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The Utopian and the Curmudgeon: Value of Bitcoin

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Jeffrey Tucker and Gene Epstein, two illustrious Austrian Economists, discuss Bitcoin and why it has value, from an Austrian economics perspective. Gene Epstein is the director of the Soho Forum, and Jeffrey Tucker is the Editorial Director of AIER. Please see our previous episodes of "The Utopian and the Curmudgeon": Episode 1: "Bitcoin" https://youtu.be/h5BXavcF8ys Episode 2: "Robots and Automation" https://youtu.be/STIUnzrozAA Episode 3: "3d printed guns and decentralized tech" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m2QuClhC77Y Here is my recap from after the live stream: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aLX1jI33s6U If you liked this video, please subscribe! Patreon.com/NaomiBrockwell HUGE thank you to all my AMAZING Patreon supporters! And a GIANT thank you to my sponsors Nelly's Organics (https://nellysorganics.com/), Decentranet (https://decentranet.com/), and HardFork Entertainment (http://hardforkentertainment.io/) Thanks for watching!! Leave a comment below and come say hi to me on: Twitter (@Skycorridors) Steemit (https://steemit.com/@skycorridors) Bitchute (https://www.bitchute.com/naomibrockwelltv/) dTube (https://d.tube/c/skycorridors) Podcast: https://soundcloud.com/naomibrockwell/tracks https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/bitcoin-blockchain-and-the-technologies-of-our-future/id1332680060?mt=2 BTC: 3JkK1nfFVjodzsLnbYfBfDiN7sP6nYBLPk BCH: 1Li12ggmC3nRbgkTHNGXVgC5QEzkXfx9sN Dash: Xe3BfetKaRkU9kxvFceqsiRBgGh61Nus5k LTC: MStHu3bKxtsyDy6Cnex7sExW7Sntye3Hod ZEC: t1U1BWDM5WpRK8VNR1a5MjnRLyGeaV9ocGZ Doge: DRXM2LS3AtE8NUG7Ub7qpz2nEHoHTC8YqH ETH: 0xaE0E925159ef42d3B4A9BCaa2808f1C456A7be6b
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