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Crypto Four Corners "Turkey Slaughter"

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Grisly discovery near the Chuska Mountains, NM. Dave O and JC Johnson found this back in 2007.
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Mark Daves (1 year ago)
Amazing Video that's TRUE!!
In anna (1 year ago)
For god sake get rid of the music in your videos it’s horrible and don’t match the content
MrLee4jc (3 years ago)
I bet that was one time Turkeys wished they could fly. Wow.
Beruška Vozábová (3 years ago)
If one turkey was being attacked-the others would scatter, right? So whatever killed them had some force which kept the turkeys "immobile", unable to escape, right? Or am I way off here? Seems as if something kept them from flying in all directions trying to escape (by flying I mean taking off running). What is your theory on what could have kept them all together to be slaughtered?
Ja Ja (2 months ago)
What if they all slaughtered each other? 😏🤔
gorgeous george (3 years ago)
+Rebecca Vozábová , something puts them in some kind of trans,,like in skinwalker about the bulls in the storage shed that were in a trans,,,this is very strange,,david paulidas even says the people who gone missing may have been in a trans,,,
Ozark mama (3 years ago)
All these damned questions and no answers. What in the world could that digging with the rock have meant!
Dave L (4 years ago)
1970's sound effects lol? Still cool though.
Blaynejw (4 years ago)
Hi. Using my sons e mail. Linda here. To get rid of those entities you have to find their portal or entranceway. I noticed on one of your videos a light shining in a field. Thats a portal. Get a hold of a med. Man or a knowledgeble elder who can direct u in closing it off. I had a simular incidents that were dealt with and no longer a problem. That was four yrs. Ago...
Barry Newman (1 year ago)
What time in video shows portal?
LanceBaileyMusic (5 years ago)
Hey JC!  Lance Bailey here from Paris.  Watched some of your videos...
JC Johnson (5 years ago)
Great to hear from you brother! Long time no see. How are things in Paris? Would love to come out for a visit.
absinthe64 (5 years ago)
Yes Sir, You know it!!!
JC Johnson (5 years ago)
Bloomfield----Mini-T-Rex's , Little People, Skinwalkers, Wolfens, Ultraterrestrial Activity..........to name a few.
absinthe64 (5 years ago)
I live in Bloomfield New Mexico, I've seen plenty of weird things out in the hills and desert in my life, Most folks just blow it off when I tell them about things I've seen because they don't want to believe.
howard sadler (5 years ago)
as a kid we had a ranch in chapparal nm we had something break in our chicken pen and kill about 10 chickens but all it did was put a hole in the chest area where the heart was no hearts where there and chicken was intact this was like almost 30yrs ago
John S. (6 years ago)
Something smart has been there , I'm going to contact you via Facebook private message about this as I've had an experience & have been asking questions relating to this for years . You may or may not be interested .
minerjoe90 (6 years ago)
bigfoot is good at hiding it's tracks.
Jesse H (6 years ago)
Just listened to you Truth Theorem interview lol those guys were some jokers! I'd wear a Pocahontas dress covered in honey!
Fight0Tyranny (6 years ago)
Isn't the Skinwalker ranch in four corners? I read the book and found it fascinating. I wish I could go and visit these areas.
olinda9574 (6 years ago)
I meant technology in the paragraphe below. Vancouver, Canada says hello!
olinda9574 (6 years ago)
Near Mount Shasta there have consistently been a variety of different types of humanoids; a purple one with wings that was very tall, a cat humaniod in a hovering ship and ones like us. There is a ranch there that people go to debunk and they can't. Some are regulars there now for spiritual contacts with these beings. There is regular activity there; I want to go there myself. I have been keeping tabs on that ranch for a few years now. They are more evolved than us technicly and spiritualy.
zombiekilla08 (7 years ago)
John... Dk I know I live on witchcraft acre. Or land. Lol. Heard it through out my life bud.
Crypto Outlaw (7 years ago)
What are ya thinkin on this one Jc? Skinwalker/Shapeshifter?
brogs60 (7 years ago)
Couldn,t they have just killed took what they wanted then thrown them from farther away, thus no tracks in the immediate vicinity
brin3535 (7 years ago)
Jive Ass Turkey.
meleagrisfelis (7 years ago)
You should try asking about this on the Yahoo Rare Heritage Turkey List. They've seen just about everything.
SnowWalkerPrime (7 years ago)
Like I said, the most likely explanation that I can come up with; would be a Raptor of some sort. If you didn't find any tracks of predators it would have to be a predatory bird. The legs being removed is a little bit strange.
JC Johnson (7 years ago)
The entire breasts were pulled out from under the cape? Breast area-Strange. The legs were removed also.
SnowWalkerPrime (7 years ago)
Love your editing. :)
SnowWalkerPrime (7 years ago)
Looks a lot like a Hawk kill. Or some other raptor. It would explain the lack of tracks.
JC Johnson (7 years ago)
Same as above...........Still, even now- one of those don't know situations?
JC Johnson (7 years ago)
Still, even now- one of those don't know situations?
folz208 (7 years ago)
Are you insinuating that Bigfoot threw rocks at the turkeys, killed them, and "floated" in to take their meat?
Janet S Martin (1 year ago)
folz208 PRECISELY.
flycatchful (7 years ago)
Interesting to say the least however I would not associate this with BF activity. There is no trace evidence and that what makes this find so myterious.

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