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Beef and Ale Stew with Broadside | The Craft Beer Channel

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Jim slow-cooks some gorgeous beef shin in Adnams Broadside to make the most incredible moist and sticky stew - then tops it all with hoppy Big Job dumplings. Simply one of the best stews you will EVER taste. Check out the beers here: Adnams Broadside: http://adnams.co.uk/beer/our-beers/adnams-broadside/ St Austell Big Job http://www.staustellbrewery.co.uk/beers/bottled-beers.html RECIPE For the stew: 800g beef shin, boned 2 tbsp plain flour 400g shallots 500g Chantenay carrots 6 tbsp Worcestershire sauce 1 pint (600ml) dark, fruity bitter 1x 400g tin of chopped tomatoes One bunch of parsley 400g mushrooms For the dumplings 50g beef suet 100g plain flour 150ml hoppy-as-hell beer THEN JUST DO AS JIM SAYS!
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Liam Ransford (11 months ago)
Where can I find recipe with precise quantities of ingredients
The Craft Beer Channel (11 months ago)
erm....right now you can't but since you ask I'll try to get it on our website at thecraftbeerchannel.com. Most of it is in the video though, except the Worcestershire Sauce because we're embarrassed by how much went in.
FireFly79 (1 year ago)
We know what he's been up to if he has brown edges around his meat!!
Jonathan Fox (1 year ago)
Nearly a disaster for me - think I maybe should have added a little extra beer, and maybe not 200C with a fan oven. It was starting to go black and had reduced down too much but I managed to save it by adding water and scraping the burnt bits back into the stew! Great recipe and presentation too. Cheers.
Jonathan Fox (1 year ago)
Yes I did cover it. It was so nice I'm going to do it again today! I'll add a tad more beer (as in the video) and maybe at 190. I'll make sure I have a bottle to drink because I do enjoy a bit of a drink while cooking! Cheers.
Uho! Did you cover it? Otherwise it will dry up way fast indeed! Glad you saved it though. Our oven was a fan, but each one is different.
snake5003 (2 years ago)
Unreal..I used a local craft beer for this..added corn...used tomatoe paste instead...tasted awesome...Thanks bud.
The Craft Beer Channel (2 years ago)
Glad you loved it! It's a go to for us in winter.
h123482848 (2 years ago)
Thank you very much
Jammy Dodger (2 years ago)
Great recipe. I cooked it with two bottles of Old Crafty Hen, added a few bay leafs and thyme and a few leeks, but everything else was the same. The Worchester sause smelt a bit too smarp a first, but cooked down just right. I will be cooking this again.
The Craft Beer Channel (2 years ago)
+Uniflux Glad you liked it!
Desiree Loke (3 years ago)
Besides trying to soften the meat, is there a need to cook the stew for so long?
damillionmalania (2 years ago)
Gav Danby-Cooper (3 years ago)
2nd time cooking this today. First time with Hobgoblin and this time with Broadside as shown. Amazing food, especially in Autumn/Winter seasons. Thanks mate! Love it!
Gav Danby-Cooper (3 years ago)
+Ugly Bob the Hobgoblin was nice and all, just very ruby in comparison. I have made this a few times now and the Broadside is my favourite for it. Enjoy it :)
Ugly Bob (3 years ago)
Thanks for the reply Gav! I picked up a bottle of Broadside just now, I did worry the Hob might be a little too light.
Gav Danby-Cooper (3 years ago)
+Ugly Bob the hobgoblin was very nice. Not as dark as the Broadside though. If your struggling to find any Broadside try Sainsbury's, they seem to have it in most of the time.
Ugly Bob (3 years ago)
+Gav Danby-Cooper How did the Hobgoblin work out? I was planning on doing the same today.
The Craft Beer Channel (3 years ago)
+Gav Danby-Cooper cheers! Glad you like it! The key is the flood of worcestershire sauce we find...
MrRussian2023 (3 years ago)
It was good until you put the fungus in there
njuham (4 years ago)
Nice one mate but where's the bay leaf, thyme and pepper?
BilgeSonmezer (4 years ago)
Better to add parsley just before the stew is cooked, gives a lovely smell.
Josua Flath (4 years ago)
where can i find the recipe?
HMQ (3 years ago)
+Josua Flath Right here in the video. Just grab a seat and have both your eyes and ears at the ready.
hessen zafer (4 years ago)
Why you don't write the contents and the amount of it Sometimes I couldn't hear it or know it What is the small packet that you say u can get the jelly one ????
khrisna dharmawan (4 years ago)
Beef stock
Clayton Mathias (4 years ago)
That last comment didn't work well... See 5 min 35 sec. Lol.
Clayton Mathias (4 years ago)
@ 5:35 min... Haha, hilarious! Loves his dumplings!
Zoe Collins (4 years ago)
LJ F (4 years ago)
Yum!! Definitely need to make this.
Joseph Park (4 years ago)
Looks good keep up the good work
Rainbow Gardens (4 years ago)
Comfort food for sure. :))) Must have picked the Chantenay early? They are sweeter for sure. :)
leecerfer (4 years ago)
Still have that annoying music get rid its bad.
Real Ale Craft Beer (4 years ago)
I am a huge fan of Broadside Jim, this looks great I am going to give this a go. Cheers 
The Craft Beer Channel (4 years ago)
Cheers! She's a beauty.
Great jobs guys ;) Id love to sink in an Adnams Broadside
My Virgin Kitchen (4 years ago)
Nice one Jimothy

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