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New Tractor (John Deere 3038e) and a place to store it (Shelter Logic)

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Don't forget to like, comment, and subscribe for more. Thanks for watching!!! New tractor arrived and we put up a temporary storage unit until a more permanent structure can be completed. Everyone wanted a turn driving and operating the new toy. Projects are getting done one by one.
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Jesús Costas (7 months ago)
This kind of tractor is too slow if you dont have a car with a trailer. If the distance is too far you spend a lot of fuel. Finally if you have a big tractor the problem is that you need a lot of fuel in your fuel tank. Jhon Deere is a cheat they don give you this tractor with 40/50 km per hour.
Brett Harrison (2 years ago)
Nice video, I have a 3038e also, great little tractors. Careful grading with the bucket curdled forward, I've seen many a cylinders bend or snap on these smaller tractors.
Thanks for watching +Hatya05! I agree, with the bucket curled forward it can create extra strain on the cylinders. Unfortunately we did not have enough space to back drag to the corners as the grade around the edges was pretty steep. We definitely take it slow and use plenty of precaution anytime we have it curled forward like that.
Hatya05 (1 year ago)
Brett Harrison ill second this. Back drag that's why the bucket is shaped the way it is

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