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10 Countries Most Afflicted By Modern Slavery

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The ten countries with the most people in modern slavery (victims of human trafficking). Subscribe to TDC: https://www.youtube.com/TheDailyConversation/ The study: https://www.globalslaveryindex.org/findings/ Get involved: http://www.freetheslaves.net/ Full interview with Kevin Bales: http://n.pr/1S54uR7 Video researched, written, narrated, and directed by Bryce Plank Visualization and editing by Robin West Music: "Enter the Maze" by Kevin MacLeod http://incompetech.com/ "Phife for Life" by Otis McDonald Script: Slavery used to look like this, then it evolved into this, and today it looks like this. In fact, there are an estimated 45.8 million people living in modern slavery across 167 different countries. They fall into three general categories: children held in the commercial sex trade; adults held in the commercial sex trade; and any other laborer made to work through force, fraud, or coercion. The trafficking victim often looks like anybody else at work in a mine, on a farm, in a factory. Many are lured by promises of a steady job in another country, only to have their passports confiscated when they arrive. However, many slaves work in their native countries or even the cities where they were born. According to The Global Slavery Index, these ten countries are home to the most modern slaves. They each suffer from income inequality, discrimination and classism, and entrenched corruption. Number ten, Indonesia, produces about 35% of the world’s palm oil. The many small palm plantations present an immense challenge to inspectors trying to crack down on child labor. The country’s many islands are also home to tens of thousands of enslaved fisherman trafficked from Myanmar, Laos, Thailand, and Cambodia. Number nine is the Democratic Republic of Congo. 20,000 of the DRC’s more than 870,000 slaves live in one of the most hellish landscapes on the planet, a vast ore mine in the east of the country. The terrorist group Boko Haram gets overshadowed by ISIS, although it kills more people. When it comes to enslavement, one of its tactics is to give Nigerian entrepreneurs loans and then force them to join their group if they fail to repay fast enough. Seventh is Russia. 55% of the slaves there work in construction. Foreigners are lured mainly from nearby Azerbaijan, the “stans,” Ukraine, and North Korea—thanks to this border on the far eastern edge of Russia. The North Korean government is the world’s largest single slaveholder. Not only does it force more than one million of its people to toil in labor camps and other similarly hopeless situations, but it actually loans out some people to work in neighboring China and Russia, then pockets most of their wages. This exploitation generates about $2.3B each year for the Kim Jong-un regime. The fifth most enslaved country, Uzbekistan, is the world’s sixth largest producer of cotton. It has benefited from forced labor, as the government puts more than 1 million people to work using threats of debt bondage, heavy fines, asset confiscation, and police intimidation. Slave recruiters in Bangladesh promise poor families that their boys will be given a job, only to be enslaved on a faraway island and beaten to clean fish for up to 24 hours straight. Often, these fish are exported as cat food for our pets. Sometimes, the boys meet a gruesome death when they are eaten by tigers while searching for firewood. Third is Pakistan, which has suffered through decades of conflict, terrorism, and displacement—especially along its northwestern border with Afghanistan. Its provinces have not raised the minimum age of marriage, which has allowed the widespread problem of forced and child weddings to continue. Over 250 million Chinese have migrated within the country to find better opportunities, creating the ideal conditions for human trafficking. Each year, 58 million children are ‘left behind’ as their parents search of work in the China’s many booming cities. Every year, up to 70,000 children fall into forced begging, illegal adoption, and sex slavery. And number one is India, which has - by far - the most victims of modern slavery. While economic growth has greatly reduced the percentage of its citizens living in poverty, the country’s sheer size still results in more than 270 million Indians living on less than $2/day. It’s unsurprising that inter-generational bonded labor, forced child labor, commercial sexual exploitation, forced begging, forced recruitment into nonstate armed groups, and forced marriage all exist in India. The government has already created many of the laws necessary to fight the epidemic, but the challenge is enforcing those laws and tracking improvements and areas of continued need.
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Text Comments (5537)
Chris L (2 days ago)
Someone show this to black Americans and their pathetic media. According to them, the only slavery that was ever a "real" problem was slavery in the states.
Barba papa (4 days ago)
as of 2019, America is the only country in the world that legalizes slavery. read your constitution and don't confuse slavery with poverty. those you are talking about can leave anytime they want. in American prisons, they can't, and they are chained and forced to work for 23 cents an hour. "home of the free.." my A**
Karl Liebknecht (19 days ago)
Only one word for this, Goddamn
Modern day Organization in India makes employees work like slaves on peanut salary
Thee Watcher (1 month ago)
5 Countries in Africa Which Abolished Slavery in Africa in the 21st Century. Slavery still exists among some communities in Africa today. Read more at: https://patriotte.blogspot.com/2019/05/5-countries-in-africa-which-abolished.html
jorge alberto ospna (1 month ago)
We got to send the Democrats to these countries,
Vande Utkal Yanani (1 month ago)
Misleading information. USA 🤔 am I a joke
Zakary Loreto (1 month ago)
Harianka Harianka yes but why mention the United States
Vande Utkal Yanani (1 month ago)
@Zakary Loreto bro if you want to know more about China and India then don't watch Western Media because they are heavily west leaning. You will get proper information about these countries from Indian media or any Eastern Media Channel.
Zakary Loreto (1 month ago)
Harianka Harianka Why the USA does not have slaves anymore
Remco Wiegmink (1 month ago)
This is about illegal slavery, but legal slavery exist too. Multinationals moved their businesess to low income countries for a reason, low wages and less regulation. They let people work for very low wages and for long hours, and in all those hours they earn just enough to eat. Technically those people ar no slaves, but they don't really have an option to quit. They work hard to just eat, while the company earns a lot of money from those products.
Mohan kumar (1 month ago)
Yes. It is true. India is really in modern day slavery. There is no labour enforcement. No minmal wages. I was thinking of india when you were reading name of countries. I do not say india is bad. But really i find it bad about the situation of poor people. Politician and corparate are sucking the nations wealth( tax and nafural natural resources ) from middle class and poor people. poltician are in favour of corporate people. Agriculture is source of income of poor but that too is taken by big companies by branding agriculture produce from company farm. Small grocerrary will soon be over taken by big company owned brands like RELIANCE FRESH, tata's "MORE" super market. Reliance electronics, reliance trends. I think after sometime even the public toilets in street will be taken by big companies. Big corporates are trying to capturre every business.
yasir ayiz (1 month ago)
Where are Indian and Pakistani . let's fight each other .
Ahmed Bokhari (1 month ago)
I want a slave for myself 😂.
said awdars (1 month ago)
If you put russia in the list ,you might as wel add the USA ,Spain, italy, UK ,Saoudi-Arabië, the emirates and many many moore...
Raage Abdi (1 month ago)
What about Italian farmers forced young refugees from Libya and west Africa to work in the farmers all over Italy
Damremont18 (25 days ago)
Raage Abdi - North Africans working in Italy are exploited labour. They are not slave labour. Big difference. These Libyans may not receive a wage they like, but their employer hasn't seized their passports, he isn't forcing them to work, and they can leave anytime they want. They choose to stay because a crap job is better than no job. Huge difference between what is happening in sub Saharan Africa and Italy.
paul isaac (1 month ago)
Hmmm ever read the thirteenth amendment? How many people are in the usa prisons again? Oh yay, america is best again, we have more slaves than any other country.
Susie Hudson (1 month ago)
Slavery equals debt... That's the entire world... Grow up...
TheIrishPinata98 (1 month ago)
Lmao I see the maga bros made their way to this comment section
Dave McKay (2 months ago)
I want to free them all
An Anatolian Guy (2 months ago)
6:55 I didn't know that Russia is far more harsh then Turkey
YouMockMe (2 months ago)
Ironic.........the Arabs and Africans *where SLAVERY STARTED* still has some of the highest numbers. But let's blame *WHITE PEOPLE* instead 😉
Lilhedgehog 857 (2 months ago)
So what happens if the slaves refuse to work
Kj_mast_er (2 months ago)
european slavery didn't come just like this, you murdered 100+ million africans most of them thrown in the ocean
Kj_mast_er (2 months ago)
you didn't mention that unlike african nations others enslave their own people
Deathless (2 months ago)
The truth is the customers for the commodities these slaves are working for are mostly in the West! So basically this is slavery induced by the demand of western countries hungry for consumer products. This also your fault for creating the demand that justifies the economics of slavery
Connie Victoria (2 months ago)
...income inequality, discrimination, class-ism and entrenched corruption...in hopeless conditions; hmmm, that sounds familiar.
sunny day (2 months ago)
the irish slave trade was worser than african slaves....so why are blacks so angry.and why are irish so chill
Tejpal Sharma (2 months ago)
The video maker id slave on you tube
You Need Jesus (2 months ago)
Inaccurate. They didn’t show Walmart
vesxii xen (2 months ago)
even more modern day slavery: the entertainment industry. especiallly kpop
Julien Amine (2 months ago)
GoodBreezy Moments (2 months ago)
What so funny?
Julien Amine (2 months ago)
Julien Amine (2 months ago)
Julien Amine (2 months ago)
Julien Amine (2 months ago)
Hemanta Brahma (2 months ago)
Indian should ashamed. Most of them are from lower caste ie untouchabilities (dalits).
Spring Bunny (2 months ago)
David Weber (2 months ago)
Hmm $7.25 an hour in the USA and $600- a month for health insurance ? 20 hours a week. What total bull this index is !! USA comes dead last.
What You Need To Know (3 months ago)
We have a video about Modern Slavery - what it is, how to spot it and what to do when you suspect someone is a victim. Select our logo to visit our channel if you'd like to see it.
Eddie Brock (3 months ago)
Video: Slavery is bad around the world Comments: see, we're not as bad those guys! Me: *side eye* "I wounded dog howls."
hannibal4190 (3 months ago)
USA: 7 500 000 000 slaves
iwatchseries (3 months ago)
Search Results Featured snippet from the web In 2012, it was estimated that 10–20% of the population of Mauritania (between 340,000 and 680,000 people) live in slavery. No mention of this why?
Zakary Loreto (1 month ago)
iwatchseries total amount of slaves, number 10 Indonesia has 736000 slaves which is more than 680000
aljawisa (3 months ago)
If you don't have allodial title to arable land your a slave.
Chris Hardy (3 months ago)
They fail to realize or tell you that North Africa was the biggest slave owners on the planet And they were not white
Simon56 (3 months ago)
Turkey is not European. Show the numbers without them and Europe would do even better.
Simon56 (2 months ago)
National Patriot Well... No. Only a small part of it is on European soil and the Turkish language is not part of the Indo-European language family. Also there is a significant culture divide. I mean - you can definitely make the case that Turkey is quite western, shares a common history and is greatly developed. There is room for debate. However, in my personal opinion, I would not count Turkey as part of Europe. Anymore may feel free to disaggree however.
The Workers Party (3 months ago)
Lets enslave the murderers rapists, Politicians and the people who are terrorists, and lets sell them like our ancestors did to our fellow white people and arabs.
CHILL PILL (3 months ago)
poor information source
Hanzo Hattori (3 months ago)
Lol. You really think the Americas and Europe are that green on the map in your thumbnail and they are the only ones? The west love their brainwashed standards without realising that they are more slave to it than they like to think.
Zayd Charles (3 months ago)
The top 10 countries listed for "stopping" slavery initiated slavery in these countries that are afflicted with it.
Jabe Born (3 months ago)
While I can't say anything for most of those countries I can definitely say that Africans have been enslaving each other for hundreds of years.
Sebastian (3 months ago)
but but.. guys... black people where slaves in america!!:...... :>!!!!!
yeah yeah (3 months ago)
This thumbnail is so click bait.. Disliked
Lawrence Wright (3 months ago)
I don’t see whites doing most of this.
Barry McNamee (3 months ago)
uses click bait image and slavery topic to make money...
Just A Guy Production (3 months ago)
Many Americans are slaves of capitalism.
Andrew (3 months ago)
USA is number 1 but you made the list so that it's at the bottom... Subtle way of taking away credit where due..
fredrika27 (3 months ago)
I noticed that too, but in this discussion, it's the least of our problems!
Justo Torres (3 months ago)
Lavish cities of Dubai and Riyadh built with slave labor.
Guilherme Goldman (3 months ago)
Cin Cina (3 months ago)
I think we have slavery in all Europe now that all this desperate africans are coming here and can't find a legal job but to work illegally and abused by farmers :(
Darkwell0071 (3 months ago)
This pod is too stupid. The white Americans freed the slaves if they didn’t there would still be slavery. It is not like black America threw off the chains of slavery. White America led slaves from their bonds. Tour the world you will see slavery not the.pussies that claim slavery for political purposes. Keep it up you will feel the whip of slavery gain.
Green Poppy (3 months ago)
Got to say, india and china make togheter almost half of humanity so its only "stadistically" natural that they engross most part of the slavery... wich should be zero anyways.
Abdulrahman Aljamali (3 months ago)
Failed states, garbage gov.
Silver 831cali (3 months ago)
I hate this. However has slaves should be wiped by their slaves and be moved to a labor prison for life!
Juno (3 months ago)
the most disgust thing here is European's pretentiousness. European basically had invaded and pillaged the entire country or even the entire continent then left. Now basically those spoiled Europeans are bragging how modern their countries and economic prosperity they've got achieved. Well, they got those things because of their treacherous thief ancestors. They haven't even tried to clean up their own mess and simply blame poor African and Asian people.
Horatio Trismegistus (3 months ago)
Slavery was still *legal* in Saudi Arabia until 1969. That's just the public relations side of things.
bigmama baby (3 months ago)
This is not true slavery! It's poverty stupid
Christophe Abiel (3 months ago)
I come from trash and violence is the only language they will understand.
Drone star 1 (3 months ago)
Damn where was this concern when you stole my ancestors? None of these slaves are stripped of everything they know. Their religion nor culture is taken. What hypocrisy
JUAN CRUSHER (2 months ago)
always the victim
Cereal Killer (3 months ago)
Why is the top 10 countries with least amount of slavery based on the percentage of the population while the rest of the video is based on the total amount of slaves.
A Toida (3 months ago)
2.7k dislikes? Chinese shills and T series ....
Whaler Cumming (3 months ago)
Thanos would solve the problem.
HONKY HONKS (3 months ago)
"Society is slavery with extra steps" -Richard Sanchez from Richard and Mortymer
Tommy Zhu (3 months ago)
You mean.........poverty?
william Cranston (3 months ago)
Should talk about Libya and how they’re just getting started after Hillary and Obama got gaddafi killed..
Dennis Thorson (3 months ago)
4:27 wat.. modern slavery is'nt even plausible as a thing in Sweden or Denmark due to welfare. Modern slavery in USA is likely far higher than documented aswell, that is for sure.
Steve Smith (3 months ago)
Yeah ok, live in your fantasy land
Alexander Sokolov (3 months ago)
I like how Russia is on this list, and is mentioned because undocumented immigrants get jobs in construction. Seems like a stretch compared to everyone else on the list.
Trygve Evensen (3 months ago)
Where's UAE?
Dom Gia (3 months ago)
I guess we aren't counting the use of prison labor?
Adolf Hitler (2 months ago)
@Alex Arauz So do North Korea laborers.
Adolf Hitler (2 months ago)
America would be #1.
Dom Gia (3 months ago)
@Alex Arauz giving someone miniscule amounts of money doesn't mean it's not a form of slavery. There was a sheriff recently who was complaining about releasing non-violent prisoners because they were losing their best workers.
XhileX123456789 (3 months ago)
There are western companies legally selling '' workers '' to other western companies , mostly to construction companies that are working in middle east . They collect these people from india and pakistan , sell them in emirates and saudi . Many of these '' workers '' suicide by throwing themselves under super expensive cars which are passing through the highways they are working on the construction of so that their families back home could get kind of a compensation money .
Andrew Cowan (3 months ago)
No mention of the US prison system?
Stephen Jenkins (2 months ago)
@Andrew Cowan You can't really make people commit crime without some kind of education that encourages such a thing, which doesn't exist in the US. It's more likely a cultural issue than anything else.
Andrew Cowan (2 months ago)
@Mean Lawrence Strange that it only occurs in the US then. Perhaps it's all the racism?
Mean Lawrence (2 months ago)
When black folks are no longer 13% of the population committing 80% of murders and other violent crimes, and only black people go to prison then maybe you could make that ignorant statement
Andrew (3 months ago)
Don Cheadle (3 months ago)
i didn't even know that slavery was still a thing
Buddy Arf (3 months ago)
Where is luzon in the thumbnail?
PixelShotTV (3 months ago)
India uses its slaves to subscribe to t series
Paul _ (3 months ago)
What’s with the thumbnail? Australia and New Zealand colour coded as hotbeds of slavery...?
James R (3 months ago)
I think it's because they were included as part of Asia-Pacific. Whoever made was too lazy to do it country by country.
Will Pack (3 months ago)
This video must have been posted to some white supremacy website to get all negative comments here.
Alfred Abraham (3 months ago)
I am sure that most of the "negative comments" are made by edgy teens and young adults.
dquad (3 months ago)
What's the difference between a slave and someone who earns $2 a day? The slave gets enough food and a place to sleep.
Pourya (3 months ago)
Slavery still exists in western countries but in a different form than shackles.
Trump2020 (3 months ago)
DEMOCRATIC there ya go! They love the POOR
TriscuitBiscuit (3 months ago)
Not even a mention for the 2 million + slaves that practically built Abu Dhabi and Dubai?
Baum Mann (3 months ago)
the most slaves in germany are from poland and czechoslovakia and they work in our food industry, mainly butchering chickens and harvesting thing that can´t be harvested by machine, like picking asparagus
GlacialImpala (3 months ago)
You're saying a pasportless Nigerian can come to DE and be welcomed with money and shelter while people from Poland are put in chains and kept by a sniper while harvesting asparagus?
nor cahyo (3 months ago)
About work labor in Indonesia,You can't just compare stuff here and the western world duh! I got what your point but govermant employe as we call( pns) only got around 3-5 million rupiah(230-380$) a month as the palm oil labor get 2.4-3.8 million rupiah (200-300$) a month and stuff in Indonesia actually really cheap you can buy a full meal with just a dollar and more advance for just 2 dollar,usual clothing and shoes only cost 5 dollar each and actually the worker get free rice supply from their employer every month. I know what your point about the video but you really should looking from the native people perspective the work is suck!sure but it's still better than working at construction site or as a waitres, it suck that I have to defend these palm oil industry that have kill wild live habitat and literally burn million km of forest just for palm oil plantation but they did give job to people here even if it's and underpaid job. It's sad it is really sad but sometime people don't have any better option than working as a palm oil labor PS. I'm not a palm oil labor or work at these industry i work at my family restaurant and actually have a lot of palm oil worker customer
Matt Lorah (3 months ago)
The thumbnail for this vid is really misleading, just look at Australia/New Zealand for example
Artem Vasenin (3 months ago)
What about prisoners in US? While the prisons might not own them, pretty sure they have to work for free or for very little pay.
The Puma (3 months ago)
when u are slave to the cold and u dont even get a ranking on the map
Jimmy Alderson (3 months ago)
2:20 Ah speaking of corrupt evil politicians can we just talk about trump? I think 2e really need to talk about how bad he is. I mea Kim isn't very nice either, but trumps a racist or something. Sorry I have a medical condition where ill drop dead if 8 don't slate trump for 5 minutes. The only 2wy to keep myself alive is to claim trump is just as bad or 2ore3 than someone who's clearly worse than him
Senoir Montique (3 months ago)
Is this positively orrrrr
Belthazor22 (3 months ago)
WTF where's Saudi and UAE?
apextroll (3 months ago)
In b4 people think they are free.
Fellow Templar (3 months ago)
It's not slavery, if a person is ok with that.
Fellow Templar (3 months ago)
@Cereal Killer Wikipedia: "However, and especially under slavery in broader senses of the word, slaves may have some rights and protections according to laws or customs." Even if they don't like their job, they still do it, to be well fed and protected by their owner. How different is this from modern day jobs? You are dependent on your boss and work 8 hours a day to pay your bills. In army you have to live by the schedule the system forces onto you. In my country, if you have brother or sister, and are healthy enough, you have to go to army at least for an year. You can't refuse. Is it not like slavery for a year? In some European countries doctors do surgeries and give consultations for free, and they don't get refund from the government. Is not that also slavery? Slavery does not have simple definition. Slavery varies from perspectives of different people.
Cereal Killer (3 months ago)
It doesn't matter if they're okay with it or not. As long as they're forced to work it's slavery.
Fellow Templar (3 months ago)
DramaticChildTV In some places, shown in the video, there are hundreds of workers on the same factory. If they gad any problem with it, they would’ve revolted.... Also they are not working for free. They are well fed to keep working. Boss has no use for weak and hungry workers.
Human Resources (3 months ago)
who's okay with being forced to work for no pay?
Andrew Hazlewood (3 months ago)
Any country with extreme wealth inequality and a minimum wage so low that people can not afford food housing and health care has effectively applied a socially accepted form of slavery to its own people. USA should not be at the top of this anti-slavery list purely because of this.
TheComboDeluxe (3 months ago)
waaahhhh i cant lay in bed all day waahhhhh
Naod08 (3 months ago)
6:55 Germany should go more towards red. Construction workers from Eastern Europe are lured to Germany where they have to take jobs as "pseudo self-employees"/contractors and rarely get paid in time. They are also being put into small apartments where they often pay triple the rent of normal apartments.
GlacialImpala (3 months ago)
'Don't get paid in time' = slavery; Jeez, 95% of the planet are slaves.
ah z (3 months ago)
slavery? more like gopnik slav blyat
hez bollah (3 months ago)
BOLLOCKS We are all Debt-Slaves to Central Bankers. I estimate that more than 99.99% are exchanging worthless Fiat debt notes
Britonbear (3 months ago)
Is it confirmed that the Egyptians used slaves?
Not Crazy (3 months ago)
Regardless, it was very different back then. Vikings who fell on hard times could voluntarily become slaves. Better to be a slave than to have no food or roof over your head. Or another example. Women may not have had it good in ancient Egypt, but they did have it better than women everywhere else at the time.
Seta (3 months ago)
As an indonesian Click the video : what can go wrong right? Chill 00.01 : fvck indonesia
AlarminglyDog (3 months ago)
4:29 is the moment where lincon sheds a tear and the star spangled banner blasts in full volume
Wilfred Willy (3 months ago)
Meanwhile, people from these countries expect white people to make reparations for acts of slavery by people hundreds of years ago, all while slavery is considered detestable in white nations

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