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How To Make a WordPress Website For Beginners

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ALL NEW 2019 VERSION IS NOW LIVE :-) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yRUUMTPhLH0 WORDPRESS FOR BEGINNERS This how to make a WordPress website for beginners tutorial covers all the steps needed to create your own WordPress website from start to finish. This includes the steps for determining a good WordPress web host, purchasing WordPress web hosting, installing WordPress for free, installing themes and plug-ins for your WordPress for free, and then step-by-step walking you through everything you'll need to know to create your website from start to finish. DISCOUNT HOSTING OFFERS Host Link: http://hostgator.com/webyoda Coupon #1 : webyoda (Save 60% Everything) Coupon #2 : webyoda1cent (1st Month is only 1 cent) OUR WEB DEVELOPER TOOLS PARTNERS Free Logo : http://designevo.com/webyoda (Coupon WEBYODA30OFF) Elementor: https://go.elementor.com/webyoda COMPLETE STEP BY STEP TO BUILD THE SAMPLE SITE What's nice is that you will be able to build our fully responsive sample site, WebDesignTrainingSchool.com, in a little less than two hours of web development time. Then you are ready to start building your own WordPress website where the only thing you'll have to invest is your time and the hosting is going to run anywhere from maybe $5-$10 per a month. Call this WordPress for Dummies if you like, but when you see the results you can create yourself, you will see who the real dummies are. :-) While building our sample site WebDesignTrainingSchool.com, we’ll learn how to build a logo online so you won’t have to buy any software, we’ll learn how to create a menu bar, and we’ll learn how to do pull downs in a menu bar. Then we’ll learn how to make a meta slider of images, in this case it's some images that are glowing in and out. We'll also learn how to make call-to-action areas, we'll learn how to make a photo gallery, we'll then learn how to add social media to the bottom of every page. Next we'll build all the interior pages starting with an about us. We'll learn how to add links to a page as well as graphics and then we'll build a courses page which will have the courses with drill downs and then inside of each of the courses page will learn how to add YouTube videos to the page. Then we'll build a testimonials page where we'll learn how to do fancy little boxes around each of the testimonials. On the donations page we'll learn how to make a donation button, add more graphics, and more links. Finally on the contact us page we'll learn how to build a fully functional Contact Us page including a message area that will send an email to you or anybody you choose. Also it'll have a functional google map that will allow us to zoom in zoom out and left and right. You'll then be able to use any combination of these new skills in your current and future projects. TIMESTAMPS Step 1 - 00:00:00 Introduction Step 2 - 00:03:07 Choose Web Hosting Step 3 - 00:06:40 Get Domain & Web Hosting Step 4 - 00:17:15 Install WordPress Application Step 5 - 00:20:08 Install WordPress Theme Step 6 - 00:23:08 Install WordPress Plugins Step 7 - 00:29:37 WordPress Log In / Log Out Step 8 - 00:31:47 Create Logo Step 9 - 00:34:16 About Hex Color Step 10 - 00:40:43 Add Logo To Menu Step 11 - 00:42:19 Create Cover Image Step 12 - 00:52:41 Add Cover Meta Slider Step 13 - 00:56:46 Build Home Page Step 14 - 00:57:40 Activate Custom HomePage Step 15 - 01:11:38 Add Photo Gallery Step 16 - 01:19:46 Add Social Media To Footer Step 17 - 01:22:17 Create Blank Pages Step 18 - 01:38:06 Build About Us Page Step 19 - 01:34:13 Choose Website Fonts Step 20 - 01:31:33 Menu Bar Colors Step 21 - 01:43:07 Build Courses Page Step 22 - 01:46:17 Build WordPress Hosting Course Page Step 23 - 01:49:28 Build Beginning WordPress Course Page Step 24 - 01:49:28 Build Hosting Page (Same as 23) Step 25 - 01:54:49 Build Donations Page Step 26 - 02:00:43 Build Contact Page Step 27 - 02:09:16 Add Contact Us Form Step 28 - 02:15:56 Add Location Map ABOUT THE AUTHOR About me (Yoda) – http://webyoda.com/first-certified-webmaster/ (First Certified Webmaster) WebYoda - http://webyoda.com/ (Owner) WOW Academy - http://webmastercertification.com/ (Online Training Creator) Web Design Training School - http://webdesigntrainingschool.com/ - (YouTube Instructor) WE LOVE QUESTIONS & COMMENTS Questions? Comments? Please leave them below, we would love to hear from you.
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WebYoda (1 year ago)
STUDENT FORUM NOW LIVE!! Many of you have shown an interest in a student forum where we can share ideas, comments and questions. It makes perfect sense to use this page as our forum to stay in touch with each other. Please use this page to ask any questions related to the course or your website, and check back often to see what others have posted.
WebYoda (5 months ago)
Thanks dawn it was a great trip. I will be working on a video of how to backup your website so you can keep an extra copy for yourself soon. stay tune :-)
The Royal Road to Heaven (6 months ago)
Yes, they are, I can't believe what I have learned from you...thank you for your email response yesterday. I hope you had a good trip to Amsterdam and a safe trip home...be in touch  dk
WebYoda (6 months ago)
Glad things are all coming together for you dawn :-)
The Royal Road to Heaven (6 months ago)
Thank you so much. There is an audio widget on the WP site but it is for short audios.Solved the CONTACT page issues, emails were going to spam; Overlap of Message center was related to attributes...now I know...many thanks dk
WebYoda (6 months ago)
For visitor counts, I have used hit counter max 2.0 plugin in the past and it works nicely. You can find it here https://wordpress.org/plugins/hit-counter-max/, just download it m then add the plugin as you did the others. As for adding audio, I have not had a client request that feature so I have not tested any audio plugins, but the following link may be a good starting point. https://wordpress.org/plugins/search/audio/
Jonathon Cortez (8 days ago)
Very well paced easy to understand WordPress video tutorial! You are very good at what you do.
Kent Larson (8 days ago)
What is your take on building WordPress Online Vs. downloading WordPress offline?
Corey Caldwell (8 days ago)
Can i use GoDaddy hosting for WordPress? i prefer because i have account with them.
Allan Roy (8 days ago)
WordPress was very user-unfriendly, but very easy now with your straight-talking steps to do things
Katherine Scott (8 days ago)
Amazing video!! Who knew Web Development could be this easy.
Jason Young (9 days ago)
Two Thumbs Up!!! By the way, do you have a tutorial for real estate websites or suggestions of plugins?
Cody Simpson (9 days ago)
Very great video! Years ago I used to update websites for a volunteer group
Jose Fletcher (9 days ago)
Oh my word, Thank You! I went through so many videos and was so confused. Yours is the best Webyoda!
Sharon Ross (9 days ago)
I would like to build a new website to replace my existing website, your video will help. thanks
Julian Sutton (9 days ago)
Thank you so much for this. Appreciate it so much. Excellent teacher.
Leland Gibbs (9 days ago)
This tutorial was very helpful. You made it much less scary. Thank you.
Terry Kelly (9 days ago)
Awesome video, extremely helpful....Keep the videos coming.WELL DONE.
Duane Bass (9 days ago)
Enjoyed.. very Informative, makes wordpress look like fun
Jean Price (9 days ago)
Thanks WebYoda! I finally found answers for all my questions!
Joe Thomas (10 days ago)
Top video, very easy to follow. I recently created a website using Wordpress using Photographer.
Andrew Houston (10 days ago)
Thx for posting such a great and helpful website video.
Stephen Kelly (10 days ago)
I already have a website but want to build a new updated one using the wordpress platform per your video.
Judith Bell (10 days ago)
Great video! Wordpress easier than I thought, Thanks Yoda
Stewardship in Action (11 days ago)
I don't see any upload themes button when I watch at the 22.22 mark?
Myron Alexander (13 days ago)
I'm going to give this a shot WebYoda. hanks for the great tutorial.
Garrett Horton (13 days ago)
Thank you so much. Do you have any videos how to move a website from one web host to another?
Dexter Moreno (13 days ago)
Excellent! I feel confident watching the first time considering I am not a tech guy. I will watch :-)
Timothy Pierce (13 days ago)
Who would thumbs down free information? I knew nothing about WP and this helped me tremendously.
Paula Martinez (13 days ago)
Need help is there a way i can talk to you off youtube about my website?
WebYoda (6 days ago)
Sure, you can email me at [email protected]
Anthony Mitchell (14 days ago)
I have a question after buying this hosting how many website i will make on it.
Ralph Cox (14 days ago)
Simply an amazing, no nonsense, to-the-point video! Keep up the good work WebYoda!
Shawn Lee (14 days ago)
If I already have a domain and a hosting, can i still use wordpress? and how so?
Janet Moore (14 days ago)
Nice Video and great bagful of information, thank you dude, I'll have to contact you.
Frank Thornton (14 days ago)
Best WordPress tutorial I have found on YouTube. And it is free. Just amazing!
Daniel Wilson (14 days ago)
I learned so much from your course Yoda, I am now building my own website thanks to you
Cesar Goodwin (14 days ago)
Very clear and easy to follow for a newbie! Thanks. Now really looking forward to getting started This week!
Mark Jordan (14 days ago)
Yoda, you made this tutorial so easy, it's my first time and i already understand it
Martha Bennett (14 days ago)
Your wordpress tutorial is just amazing! Thank you a lot. So simple, but a great boost for beginners.
June July (14 days ago)
Shirley Vickers (14 days ago)
great video
Heather Bond (14 days ago)
Douglas Morris (15 days ago)
Great video and I couldn't imagine that making own websites is so easy. Thank you for your video Yoda!
Neal Owen (15 days ago)
This video is one of the best videos ever made to teach beginners how to setup their website easily, thanks
Scott Ortega (15 days ago)
Thanks man.. nice video, it really helped me as a beginner in wordpress now i can create my own website
Jody Barber (15 days ago)
Greetings also from me. for this fantastic tutorial.
Margaret Jones (15 days ago)
Hi you may be able to help with Im having an issue with a theme on wordpress is called Small Business.
Maurice Henderson (15 days ago)
Listening to your video over and over again I'm beginning to get the feel for wordpress
Patricia Richardson (16 days ago)
Great tutorial Yoda, Thanks so much for doing this. I learned a lot.
WebYoda (15 days ago)
You're welcome! Thanks for the feedback :)
Allan Abbott (16 days ago)
Out of all the videos I have viewed THIS one was an EPIPHANY! Good Job!
WebYoda (15 days ago)
Thanks so much!
Perry Marshall (16 days ago)
I have created my website because of this video and linked it to your video tutorial :)
Christian Fleming (16 days ago)
I have been struggling with finding a tutorial to get me starting with creating my site. Thank Yoda
WebYoda (15 days ago)
You're welcome! Thanks for the feedback!
Patricia Richardson (16 days ago)
This wordpress tutorial was to the point and easy to understand.Thank you very much.
WebYoda (15 days ago)
You're welcome! Thanks for the feedback :)
Jack Wolfe (17 days ago)
Thank you Yoda for a very clear, full of details and useful WP tut.
WebYoda (15 days ago)
You're welcome! :)
Tommie Little (17 days ago)
Hi, could you talk about customising the footer area, some design ideas and tips for future videos ... Thanks :)
WebYoda (15 days ago)
Great idea, thanks!
Roy Henderson (17 days ago)
Amazing wordpress Video....Thanks for making it so comprehensive..
WebYoda (15 days ago)
You're welcome, and thanks for the feedback!
Richard Smith (17 days ago)
As always your tutorials are awesome. Many thanks WebYoda
WebYoda (15 days ago)
You're very welcome! Thanks for the feedback!
Nicole Ramirez (17 days ago)
How much do you do websites for?
WebYoda (15 days ago)
Mine start at about $1500 with a monthly maintenance fee, but I also have an extensive portfolio and many years of experience, so you may want to get a survey
Nicholas Diaz (17 days ago)
I am using this for my minecraft website LOL
WebYoda (15 days ago)
Hope it's working out for you! :)
Mathew Perry (17 days ago)
So HostGator says may take up to 72 hours for your website to show up?
Carlos Hughes (17 days ago)
Much needed Wordpress video, excellent help, cannot thank you more.
Eddie Carson (17 days ago)
Great tutorial! I just shared this with our Twitter following. Keep up the great work!
Frances Wilson (17 days ago)
Thank you Yoda for a very clear, full of details and useful WP tut.
Victor Baker (18 days ago)
Your are an awesome wordpress tutor coz i really learn a lot. I'll be following you coz i need to learn more.
Kelvin Garza (18 days ago)
Just made my own website with this. You are the BEST!!!!
Ronald Watson (18 days ago)
WebYoda, You have no idea of how thankful to you I am. What great video offer without charging!
Willie Cooper (18 days ago)
God bless I found your wordpress video, I just need this for my assignment.
Sharon Rivera (18 days ago)
Very helpful, clear and informative! Thank you Yoda!!
Phillip Bell (18 days ago)
I was just curious as to how you learned all of this information that you are teaching. Many thanks
Ellis Sutton (18 days ago)
Yoda this is Awesome. Very clear and straightforward. Thanks a lot.
Virgil Jackson (18 days ago)
Hi i'm finally completed but it was truly worth it. WebYoda are awesome!!!!!!! Thanks?
Maria Powell (19 days ago)
Hi Yoda, I just wanna thank and appreciate your excellent effort to share your knowledge.
Guadalupe Price (19 days ago)
This is great and simple and easy to do wordpress design and worth watching. Highly recommended?
Nazid Soulé (1 month ago)
hébergement web site gratuit: @t
WebYoda (30 days ago)
Thanks so much!
Susan Hicks (1 month ago)
Since this video is in the 2018 and it is now 2019 can you please tell me the new codes if any?.
WebYoda (1 month ago)
the code webyoda give you 60% off and is valid. I also have a 2019 course both courses are different sites so you would want to decide which site best meets your needs. Both courses still work just fine. the link to 2019 course is https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yRUUMTPhLH0
Илья Котов (1 month ago)
Lissette Velec (2 months ago)
pic monkey I have to pay, do you know a web page its free. force to pay
Emily Yin (9 days ago)
Try fotojet.com. It has premium option for payment, while it's has 100% free option even without registration requirement. :) Help share WebYoda tutorial to help more people, if you like it. ;)
WebYoda (2 months ago)
WOW that really frustrates me that they have changed their policy. You could do the free trial using a gmail account. Then if the trial runs out make a new trial picmonkey account by altering your gmail for example [email protected] works the same as [email protected], but picmonkey will think it is a new gmail account. Also this site seems free but my instructions will not work here: https://www.fotor.com
Gail Becker (2 months ago)
Thank you so much for this class. Like Diana, I am pledging to pay it forward as well.
WebYoda (2 months ago)
Thanks Gail, great students like yourself make it all worth it. Be sure to view my 2019 WordPress course as it has lots on new great features like video backgrounds https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yRUUMTPhLH0
Suresh Harvu (2 months ago)
This is just so awesome training. Kept me engaged for 2 hrs and now I am rearing to implement the training. Thank you!!!
WebYoda (2 months ago)
Thanks for the feedback Suresh, I look forward to seeing you final results
Sam Awad (2 months ago)
Great course so far. Question, can I use my own domain name or do I need to purchase a new domain?
WebYoda (2 months ago)
Yes Sam, but you will need to point your domain to your HostGator hosting account.
Diana Stammer (2 months ago)
Thanks to WebYoda, I got a job as web developer this year in a very big organization in U.K. Your course really helped!
WebYoda (2 months ago)
That is very exciting news Diana, well done!
Samuel Charles (3 months ago)
should really appreciate your work, almost 2 & half hours and covered every corner about creating a WordPress site using a related theme. one of the best way to explain for the beginners, you have shown each step and how the workflow should go. Still, if anyone finds it tough to build a site we are here to help you, visit us https://www.developeronrent.com/hire-web-developers.html
John Lockwood (3 months ago)
Thank you for this video. Very informative.
WebYoda (3 months ago)
Thanks so much John!!
Shaun Macloughlin (3 months ago)
Please can you tell me where I can learn in elementor to insert audio? Is this info contained in the tutorial? if so at about what timing please?
WebYoda (3 months ago)
I don't have any examples of inserting audio, but I have a new course that is everything about elementor https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yRUUMTPhLH0
Shein Htet Han (3 months ago)
Really Inspiring!
WebYoda (3 months ago)
Much respect Black, love the comments
Phary Maniam (4 months ago)
Awesome training, cool and relaxed. Thank you for showing in detail. The best of all.
WebYoda (3 months ago)
thanks! I have a new course as well that uses elementor https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yRUUMTPhLH0
The Royal Road to Heaven (4 months ago)
Dear Yoda: Daily I tell myself to take a moment and thank you for this miraculous video that allowed me to create and work on daily to improve ....prayingwithteresaofavila.com....I am so appreciative to you and wanted to wish you a Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year! I just can't thank you enough for your phenomenal teaching skill, quiet demeanor and generous spirit.I am implementing a French School of Prayer in Bordeaux France https://www.oraison-bordeaux.fr/les-enseignements.htmlbut they use all audio, they record the talks and then post them. I prefer the pwr pt and handouts to allow people everywhere to create a school based on my work. With the French I have to listen, translate, etc.....BUT....Could you help me know how to do what they are doing. You sent me a link with info but my level is so elementary that I don't know what to do with it. If it is not a widget on my site I don't know how to add one....anyway with that information and recordings added to my site anyone anywhere could  create their own school of prayer based on my work.....any time maybe after the holidays to do a short video on it....how to add an Audio widget to my site widgets already installed.Anyway enough of me...hope you are well and all my best for the New Year 2019....Dawn Keeler [email protected]
Morgan Hamilton (4 months ago)
Thank you so much! This tutorial was so helpful.
WebYoda (3 months ago)
Thanks Morgan, LMK when you complete your site.
Faith Coates (4 months ago)
thanks I am new to the wp world and this seems to be a great way to create.
WebYoda (3 months ago)
Yes it is easy and very flexible.
E The Frozen One (4 months ago)
No joke....what is a Wordpress, a website?
WebYoda (3 months ago)
WordPress is an application that lets you build your website more easily
SYLVIA HALL (4 months ago)
What is the difference between getting "web hosting" vs. "wp hosting"?
WebYoda (3 months ago)
WP hosting is a web host that supports WordPress. In many cases they try to sell you WP hosting at a higher rate and they install WP for you. In this video we purchase regular web hosting and manually install WP ourselves. It is an one-click install with hostgator, very easy.
MEGAN MORGAN (4 months ago)
WebYoda, you are the best, this was amazing.
WebYoda (3 months ago)
awe thanks megan :-)
ANNETTE HENDERSON (4 months ago)
Great tutorial WebYoda, really enjoyed it as well.
DEBORA COLEMAN (4 months ago)
I can’t thank you enough for this! You taught me so much.
WebYoda (1 month ago)
You're very welcome :)
Elena Timmer (4 months ago)
Thank you WebYoda. That was very informative and easy to follow, now to try and see if I can actually do it
WebYoda (1 month ago)
You're welcome!
Truyền Thích (4 months ago)
your video great HD
WebYoda (1 month ago)
Thank you!!
Web Cells (4 months ago)
​@t Best website for people that dont want to spend much.It has amazing premium themes and plugins with amazing discounts and they offer free updates forever.Its legal and malware free as well!
WebYoda (1 month ago)
Thank you for the review!
AMN GLOBAL (4 months ago)
Great job. Very well explained.
WebYoda (1 month ago)
Thank you!
SEO SEO SEO (5 months ago)
Looks like a solid class for people just starting out. :)
WebYoda (5 months ago)
Thx {thumbsup}
Stanley gardener (5 months ago)
Maybe that is the completed site--home page ~ What I am looking at in orange. Pardon me if it is. Thx again!
WebYoda (5 months ago)
No problem, let me know if you have further questions.
Stanley gardener (5 months ago)
Good tutorial. Excellent. I was hoping to see the completed site before I got started to see if it was what I needed. If you have it please provide the link for the completed site. Thx.
WebYoda (5 months ago)
Hello stanley, http://webdesigntrainingschool.com is the complete site you are building. It is also an active site and not just a sample.
Volodo Ashu (5 months ago)
hey yoda thanks for the video but the html code for the contact is not clear
WebYoda (5 months ago)
The meta slider plugin we used for the main page can also be used to make sliding picture shows. Give that a trying and see how that works for you.
WebYoda (5 months ago)
OK, thanks for the feedback, I will look to zoom in on html examples in future videos
Volodo Ashu (5 months ago)
+WebYoda hey how can i add a sliding picures to them rows instead of text.
Volodo Ashu (5 months ago)
+WebYoda it was hard to read the sreen
WebYoda (5 months ago)
Meaning it is hard to read on the screen or you are unclear on how to make it work? I would love to help you with this.
Diptanshu Malviya (5 months ago)
thank you
A Really Big Dwarf (5 months ago)
thanks yoda
ABC DEF (5 months ago)
WOW!!! Yoda! Thank you so so much! Keep em coming!

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