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Task Hazard Assessment

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This video reviews the AECOM approach to Task Hazard Assessment.
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Amanda Dube (10 months ago)
I'm an office intern. so glad I know what to do during all of my pipe-welding...
Rick Paulhamus (11 months ago)
No sound
NDSbushcraft (11 months ago)
Speak up listen up... no person or company can mitigate a safe situation. Words and blessings wont make trench stop caving in on YOU
Azar Abbas (11 months ago)
Great information. As an AECOM employee, I learnt & still learning a lot about SHE from AECOM University
Singh Nagendra (1 year ago)
Nice thought
Nabi Chamanov (1 year ago)
AECOM , good Company, I worked there as a Hazard (HazMat) Specalist under SHE Department in BAF.
Rauf Pasa (1 year ago)
M Lemony (1 year ago)
heartland :)

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