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Dogman on the Roof, Bigfoot, Why they dont kill humans, JC Johnson Crypto4corners

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We are taking a look at the dogman in the backyard then getting on a rooftop, bigfoot and other criptids of various types. JC johnson from Crypto four corners is a guest on the show today and we even discuss the hollow earth and subterranean realms along with supernatural beings. Music is from the YouTube library. This is a link to JC Johnson channel on YouTube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZv-VflCB-aCEvzHoarhjZg You can also find him on FaceBook under JC Johnson and Cryptofourcorners.
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Wayne Bryan (4 days ago)
Dann Dehn (19 days ago)
The Truth is Not dangerous! Leaving people in their “happy place” is Not protection from evil, it is allowing ignorance to reign. This is another ingredient as to why people/Christians are spiritually lazy...we’re supposed to stand in Christ and not scientism (not true science, but scientism). I’m not saying that all should be involved in the same sort of work, but they should be educated by God’s Truth as to what things around us really are and are not instead of just swallowing all this deception. One final point; if you and JC have read Enoch then I have great concerns about you both for it clearly teaches of a much different reality than “science” teaches, but you both are steeped deep into all too much scientism.
Hopeful (24 days ago)
I agree its like they can only scare people.It seems quite obvious to me all they have to do to get in is break the glass on the window or kick down the door.Im sure I could do that no problem and I certainly arent anywhere near their size and strength.But one of the most disturbing aspects about them in my mind is that they appear to be able to think.So I agree with you that the holy spirit keeps them at bay but that restraing power is going to be removed some day soon
bhakta peter (1 month ago)
I cant believe JC is gone. We will all be gone soon. Jesus God help us all.
Richard Bonan (1 month ago)
Is tgere another interview without the music anywhere?
Nate Ermine (1 month ago)
Less music if the music is to loud we won't hear the phone talking.
Banzai Motocross (3 months ago)
What does a person pay a skinwalker or ..? To do those dirty deeds . Thats there a code of conduct kill or be killed and eaten. .. Wtf. Was all that.... guessing a 100k deposit into a numbered acvount is out of question.
Sally Miller (3 months ago)
JC was such a fine man, I miss him greatly, now he is HOME. I look forward to meeting him one day.
Sapio Phile (4 months ago)
Music overpowered the interview at the end. But I appreciate the share Brenton thank you
Robin Cartwright (4 months ago)
This guy is great!
Angel (5 months ago)
I have seen the horned thing Brenton mentions. It’s been over 20 years and I can still tell you exactly what it looked like, the way it stood, how it looked at me - like I was it’s play thing and lunch, how it moved and the colour of it, like it happened yesterday. I had severe ptsd after it happened. I know God saved me from this thing .
lonewolf hatchet jack (6 months ago)
great show thank you for the knowledge on these creatures/stories cant believe theres 121 thumbs down smh that's alotta haters lol god bless brother brentin
Cecilia Brooks (6 months ago)
I work with children this young man sounds like he has some type of the disability his story does not ride with me how could his grandparents and tell him to ignore it and go to bed grandparents won't do that will explain it to you but not at that moment we won't keep something so dangerous from you we will tell you to protect you so you know for sure not to wander off now. Astoria has I don't know something's not right with this young man story I'm sorry to say I'm just something's not right
bhakta peter (6 months ago)
I cant believe JC is gone
Sheri Clevenger (6 months ago)
The evil came from the north
Sheri Clevenger (6 months ago)
They get an ego boost from scaring people.
Sheri Clevenger (6 months ago)
I wonder did this girlfriend call him outside , then make a fight and leave him in the street... then the little mop dog shows up . I wonder was the girls name Cathy or Sharon ?
Sheri Clevenger (6 months ago)
There have also been a lot of people who report a fox showing up and not scared ,but seem to be helping the dogman.
Sheri Clevenger (6 months ago)
I think the little dog like a mop is watching to see the reaction of the person to report back to dogman almost as if the dogman cannot see that well. Maybe it was too light for it.
Sheri Clevenger (6 months ago)
This definitely is not the first time I have heard someone say there was a shaggy little dog accompanying the dogman .
Jesse F (9 months ago)
This guy thinks he knows what native Americans beliefs are? All he does is open his mouth and insult us. I could not finish this video because I do listen to ignorance.
Ingram Alastrine (6 months ago)
@Jesse F 😊💝💖 You're welcome 🤗
Jesse F (6 months ago)
Thank you my friend.
Ingram Alastrine (6 months ago)
@Jesse F It's really sad but You are right 😕 People today seem to close their minds on old (or just different from their) ways, and they only justification for such ignorance is faith and origin- something that should pull us all closer together, but instead, it sepatates us 💔 It's sad to even think about it 😔
Jesse F (6 months ago)
Thank you Ingram, Many forget that we have been here for many years before the Europeans and yet Native American history, culture and values are rarely mentioned in history books, we are largely ignored, is it no wonder ignorance like this still persists?
Ingram Alastrine (6 months ago)
Thought the same, dear 💔 And I'm even not native, not american, but Your culture deepily touches my heart. There is very much truth to it ❤ It's beautiful. I hate it how Humans nowdays hate the supernatural, and whatever they cannot understand they call "demon" and yet they claim open mindned people are ignorant... I hope that soon all people will be more less like Native American tribes 💝 At least in their approach towards true Nature Spirits 💞
Margaret Edwards (10 months ago)
Turn that awful noise down!! It wasn't in the original transmission from JC Johnson!!
Josh's sausage lozenge (11 months ago)
+ Brenton Sawin Mysteries to Search Hello Brenton, I have been considering e-mailing you to possibly run-by you some of the many many supernatural experiences that I have had through out my life, as far back as I can remember. Keep up the good work bro !
Don Robertson (11 months ago)
Brenton, JC says in this video that he is a foul mouth Christian. A number of times he cusses during the video. His unrepentant attitude about his profane speech does not fit the example of a true Christian who claims to believe the Bible. To say one is a cussing Christian is a contradiction of what it really means to be a Christian. The Scriptures teach that believers are people who are forbidden to use profane speech (Ephesians 4:29; 5:4; Col. 3:8). I am a pastor and this sort of perspective gives Christianity a bad name. Before I became a Christian I had a very profane mouth and cussed all the time. But when Christ saved my soul, He washed that filth out of my mouth. The change that happened in my life showed others that Christ really converted me and it opened them up to hear the message of the Gospel. Otherwise they would simply dismiss me as just another hypocrite. I encourage you to talk to JC about this. I really appreciate your videos and comments and will pray for God's blessing on your conversation with JC if God gives you the opportunity.
What's up this silly funking music???
Issac Chase (1 year ago)
How do u explain the beast of lbl?
HardyWeeed (1 year ago)
Darn, can't watch because of the music
Lesley Anderson (1 year ago)
Brilliant man, Jc Johnson. I miss his clarifying skills.
Sandra Myers (1 year ago)
Brenton tells him a TERRIFYING experience when he was FIVE and this dude says "Yeah I DEAL with that" lolol, like having it happen when you're a KID and listening to stories is the SAME THING lolol, okay guy, you just told ME all I need to know lol
Sandra Myers (1 year ago)
I think what holds them back is they don't know how to turn doorknobs, they've tore people up,an I bet they are more responsible for Missing 411's more so than BigFoots, yikes!
William Reed (1 year ago)
This makes me appreciate Greg Carlwood and THC that much more! Its much more enjoyable when the interviewer actually prepares and familiarize themselves with their guests work and reads the book being promoted.
Yorktown 1781 (1 year ago)
They do kill people.
Because they are intelligent and they know we would hunt them down and kill them all
John Wayne Everett (1 year ago)
Michael A. Bell (1 year ago)
Great show. Watched it again. R.I.P. 'JC'
Steven Sessions (1 year ago)
Sal Prepper (1 year ago)
Captain Hook (1 year ago)
I don't believe man was created primitive. The law of entropy means EVERYTHING material is going in a degenerative direction. Losing DNA information from one generation to the next.
Wayne Warmack (1 year ago)
Spite of the bad music bed and other glitches this is overall an excellent production. Fascinating and highly informative.
Stealthy Wolf (1 year ago)
38. Special is like a airsoft gun to these things. Might wanna upgrade to a 338 lapua, lol.
VLD (1 year ago)
They DO
Fred Jaminson (1 year ago)
I don't think this guy knows anything, he acts like an expert, but has no evidience, no proof for hyper flight or Bs he talks about.
ellie1504 (1 year ago)
you saw something with horns?? and green under it's eyes?? i've seen it too.. i've seen angels sent by light and slower but still very fast physical entities. i would like to share my experience. from since i was 5 yrs old. iv'e heard there language.. i can mimic it.... @brenton sawin
Anne D (1 year ago)
Dulce NM is where Phil Scheider (who worked on the tunnels) said their was an underground alien war going on. He died mysteriously after he spoke of it.
Anne D (1 year ago)
Another great show Brenton! Did I hear water babies? I need to look for more answers. thanks..
Lynne Torres (1 year ago)
Great guest. JC is very credible
revolt7 (1 year ago)
Music kills it click
Mr McDonald (1 year ago)
I think Dogmen are just fallen angels or maybe a mess made in a lab...one thing though "don't wear bright colors while hiking"?? well maybe bigfoot or dogmen wont attack you but if you get lost your better off wearing bright colors to help rescuers find you.
Dan -n- Duke (1 year ago)
does anyone know what caliber will take one of these bastards down?
JG Harts (1 year ago)
I miss JC being interviewed on the radio or his video channel were there hasn't been much action. I hope he's alright?
LateSaint300 (1 year ago)
actually they have killed humans.... thats all imma say bout that
mike long (1 year ago)
Random Person drugs are bad mmmkk lol. Jk. Do we speak of Lbl or are we talking another incident
Janet S Martin (1 year ago)
great interview jc johnson understands far more then most people. i believe that people that people that discover sum of this esoteric knowledge by way of innocent observation in wilderness environments. are wiser and better protected then people that egotistically search this stuff out. like jc said be careful what you ask for.
Blueline Bigfoot (1 year ago)
we love your art. can you do one for the BLB?
A Patriot (2 years ago)
Very good and balanced! I agree.... Gods angels and his laws protect us from these beings! I wouldn't even venture into this supernatural realm without having the Lords protection..all myth has its basis in truth! The increased activity has to do with the return of the Lord Jesus and the opening of portals by wicked and ignorant men! Like you said..mankind has to issue an invitation and give permission to these entities!
Editing reality (2 years ago)
I think this all is caused by our thoughts, everything exists because of our thoughts and intentions,we give these creatures energy and bring them forth into existence,look at the dogmen song that was written and sung and this energy we emit is godlike, it is incredible. what our mind can create, the fear invoked from the creatures makes the energy stronger
Claire Ellis (1 year ago)
Tiffany Nelson. Or 3.5 billion years of evolution. Stay safe. X
Evan AB (2 years ago)
Awesome guest! Thanks!
Jim Porter (2 years ago)
Good program. I wish JC could have expounded a little more about what may be going on with the Jicarilla at Dulce.
Babee Bee (2 years ago)
it is frustrating that we are unable to see what is really captured on film...
ATILLA THE BIG CATT (2 years ago)
that guy might see anything Orange clovers unicorns
N2TW 2 (2 years ago)
Who put this video together??! Can't hear a damn thing he's saying over the awful music.
SinkHollyWood (2 years ago)
I'm sorry but something seems off about the kid. Fidgety, mumbling, unclear, unsure. Sometimes people can be telling the truth but still seem like they're lying because of these sort of mannerisms.
Nate Ermine (1 month ago)
It sounds like that kid is making it up like he's thinking about what to say next he's lying nobody gonna just go to bed after seeing a creature like that.
Alex Turner (2 years ago)
be nice if you turn off the tunes
Olivia Cuevas (2 years ago)
@Herb Walker I noticed dark figure in window also. But I noticed it does not change position either. @Brenton did you notice it also? And why do some videos end before the interviews are over? This is not the first interview it's happened to me on. Can you let me know on both; I love your show and how you help people who are having hard time getting over their encounter or dealing with it for so many years. God Bless you and all who help those with their encounters also those who have them and have hard time dealing with them. May God shine his light on you for better days to come. 😇🙏🏽🙈🙉🙊👹👽😇🙏🏽❣❣❣
Reese Daniel (2 years ago)
JC is very articulate, easy to listen to and to understand. I enjoy listening to him.
Ginger Allen (2 years ago)
I think the Nephilim never have left i think they are still around just belive this is evidence to support this just need to be a wear of our surroundings and be careful what yield your mind over to what we entertain is what will create a strong hold and most of the time people will end up doing what the dwell on the most think on good and positive things that's for sharing
Wayne Warmack (1 year ago)
Dena Redford (2 years ago)
People cannot shapeshifter.
Death Dealer (2 years ago)
and those useful idiots are in our government and the billionaires around the world.
J. Douglas Moellmer (2 years ago)
Can anyone let me know where the Darrow inner earth documentary is available? Really enjoyed this one!
mike long (1 year ago)
J. Douglas Moellmer it's spelled Dero. This channel has at least 3 stories about them. Brenton himself claims to of had one encounter with one
Feliz831 (2 years ago)
I don't know why I ended up here. But I found it very interesting but also very dangerous. Here in europe, specially in western europe we have a lot of Encounters and legends about this Dogman. Ans this creature is evil. The last Encounter was in the 80's in Germany very spooky. And the most Popular one was in the 17th hundred in France. In Germany they call him "Werwolf". "Wer" is the old German word for "Man" and Wolf is the same in English. So translated it's Wolfman. God Bless you
Esteban Haylock (2 years ago)
they have killed people , Dog man killed two security guards at skin Walker ranch and disappeared back thru portal
1ShayDawn (2 years ago)
According to the information I have read, they will and have killed humans.
Angel (5 months ago)
ferdie fox it still happening in 2019.
ferdie fox (2 years ago)
yes many. and it's still going on today
Graeme Williams (2 years ago)
Lots of them.
eme nem (2 years ago)
cool show...nice kid I give young ones the benefit of not doubting them cause they like cryptids are hard to read the body language.
Ernest Watson (2 years ago)
I believe that a tiger would destroy the dog man in seconds,a Lion would to.put a dog man and tiger in a cage together and and see what happens,or a Lion for that matter,and they would rip the dog man to part,with no help.
mike long (1 year ago)
I don't know if we're talking one that is 10 feet tall and 7-800 pounds. They have abnormal strength
Lilith R. (2 years ago)
for those seen with clothes or even smoking a cigarette I think it would make more sense to think they're skinwalkers. just an opinion.
Noevilea (2 years ago)
Same here.
Lilith R. (2 years ago)
interesting and very informative video!!!
The hipe (3 years ago)
how do you know that bigfoot doesn't kill people there are reports through history of bigfoots doing that
Lilith R. (2 years ago)
Jannie Day (3 years ago)
I do believe that these creatures are from the Nephilim...
Jannie Day (3 years ago)
they do know how to turn door knobs to get inside your house.
Timothy Walsh (3 years ago)
it's. to. loud.
Wayne Warmack (1 year ago)
TOO loud
bhakta peter (3 years ago)
skip to the good stuff 20:00
Lisa Marie (3 years ago)
Great interview 'saved by grace ' God Bless him n this channel ✝
DH Quin (3 years ago)
Thank you again Brenton for another fascinating interview. Terrific stuff.
Leikili Maile (3 years ago)
Mahalo (thank you) Brenton for this interview
The UnSeen, Seen (3 years ago)
These Dogman are the Hounds of Hell!!!
PINK CHAMPAGNE (3 years ago)
I am wondering why when people like JC say they have things they will share and things they will never share,  why cant they share??  I think it would be good to share things all around, because people will have an answer to their spooky experiences.  I think that it would be good to know what is out there.  I am not saying it  is going to give all the answers, but perhaps it could help  I am not saying JC is wrong, I'm just curious as to why it has to be kept hidden.
mike long (1 year ago)
If they show their hand so to say the govt will be all over it and it would put them in danger
Shady Lady (3 years ago)
+aliza day LoL yr so right👍🏼
PINK CHAMPAGNE (3 years ago)
@Amy Nassaris  Yes I agree with you, its keeping the carrot in front of the donkey,  its a tease. 
Shady Lady (3 years ago)
I think if they have something to share that they have no intention of sharing then don't say anything about it at all... 🙂
david john Huxtable (3 years ago)
please keep up your good works most interesting and topics not often taken seriously im glad are being covered sensetively and discussed so many spoilers try to spoil the discussions before ever ascertaining or discussing anything properly!! you are sincere with your guests and respect their accounts no matter what they come out with i am a believer in all of it the mind works best when it is open! too many posess closed minds or ignorant opinions
goldenspacesans 36011 (3 years ago)
You've got fantastic artwork with your very, very interesting posts. Nice work, good interview.
1ShayDawn (3 years ago)
Music is so loud I can't hear some of the narration.
marsha musial (3 years ago)
music gets to loud cant hear people talking
deadphishiy (3 years ago)
the shapeshifting spy argument is stupid, you wouldn't need to shapeshift into anything just to fucking spy on something. jfc
Chrysaor (3 years ago)
Amphicyion or Hyaenodon sighting. These things are not extinct.
rabone (3 years ago)
Thanks Brenton this was great love JC an you guys are on the same page an are great together. Milk an Honey  Thank You both an God Bless
SHAKEDOWN (3 years ago)
...this is my happy place...
Nonpeon (3 years ago)
This fabulous intro presupposes a British voice narrating, not Bubba Tucker. LOL!!
Pwnagraphic (3 years ago)
The music is too loud for the stories. There doesn't need to be any music honestly..
Shawn Bond (3 years ago)
just a Theory.. But this So called Protection In My eyes Is the Spirit. Once it's taken from Earth Nothing Will Hold them Back...
Stevie (3 years ago)
they dont kill humans? oh yes they do!
PINK CHAMPAGNE (3 years ago)
+Mama Maya I was thinking that they do, I am sure I have heard JC say they are dangerous,  Also I recon dog men are more freaky then big foot, but in saying that, I don't want to see either except on here.
smokedaddy258 (3 years ago)
+Mama Maya KILL 'EM BACK!
Dennis Hernden (3 years ago)
Get rid o the music Brenton....too loud....But love yer work
Lufthansa (3 years ago)
please cut off music let me listen talkers.thaaaanks
sparrowgirl 98 (3 years ago)
The hyena like creatures in North America were referred to as the "shunka warakin" by the tribes of the northern plains. The meaning of that phrase was "carries off dogs".
Sapio Phile (4 months ago)
@Jk Grunge they are known to hunt pet dogs and eat them
Jk Grunge (8 months ago)
@brenton sawin Mysteries To Search what do you mean by carry off dogs?
+sparrowgirl 98 thats interesting. They are reported to carry off dogs often. Thank you.

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