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Homemade stout sausage roll ft. The Food Busker | The Craft Beer Channel

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Jonny joins John "Food Busker" Quilter in Camden Market to cook up a giant beery sausage roll for the punters. Made with pork, apple, sage and Siren Empress stout, this recipe is a monster! And full credit to Jamie Oliver - it's based on his recipe from Jamie's Comfort Food. See what people would pay for it, and let us know what you would!
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Text Comments (31)
Scott McGinn (1 year ago)
made... awesome
Glad you liked it!
Siddharth Shivalkar (3 years ago)
i just wish you guys open up a joint restaurant in India.... Hugh, Johnny, Jamie...etc...
Sweetpea (3 years ago)
It is in the oven now. Can not wait. Apex NC USA Thanks!
The Craft Beer Channel (3 years ago)
Let us know how it comes out!
Spiceologist (3 years ago)
Looks easy and delicious! Two GREAT qualities to have.
The Craft Beer Channel (3 years ago)
and two that embody Jonny himself.
Diego Sheish (3 years ago)
$3.25 pounds on average.
Food Busker (3 years ago)
Bacon and beer, I had not chance.  Great dish Jonny and incredible bevvie 
The Craft Beer Channel (3 years ago)
+Food Busker cheers bro. Let's do another soon. Maybe I'll skip the bacon to make it more even.
dailyhotguy (3 years ago)
What the heck is a RASHER? No matter - if you boys say I need it, I'll find it...if not I'll just drink the beer. 
picarochi (3 years ago)
+dailyhotguy It's just what we Brits call a slice of bacon.
Andrew Maher (3 years ago)
This just changed my plans for tomorrow's dinner. Originally it was going to be +DJ BBQ  Meatloaf then those Scotch Eggs over on +Food Busker  had me for a moment, but Jonny this is just a beauty. Can't wait now for dinner. Thanks and for me, 3.50
Andrew Maher (3 years ago)
+The Craft Beer Channel Worked out just wonderfully. Will keep this one for a future replay. Thanks!
The Craft Beer Channel (3 years ago)
Thanks Andrew - save the others for another time!
Kim Johnson (3 years ago)
In the us I would pay 3.50
Ireland1984 (3 years ago)
Looks the business, shall be doing this for Christmas Eve. Can I request you do a Christmas beer cocktail? Need some inspiration!
Ireland1984 (3 years ago)
+The Craft Beer Channel Look forward to it! Cheers!  
The Craft Beer Channel (3 years ago)
We're all over it! Shooting two cocktails next week... cheers!
tomber220 (3 years ago)
Looks great... and for that reason I wouldn't pay and just bugger off with the lot like a thief
The Craft Beer Channel (3 years ago)
And we'd be too full of sausage roll to chase you.
Wendy Brady (3 years ago)
This is going to be my new Christmas buffet sausage roll recipe! Thanks guys!👍I would definitely pay £3.00 for a chunk of man food that good!
The Craft Beer Channel (3 years ago)
karl devlin (3 years ago)
Oh yeah!!!Making this today...St Mels Brewing company have a comp running where they want you to cook up something using their Oatmeal & Raisin stout,I'm nicking this...Cheers lads!
The Craft Beer Channel (3 years ago)
Outrageous! Hope it works for ya. Give us a shout out if it does!
Jacob Buswell (3 years ago)
Made this as soon as I watched the video. Its incredible!
The Craft Beer Channel (3 years ago)
Amazing! Glad it turned out well - what beer did you use?
Wild Mushroom (3 years ago)
bailaontheplaya (3 years ago)
I would pay a quick 4.50. No questions asked.
sofakingdrunk66 (3 years ago)
Thats 2 am comfort scran..
The Craft Beer Channel (3 years ago)
it's ANY TIME comfort food!

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