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John Deere 3038e - Disconnecting grapple & attaching plow to tractor

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Don't forget to like, comment, and subscribe for more. Thanks for watching!!! Added a new attachment to the line up. Picked up this unit (G-55-JD) from Jeff at Compact Tractor Attachments (www.ctattachments.com). Great fit on our JD 3038E D160 front end loader. Excited to see all the uses we have for it. G-55-JD Extreme - Compact Tractor Grapple-Designed specifically for tractors -Made from 5/16in Grade 80 Steel for superior strength and long wear capabilities -Structure is full welded for added strength and rust prevention -Light Weight design increases maximum load capacity -All joints are greasable to increase life -Standard cylinder and pins for quick and inexpensive replacement -Extreme serrations and hook tines for X-tra gripping power -Claws on tine heels for steady reverse raking -Custom front support -keeps tines from digging in during material pick up -allows for perfect soil leveling during cleanup -Expansion Metal to help protect grill and headlights during brush pick-up -Close out holes to add smaller filtering for rock picking -55 in wide
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Brandon Trainor (1 year ago)
My tractor does the same thing, it just means you have a hydraulic leak in one side
BigJim57 (1 year ago)
yeah, i have seen other GTT member's who posted rebuilding their's. but it is a PITA they say. get on ur jd dealer asap-ok.
Thanks for the info +BigJim57! When I first noticed it and called the dealership to explain what was happening they also told me to check the timing rod and suggested that one of the bolts might have come loose or sheared off but when I checked (video to follow later) everything seemed to be in tact and operating correctly. So my next thought, as you and +Brandon Trainor pointed out, was that we had a leaky hydraulic. We are just over a year into ownership on this tractor and it's my understanding that there is a 2 year warranty, so I will be checking in with the dealership here in the near future as I don't really want to tear all of that apart by myself. I'll keep you posted.
BigJim57 (1 year ago)
if ur timing bar pins are in tact. check the cotter pins to make sure one is broke inside the bar. then ur one curl cylinder is indeed leaking inside , past the packing. take it apart and replace that. should fix it. but wait-don't u still have warranty left on the tractor. jd should fix that problem. i would hope so.
Thanks for watching and the comment +Brandon Trainor! I figured it meant it was leaking in one side (good to have some confirmation), I am just concerned if it is something I should get checked out right away and whether or not there is a small easy fix or if there could be a bigger issue. I suppose I won't know until I do some further research. I also have noticed that once the tractor is shut off the loader arm will start to drift over a period of time. This was most noticeable when we were using our forks and bucket and had a gentlemen helping out install some items in the pole shed. He was left in the bucket up in the air and after a few minutes (10-15) the drift slowly had him adjusting the way he was positioned.
Tractor Time with Tim (1 year ago)
I would not worry about one side extending at a different rate when nothing is attached. Do you see any symptoms with your grapple, blade, or bucket attached? If not, don't worry about it. One side is just pushing slightly easier, no worries.
I agree, that with the larger tractor, I try to keep an eye on the weight but am not as concerned so the titan forks were a good solution. I think the frame weighs about 100 pounds and then the forks weigh about 80 pounds a piece. I also noticed that the Artillian offers a fork frame version now with the center mounted 2" receiver hitch as well. I have to admit it does take some work to get the forks off the frame each time I want to use it for towing or moving a trailer around so I can understand why there are so many options and plus ,as you say, if you enjoy tinkering then this gives you something to do!!! Yes, your info makes sense on the leak down. Since the Spring will be a busy time of year for us with the tractor, the plan will be to keep an eye on it and then check in with the dealership once summer hits because the bugs will be so thick in the woods that it is hard to be out on tractor anyway. Thanks again +Tractor Time with Tim for taking the time to comment and offer advice. I appreciate it!!!
Tractor Time with Tim (1 year ago)
I'm sure I don't have a 'final' solution to the front receiver hitch, as I love to tinker with things like this. However, we used the 'single fork mounted' version to get the trailer out of the shed, and it worked great. We didn't see much deflection at all. So, it is 'good enough' for me at present...but like I say, I'm sure I'll keep tinkering at this. It isn't so much a 'need' as just something to play with. Thanks for asking. For your larger tractor, the titan forks are probably fine. for the little 1025r, every pound counts, so I opted for the Artillian. As for 'leak down over time' from your cylinders, Deere has a specification on how fast it can leak down before they will pursue a warranty fix. When i first got my tractor, I could watch it go down. ...say 3-4 inches per minute. They fixed that. ...however, it still has SOME leakage, but it is within spec. The SCVs in these little tractors are likely not high enough quality to consistently prevent ANY leak-down. Make sense?
Hey +Tractor Time with Tim, thanks so much for watching and commenting! I hope to get some additional video of the grapple, bucket and forks while it is attached to the FEL and see if there is a noticeable difference from one side to the other as I adjust it. I actually was watching some of your recent FEL fork mounted receiver videos last week that got me to thinking about what I had noticed with our FEL about a month ago but really did not give it any thought until I started editing some of the videos we shot. I also notice that there is more and more drift when I live the FEL in a weight bearing position and then leave the tractor sit for awhile. Again, trying to resolve any issues before they become larger or the tractor goes out of warranty. Hey BTW, I can't remember, did you ever decide on a solution for a front mounted receiver position with your forks and how to move the trailer? I have to admit, I watched to many videos this week and they are all starting to blur together. We ended up going with the Titan attachments 36" pallet forks that has the built in 2" receiver attachment and honestly, really debated whether the receive hitch option was really necessary or not, but it has truly made our life easier with moving things around in the shed and not having to constantly be looking over my back.
mi2tn (1 year ago)
Did you get the snow?
We did get about 4" of snow by us but it was barely worth getting the shovel out for as it started to melt the next day and the family and I went down with the flu and are still recovering. However, there were a couple of areas within an hour drive that had close to 2' of snow fall so in a way I am thankful that we only had 4" but 2' would have been fun to plow and would have made for some great videos for sure!!!
Brandon Trainor (1 year ago)
Ya I would just do some research. It does every now and then

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