminal. kinda like a con artist
Dan Thomas (4 days ago)
He just babbles. There's no real conherance.
Jay Baraki (4 days ago)
You are giving this guy a lot more than he deserve.. he has no fucking plan or a strategy it is simply the fact that he can not put more than three words in a sentence. The reason he won is because he was able to con 60 million simple Americans into thinking that he is their savior.
Marwan Awad (4 days ago)
My 5 year old talks better than this embarrassing character
Carol Ring (4 days ago)
Yes, this country has a problem. The name of that problem is Donald Trump. He spreads hatred and fear. He doesn't read and has no interest in learning. He is a con man who looks out for himself. He used to be able to speak in complete sentences and what he said in his 40's made sense. Now he rambles, changes topics, breaks up sentences and repeats himself. He trashes any criticism with crudity.
Dom Jermano (5 days ago)
People fail to admit, that the problem became an onslaught to the mass exodus of migrants because of the illegal wars and bombing by NATO. Especially to what they did to Qadaffi. Instead of facing the TRUTH, you want to blame Globalism, and kick the EU in the teeth. Well you're wrong.  The 911 inside job started this fiasco orchestrated by Trump, Bush, Cheney and others to include Bandar, Tony Bliar, Giuliani, and Silverstein. They murdered Dr. David Kelly, and waged illegal war around the world, which caused the massive flight  migrant problem.  People are falling for the lies of Trump, and his hijackers. Obama failure is he decided not to investigate the 911inside thermite job. I will tell you it was Nationalism that murdered 3000 Americans that I personally saw happen that day.  The war in the world is against these Militaristic Nationalist, who are only interested in murdering people for their profits, resources,  and land grab. I believe Macron and Merkel are right. She helped people over come the horror they were escaping from the illegal bombings and War caused by the U.S. terrorists government. Trump is a liar, Terrorist and Murderer, who should be in Prison with the rest of the 911 Zionist.  https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/trump-fleeces-kim-woo-choong-murders-korean-president-dominic-jermano-1d/
Joan Meijer (5 days ago)
This man is such a blow hard.
Andrea Holmes (5 days ago)
He keep a essay on that LYING ASS stank tounge
Andrea Holmes (5 days ago)
Carla Afrika (5 days ago)
NOW we know & comprehend the problem with the trumpet. Thank YOU for taking the trouble to explain his idiotic language & behaviour !
Don Anderson (5 days ago)
Makes one wonder why his adoring base follows him like a bunch of lemmings.
La Serpenta Canta (5 days ago)
of course nerdflopwriter would go on the attack against donlad trump.
Dr. Adam Thoth (5 days ago)
That was great now do one on Hillary!
unowen7591 (5 days ago)
Answer: 1. By hate and narcissism 2. By hate and narcissism via Twitter
Shamrock Shore (5 days ago)
+Nerdwriter1 @4:25. Is it not just proper grammar, to not place 'is' at the end of a sentence.
deckard2001 (6 days ago)
How does it feel to have predicted the utter right-shift of political discourse, nerdwriter? mandatory viewing to understand the last 3 years, imo. thanks
rich t mason (6 days ago)
the fact that you've got 2.3m subbers says it all, now you've got 2.3m +1, cheers
Peter Monicid (6 days ago)
well done america for having such a shit as president .
FYI a simple sentence is an independent clause.
Brandon Hofmann (6 days ago)
He's good at dodging questions and answering them with long rants. Do I think he's smart?...no. He has the vocabulary of a child. Being a good salesman doesn't qualify you to be President. He even said at one point he thinks he's a genius. Please take that test and show us how "smart" you really are.
21st Century Caligula (6 days ago)
The super trapper ahaaha jesus christ ahahah
stenka razin (6 days ago)
The problem is YOU Mr. Trump. You are making it W-O-R--S-E
hakan polat (6 days ago)
they using mostely the same words because they are stupid !! thats it !!
Well I geuss we're in a disagreement
Linda (7 days ago)
Trump uses the same style as any Con Artist and Crook Like he said: "I love the poorly educated"! The never see it coming.
Mike Jones (7 days ago)
Best potus of all time. Period End of story
allyiah simon (7 days ago)
No he is really redundant and uses small simple topics tries to make them complex like he has it figured out. when really he doesnt. He thinks hes smart because of who he is not what he does. You were spot on with the speech patterns ect.
J.A. Young (7 days ago)
Actually I'd say that his style of speech actually does show intelligence. He is using an old concept of keeping sentence structure simple enough that anyone could understand it. Then applying screenwriting techniques to end each sentence strongly. KISS. With that method he actually reaches more people.
Jacob Ali (7 days ago)
The intelligent speakers who can tell his audience and use the proper language. Obviously a stupid question means its stupid people listening . Making his language easy for dummy to understand. Imagine he anser . With perfect grammar. Stupid cant you find something useful to talk about . Why dont you suggest economic growth. Bullshit
Jacob Ali (7 days ago)
Ideas are prouducts to convince people you need professional salesman. You just doesn't understand how trump is . Icons
Jacob Ali (7 days ago)
Trump is all time iconic American Idol. Your driving wedges. Ok yourself are blbing . Just say trump hangs around the bush 2 much . Why are you selling hard you're stupid openings
Jacob Ali (7 days ago)
By the way I am devoted moslem and didn't feel like discrimination. Actually thanks for protecting America and moslem.
Jacob Ali (7 days ago)
Are you saying that Trump should have said . No next . Lie he trying to clarify problems idiots like you are ignorant. Isis threatened to send jihades with refugees. Responsible act is to take the threat seriously to prevent another catastrophic igiots like you by starting asking security false
Ciel Phantomhive (8 days ago)
Draft and question dodger
Boyd Ross (8 days ago)
The Hate is coming from you
Myles Lawless (8 days ago)
He asks " what's the problem ? " The answer is guns.
Christine Zamets (9 days ago)
Facial hair is bad
Christine Zamets (9 days ago)
Um genius? Me too
karl lopez (9 days ago)
Mr president what will trumpcare look like
James Vickers (9 days ago)
Fuck trump...
Jeff McDuffie (9 days ago)
Nerdwriter1 a left wing liberal who thinks they are smart but only has a YouTube channel to get a pointless point across. Such a tremendous waste of time.
atinis (10 days ago)
I'll start using Tremendous in my speech as my favourite!!! 😊
Gregory Chetty (10 days ago)
Twila Tharp (10 days ago)
The analysis of President Trump's speech is beyond stupid - executed, no doubt, by a highly education person............. in fact, I have never found President Trump to be incoherent. The singular problem I have with President Trump (and there were many other presidents I had more than one problem with) is that he reneged on his comment that it is not good for the US to cause wars. He's done a bit too much sabre rattling for my liking. But other than that, I still don't think he is a bad president, but one of the best. The USA, thanks to the Bushes, Clinton, Obama and their entourages was left close to a crumbling mess. I'm writing this in 2018 and the horrific propaganda against President Trump and savaging in the media indicates the lack of ethics and intelligence in the MSM.
Jason Heiser (10 days ago)
Harold (10 days ago)
Donald the main man. he rules
blues man 42 (10 days ago)
Fucking Dumb bastard. I hate your guts
Neka Nostalgia (10 days ago)
Look, this guy is not a genius... 😂 he is a liar. Always starting drama never solving actual problems. He's been racist since he got in office and actually doesn't do anything besides Aid in his racism. This was good..
2:28 are u saying California is 2 syllabic?
farhad kabarzany (11 days ago)
Trump is a dock and so on....
ford nut (11 days ago)
All you people calling this guy stupid or an idiot how many of you are in the.billionaire status🤔🤔🤔
I_I_I_am_tommy 4 (11 days ago)
I love trump 🇺🇸
Linda p (11 days ago)
Pahaha... how much money is in your bank account?
Mark Wilson (11 days ago)
I always correct people when they use the word 'intelligent' incorrectly. Most people mean 'academic' when they are trying to explain a person who has great education, rhetoric and knowledge. However, many academics I have met are far from highly intelligent. They simply have amazing knowledge in their field of interest and can talk for hours on that topic. But they do dumb stuff and say stupid things. And the opposite is true. How many clever,intelligent,smart people have incredible lives and achieved wonders who barely made it through school! Trump is intelligent and certainly clever. the proof is clear. He IS the president. He used his cunning,smarts, intellect,simple speech, understanding of sales concepts and the knowing that he does not have the rhetoric or smooth talk like the other politicians. Thats the intelligent smart bit. He knows he hasn't got the quality of speech, the ability to 'doublespeak' which is another way of speaking so that others have no idea what you say. Make no mistake Donald trump is extremely intelligent.!! Americans have been used to hearing soft language, smooth talking and nonsense for decades. Someone comes along who uses his own natural ability to communicate his beliefs and BANG, people are awakened. Its an awesome study in human communication. He is a true communicator!
Logeenth: Live! (11 days ago)
I like to think that Donald Trump answers a question the same way Michael Caine would. *Sidetracking.*
BeckEddie (11 days ago)
Trump is smart. People love drama.. So Trump dishes it out freely. Lol... Being normal is boring. Hehehe
Pure Style (12 days ago)
Trump #2020
Francine Madlener (12 days ago)
it's sad that people fell for the same shenanigans here in Brasil
Evan Watkins (12 days ago)
The opinion bit at the end of this about Trump’s intelligence is way off.. It doesn’t logically follow that by using simple words and sentence structure, you are somehow not smart. You take quite the liberty in your inference here.. besides that, love the vid!
Cooper Wardell (12 days ago)
Trump’s language is like a mirror. You can find your own opinion in it whether that’s agreeing with his point or disagreeing with it. He has clearly developed a way of speaking over time that accomplishes his goals. I am sure he can be quite persuasive. However this is not the same as or even similar to being intelligent or speaking intelligently. If you don’t believe me, find some of the many examples of his exact words transcribed into text, or read by a computer with no inflection. One of the things he does that wasn’t mentioned in the video is he has a strange and effective way of making his own monologue seem to be a dialogue or debate between himself and his critics that he wins throughout the discussion. He cuts himself off and jumps in with an idea that contradicts a criticism of himself he was describing. He jumps from the third to first person and back. In real time you almost hear the idea more than the words themselves. But really actually read something he has said in written words. It is comical. He is definitely savvy but the things he says make him sound like a fucking moron to anyone who is actually listening.
jellewinnubst (12 days ago)
you can just smell the grandpa-breath in the first clip
Mutated Pearl (4 days ago)
Competing with your own 4th grade grammar huh?
evets1709 (13 days ago)
The thing that was missing was how he says something then almost immediately says the opposite so that there is NO solid opinion .... He is appealing to all bogans at once and his audience have selective hearing. They only hear that which applies to them. His is pure slime and his base are perfect main actors for the movie "Idiocracy"
RoCk-N-PaRtY (13 days ago)
Which is why he is still a little kid
Pham Minh Nhat (13 days ago)
donald trump has made me want to be an american

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