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How to sync Office 365 Calendar with Google Calendar using Flow

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Hello Everyone! Isn't it great to have your Office 365 Outlook Calendar synced with your Google Calendar? Checkout the video to learn more! Please visit our website at http://mydock365.com/ to learn more about how Dock for SharePoint can improve your team's collaboration and communication.
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Adam Morrey (26 days ago)
Do you all have business accounts? I can't add this template to flow with my personal email hotmail account. I'm subscribed to 365 personal. Don't understand why it doesn't work.
Denis Best (1 month ago)
if you change the date and or time to a event in outlook will it update the event in google calendar?
A Dotious (1 month ago)
Walter Hungerbühler (3 months ago)
Gibt es dieses Video auch in Deutsch
Druvz S (3 months ago)
Thanks so much.. wish i could also sync the existing ones. 😉
Oli Cambray (5 months ago)
doesn't seem to be working for mine. not quite sure what to do
SherluckTV (9 months ago)
Hi, does it work vice versa? If I put a new event in google it would also appear in 365 calendar?
You would need the other connector for that, also included in FLOW, which is the Google to Office 365 sync connector. I've just tried it with a test calendar and it works with both of the connectors installed but with a delay of about 15 minutes.
Neil Fernandes (9 months ago)
Thank you so much for this! Unfortunately, cant sync existing events but will work around it in the future!
John Allers (11 months ago)
This is great. It is easy to set up for new events. Is there an easy way to sync all the existing events?
John Allers (10 months ago)
Ok, thanks! That's what I thought. Fortunately, I did not have many existing events to sync with Google. I worked around it by making a minor change to each and re-saving them, which triggered the sync.
Dock 365 (10 months ago)
No. It's not possible to sync the existing events.

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