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Dayz SA| "DayZ plus" MOD SHOWCASE [G18, G36C, M14, lee einfield + MORE]

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This mod was made by KuroAkita. It adds 6 new weapons to dayz along with a functioning weapon rack. Personally i really like this mod, I found a few minor issues such as the m14 sight but there nothing game breaking. I think that the functioning weapon rack is a great addition. Currently is this state of dayz any gun mod is welcomed with open arms. Check out the mod yourself at: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1567720365 intro music : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8pZhGLlJCXg
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Text Comments (20)
Equinox (3 months ago)
wish they could make their own custom sounds. just doesn't sound right
Sam Ochin (5 months ago)
How can i test these weapons offline ?
Raining76Senpais (5 months ago)
No scope attachments for the M24? Legit i found every available scope in the game and none of them fit the M24 :(
RavPlays (5 months ago)
Martheen (6 months ago)
You really should add some other gun sound for the reloading cocking and shooting , would be much better imo , but nice mod non the less
FerrugemCaio (6 months ago)
glock 18 will break pistol meta
bill nipp (6 months ago)
dont like how the bottle supressor blocks your aim
bill nipp (6 months ago)
Doctor Centurion peesha.
Doctor Centurion (6 months ago)
@bill nipp be thankful you can craft a suppressor in a survival game
bill nipp (6 months ago)
@FerrugemCaio haha. when it blocks your aim yeah
FerrugemCaio (6 months ago)
you can made a supressor made of a bottle and are conplaining?
Goof3y (6 months ago)
Awesome video once again! :)
Nils Berg (6 months ago)
The gun models look like their taken from roblox<3
Zachary Arns (6 months ago)
Pretty cool. But that m14 is ROUGH.
Xterra Modding Community (6 months ago)
These would be a lot higher quality if you had proper animations instead of placeholders. Mac10 Looks like it's using the Cz-Scorpion animation.
SAWNIC (6 months ago)
An outstanding job man holy shit 👍🏻
Tahir Oruç (6 months ago)
This is was my idea you made it
Abdel Malik (6 months ago)
Textures is next gen
sam van mieghem (6 months ago)
every server needs this :p
JLK (6 months ago)
Holy shit bro. Nice video, that G36 sounds fkn sexy my guy

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