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What a bloody joke.... The Mining Bosses know how bad Mining is for our land, water, animals, crops and us HUMANS.... remember us ??? Companies like Whitehaven - Santos etc - etc -etc.... can FRACK OFF...... We have ALL been tricked by the flashy GOVT PAID FOR tv /. radio /. paper / net PROPAGANDA ads........ Companies like SANTOS now weaselled their way into SPONSORING PRIMARY SCHOOLS in the area..... giving money to the same people they are KILLING.... how sweet of Santos to do that ... huh !?!?!? and mining companies sponsoring FIRE-WORKS .. to DISTRACT you from looking down under the ground.. in that dirty great HOLE that they take out about 85% of DIRT to get to only 15 %... THEN use ALL the town's water to wash it.. and spray PRECIOUS drinking /. crop water on the dirty great 85 % pile of DUST, that THEY have just dumped there themselves.. GET FRACKED !!!!! This is total bullshit.. FIREWORKS..... look up people .. keep looking up SHEEPLE.... yes.. good SHEEPLE.... keep looking up.. fuck that !!!!!!! I know the real score and seeing it first hand... while walking or riding through one of OUR - once PROTECTED State Forests - is HALF OF EACH OF THEM now CLOSED TO THE PUBLIC... restricted.. fenced.. and being blasted - smashed - dug up..... for NO REAL HELP BACK TO THE AUSSIE PEOPLE....... splashing around cash to dodgy workers... most I've seen.. FULLY looked SIMPLE... like INBRED simple..... something is definitely up...when you know the Government is trying SOOOOoooo hard to make a piece of DOG SHIT look like Chocolate Cake.... JOIN THE FIGHT ONLINE 1. Twit #BentleyBlockade 2. Twit #LeardBlockade 3. FB @LockTheGate 4. FB @ProtectingThePilliga 5. FB @FrontLineActionOnCoal Get to networking mates.... GAME IS OURS TO WIN.. for our grand kids' sake.. and every farmer.... every farm animal.... EVERY WHEAT GRAIN HARVESTED..... we need to reclaim OUR LAND !! from this FAKE overseas owned FAKE GOVERNMENT !!!! This corporation has run its course.... and if only EVERY issue fighting something. from.. Geo-Engineering - Monsanto and GMOs- No Fluoride - Anti-Mining.- anti FAKE biker laws.... WE NEED TO UNITE and march in Canberra and KICK OUT THE GOVERNMENT as many countries have just done in a GLOBAL REVOLUTION .. but YOU MISSED IT.. cause talking shit about masterchef or dancing with a pounce.... TIME TO TURN YOUR BRAIN BACK ON.. that everyday you are being lied to on a massive scale .. from soapies to ads to the news to most shit on LAMEstream media... MOST my mates / fans all well awake and PROUD OF IT !!!! continue the fight and JOIN IN FOR REAL !!!!! MAULES CREEK - TARA - GREAT BARRIER REEF - BENTLEY - PILLIGA... get cracking mates.... RdY
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