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Agri-Fab - 42" Lawn sweeper - assembly & test

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42" Unique design provides more traction on the sweeper wheels for greater debris pickup Stamped steel housing provides durability to withstand season after season of use Assembled Product Size: 67" x 51" x 24"
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BigJim57 (3 months ago)
i bought myself a Parker sweeper way back in 06-or 07. it has done a fantastic job here. but i would love to have a power-flo for on my x475-would save that extra picking it up again trip. my FIL-had one of them trailer's that had the motor on it, that sucked the grass up as u went, but what a pain IMO-to get around trees, etc,. i think urs will dump the grass out easier, as they have redesigned them since mine came out, my grass hangs up on the bar, as i try to dump it, and i have to fiddle with it, to get the grass to fall out of it, but i still love using it, each summer. grass makes a wonderful mulch for the garden.
Thanks for watching and the comment +BigJim57! The sweeper has been easy to use with the grass clippings but I am curious to see how it will perform once the leaves start to fall. I had thought about getting a tow behind unit with a blower/vac but it seemed a little over kill for what we do and the mount of trees that we have to work around.

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