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Remove a Fake Google Review

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A negative Google review can not only drag down your overall star rating, but it can have a devastating impact on your ability to reach new customers. And what's even more frustrating is when that negative review is FAKE. So in this video, I'll not only show you how to remove a fake Google review, but I'll take you step by step behind the scenes how I got one such fake review removed from my business. You'll see what worked, and what didn't so you don't have to waste any time. Want The Deep End to take care of your online review management? http://thedeependdesign.com/online-review-management/ #websuccess #localSEO #reputationmanagement
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Text Comments (69)
Terry London (11 days ago)
This worked! Thank you!
The Deep End (7 days ago)
Awesome Terry!
Mark Keane (12 days ago)
i called the number, let's see what happens.
Mika Astier Kent (21 days ago)
How do you deal with fake negative reviews without any comments? From a person with a hard to believe fake name. Profile has no pics or other reviews and looks totally fake.
Ali Salman (25 days ago)
Hi Wes, What phone number did you call?
The Deep End (23 days ago)
I don't remember Ali, sorry... just do a little digging online, it's a bit buried so it might take you a little research time. Sorry to not still have it!
P. Spit (1 month ago)
I came here to see if you were going to address the plethora of fake 5-star reviews on Google which are also causing a problem, but I guess not. I just looked up some "google user" who wrote some super generic 5-star review and turns out he's been doing fake reviews for places all over the country. Fake 5-star reviews are just as bad as 1-star.
The Deep End (30 days ago)
Sure, but I recommend just staying on your own lane... you can waste a whole lot of time trying to knock down competitors, when you should probably just do what you can to rise above them! I know what you mean tho!
badbert52 (1 month ago)
This is so shady
badbert52 (1 month ago)
@The Deep End I look forward to a future with legitimate reviews such as this. “The Travel industry is in trouble. Can blockchain solutions save it?” by Xen https://link.medium.com/vXvYQh5xvW
The Deep End (1 month ago)
badbert52 I agree... unfortunately too many people think it’s a good idea to leave bad reviews on competitors to make themselves look better by comparison. Luckily most don’t make them convincing enough to stick once looked into.
badbert52 (1 month ago)
@The Deep End the whole process of people being able to leave a review for a service they have not used. I really dislike the fact anyone can review something they don't know about
The Deep End (1 month ago)
badbert52 oh yea, how so? I’d argue leaving fake google reviews is shady, not having them rightly removed.
Sameer Shaikh (1 month ago)
Can i pause or stop review option temporarily?
The Deep End (1 month ago)
Unfortunately no, you have no control over that :(
Engaging Muscles (1 month ago)
After watching your video, I flagged a recent negative review that was fake. The person left two stars and no comment. After two weeks, I used the number in your video. As it turns out, the fake review was showing up in the dashboard for Google My Business, but it was no longer showing in search. After my initial call, I noticed I was still at 4.9. When prior to the fake review, I was at a 5. When I asked about that, I was told the algorithm would eventually catch up with that. Thanks for all the great content! :)
Engaging Muscles (20 days ago)
Sorry to hear that. The person I spoke to was not all that smooth. Based on the flow of the conversation, there's a strong possibility that I spoke to someone who was new. You could be spot on about my being lucky.
Mika Astier Kent (20 days ago)
Engaging Muscles I’m gonna say you’re lucky, same happened to me and they said the “review” doesn’t violate their policy and they will not be taking it down.
Engaging Muscles (20 days ago)
@Mika Astier Kent First, I flagged it. Then, I waited. After two weeks of waiting, I made the call. When all was said and done, the fake "review" with two stars is no longer showing. What's still showing is that I went from a 5 to a 4.9.
Mika Astier Kent (21 days ago)
How did you get that review removed? I was told by google that a review with just a rating is not in violation.
Engaging Muscles (1 month ago)
I was skeptical. Since it's still showing 4.9, it looks like I'm going to have to make another call.
BigWater59 (2 months ago)
What about fake reviewers that promote companies and fake bots. Found a company that had 99% fake reviews all of them good but from people in different cities with multiple reviews for companies all over the place. They are just selling reviews to people.
I have a competitor who posted a bunch of one star reviews the same day.
The Deep End thanks
The Deep End (2 months ago)
It sucks that ppl resort to doing that. Got another one myself the other day. Try to dispute, and if that fails, just comment on it letting ppl know you've never worked with that person before. Usually the fake reviews don't exactly read as convincing.
edwin cooper (3 months ago)
I can get you more positive reviews lets talk on skype live:edwincoops
Jez I AM (3 months ago)
I flagged a one star review (nothing to do with my work, it was a freelancer I found on a freelance website who didn't do the work I paid him to do, and stretched out a $150 job over 2 months). Google removed the comments but has left the 1 star. I'm annoyed at that because I'd have preferred they leave the review and my explanation... Now I've got one 1-star and no review at all, which looks worse. Any ideas how to rectify this (I'm in the UK, not the USA).
The Deep End (3 months ago)
Yikes, don't know about that one. Unfortunately, unless the review looks obviously fake, its hard to do. I'd just focus on getting some more 5 stars to balance it out, and in my opinion, a 1 star review with no comment won't hold a lot of weight for people. I mean, who leaves one star without complaining?
Allan Reed (3 months ago)
If anyone is interested in exchanging 5 star reviews reply to me
INFAMAS (3 months ago)
Yes please :)
CreditCEO (3 months ago)
Good stuff, thank you!
The Deep End (3 months ago)
Syed Mahmudun Nabi (4 months ago)
My client has 15 branched in one country. How should I list all of them?
The Deep End (4 months ago)
Just make a separate page for each location, and link each GMB listing to the right location page. Easy!
Ar Oz (4 months ago)
You are amazing ! Thank you
The Deep End (4 months ago)
Thx Arda!
Ehrthe Dher (4 months ago)
If someone writes a review and has deleted it. Are you notified?
The Deep End (4 months ago)
Good question, I'm honestly not sure.
Mark Anderson (6 months ago)
Thank you for posting the phone number. I've been looking for it for two days!
The Deep End (6 months ago)
Sure thing! It still works then?
Mortgage Options NI (6 months ago)
No voice, just music on this number.
Links & Affiliate (7 months ago)
pay to hacker to delete this bro
Mario (15 days ago)
LOL people needing hackers here
Tangled Twisted (2 months ago)
I need one
אלירן כהן (4 months ago)
do you have one ? :| need urgently
Morgan Howarth (7 months ago)
I was able to contact google by phone (thanks) finding the phone # was the hardest part, Had a nasty review from someone we have never done business with, and never communicated with. I explained the situation said she agreed and would remove it. I have to keep checking it for the next couple days but she assured me that if it wasn't removed in 3 days to contact her again. Great video thanks
Morgan Howarth (7 months ago)
@The Deep End I just called the number on your video 844-491-9665 and it worked
The Deep End (7 months ago)
Hey Morgan, great to hear that! Would you mind posting that number here for others who may be looking for it? I tried looking recently, and it was very hard finding it again.
eskander (7 months ago)
I was able to contact google by phone (thanks), they initially told me they weren't going to do anything because the blank 1 star review seemed legit to them. I explained the situation - a long story - and provided proof and the lady on the phone said she agreed and would remove it. I have to keep checking it for the next couple days but she assured me that if it wasn't removed in 3 days to contact her again.
Mika Astier Kent (20 days ago)
eskander what kind of proof did you provide? I’m going through the same thing, fake 1 star review with no text at all. Weird name I’ve never heard. I don’t have any angry customers and it makes no sense
Neha Yeole (5 months ago)
I spoke to them on phone too but the lady called me and informed she can not take review off. :( It's a fake 1 star review
eskander (7 months ago)
@The Deep End yes, thanks!
The Deep End (7 months ago)
Awesome, was it finally removed?
Briile istabschaum (7 months ago)
That is wrong because my bad reviews are not fake and was deleted. But i can create endless account and for every deleted review i duplicate this. When everybody can remove every bad reviews then are reviews from Google a lie and nobody will trusted in the future or only the single bad review. Guy check your bad reviews maybe they are deleted too.
I Hate Everything (1 month ago)
Mr Hong (8 months ago)
What do you do if you have left a non fake review but genuine bad well deserved review and the business owner slandered you through the reply?
The Deep End (8 months ago)
This really isn't my specialty, but you might want to reach out to Google if the response is slanderous, or a personal attack in some way. Good luck!
Anonymous tv (8 months ago)
Thank you need your help for my business do you have Services in SEO
The Deep End (8 months ago)
Indeed we do! Just go to http://thedeependdesign.com/get-started/ to set up a strategy call where we can talk about what you're looking for.
Lawrence Yaw (9 months ago)
whats the phone number you called?
David Sisung (9 months ago)
How does a person complain on a company that is posting fake reviews, so they can make their company look good? Like google reviews.
Madhusudhan Rao (3 months ago)
There are companies that will help you remove the fake reviews and bad reviews in order to keep your business/work genuine. For more information visit https://www.reviewsolved.com
David Sisung (9 months ago)
How does a person complain on a company that is posting fake reviews?
edwin cooper (3 months ago)
I can get you more positive reviews lets talk on skype live:edwincoops
Brandon Carter (10 months ago)
Alot of help thanks!
The Deep End (10 months ago)
Happy to help Brandon!
Brian Schnurr (1 year ago)
Thanks Wes!
The Deep End (1 year ago)
No problem Brian! Are you dealing with this yourself?

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