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How To Send Push Notifications With Wordpress

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In This Wordpress tutorial, I will show you how to send push notifications to visitors on your wordpress website! Today, getting subscribers is becoming more and more important. The new push notification features for visitors is a great way to build a database and much easier than having people subscribe to your website. You can create an account at onesignal.com For more tutorials like this or to learn how to make a wordpress website, feel free to visit my website at http://www.darrelwilson.com wordpress plugin
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Text Comments (93)
Eddie Foster (1 day ago)
Awesome tutorial....thanks DW
Mayank S (17 days ago)
Hi Darrel, Nice Tutorial. Please tell how will onesignal notification work on a webview(app) of a wordpress website
Kenney Erimakonosine (26 days ago)
Hi Darrel, thanks for the tutorial.. I followed through the entire process But mine doesn't seem to work 🤔
Kenney Erimakonosine (26 days ago)
Darrel Wilson there's no error message I'm getting but the push notifications haven't appeared on my wp website yet.. It's www.wealthhack.com.ng I've followed your tutorials in setting up the website so far.
Darrel Wilson (26 days ago)
what are the errors you are getting?
Technology Live Hindi (1 month ago)
Aidan Clark Dela Cruz (1 month ago)
Hell YEAH! THANKS FOR SHARING THIS VIDEO SIR! YOU HELPED US A LOT! Looking forward to check out your new tutorials! :)
Darrel Wilson (1 month ago)
glad it worked for you, welcome to the channel!
Joe Debono (1 month ago)
I don’t like Safari = credibility lost.
Joe Debono (1 month ago)
Darrel, you misunderstood, YOU not liking Safari means your credibility is lost. What’s not to like? In any case, as a developer, what browser you prefer should have no impact on how people consume content.
Darrel Wilson (1 month ago)
same but some people still use it
Pritam Khedekar (2 months ago)
I have enabled it. Please check ma website... http://techwanderers.in
Pritam Khedekar (2 months ago)
Bro you are amazing....
Darrel Wilson (2 months ago)
thanks bro, goku all the way
M John (2 months ago)
i don't know whats wrong here i followed but failed to enable this feature
Paolo Lopes (3 months ago)
Thanks Darrel, that was another amazing tutorial.
Darrel Wilson (3 months ago)
thank you! i appreciate it
books jobs (4 months ago)
how i active google android in onesignal push notification
Evin I (4 months ago)
Just Signed-Up,thanks !!!
Darrel Wilson (4 months ago)
right on! good luck
Sabka Bap bhim (4 months ago)
Sir please help me 8340392230 call me or please give me your contact please please...
Darrel Wilson (4 months ago)
lol im sorry bro but i dont offer tech support
Natural Virgo (4 months ago)
This tutorial doesn’t match my screen and the plugin doesn’t work, my screen prompts me to add code to my header. I did this before and this made me lose my header theme php. file.
weight lose expert (5 months ago)
Thank you so much, i followed the steps and it is working.
Darrel Wilson (5 months ago)
right on you are welcome!
Influence Digest (6 months ago)
Amaaazing tutorial!
Darrel Wilson (6 months ago)
Vishal (6 months ago)
How make this bell for amp version too?
Robert Cain (6 months ago)
Question, you selected the option to include iOS and android. Does that mean when you make a new post it also sends to all devices including ios, android and browsers?
Surya N (6 months ago)
Thanks Darrel for video
Darrel Wilson (6 months ago)
you are very welcome
Dx By HeyPayback (6 months ago)
which hosting are you using? Cloud Or Any more
Darrel Wilson (6 months ago)
I use siteground cloud hosting
ActiveHealing (6 months ago)
5:35 made wix guy with glasses commercial pop to mind "its all me" lol .
ActiveHealing (6 months ago)
thank great tutorial, I was actually looking for info on how to send text/email reminders to contacts. I use google calendar but any calendar would be fine. preferably free :)
abhay singh (6 months ago)
How to create push notification with wordpress and ionic When i write a post ?
Darrel Wilson (6 months ago)
i think with the pro version, they have this
Stephanie Onyeche (8 months ago)
Thanks for the video. I was following the OneSignal guide and got stuck on a specific part, then I came across your video and i found the solution right away. Thanks again...it was very helpful!
Darrel Wilson (8 months ago)
congrats, glad i could help out
Rewechtv (8 months ago)
Thank you Darrel, great work .. it help me a lot
Darrel Wilson (8 months ago)
you are welcome! good luck
Thaís Betat (9 months ago)
Darrel Wilson (9 months ago)
you are welcome!
PixemWeb (10 months ago)
Great Video. Gotta grab peoples attention in this distraction filled world.
Darrel Wilson (10 months ago)
right on, thanks!
Joe Griffith (10 months ago)
am curious. does this work on mobile or just desktop browsers? when i try to activate ios, starts asking about production certificates and such. also, how do we incorporate various info collecting tools without driving customers away? i'd be annoyed if i got a push opt-in which was then immediately followed by a bloom pop-up asking for my email. thanks!
Darrel Wilson (10 months ago)
this works mostly on computer and tablet
Tom Tom (11 months ago)
Can you consider making a video on how to make a newsletter for ecommerce?
Patial V Mohit Kumar (11 months ago)
Thanks for your all tutorials they are very helpful for beginners
Rick Hema (11 months ago)
Hey Darrel, thank you, appreciate your tutorials.
Darrel Wilson (11 months ago)
you are very welcome
Juan Karlo Cházaro (11 months ago)
Is like a pop up right? or whats the diference?
Darrel Wilson (11 months ago)
when you visit the website, your visitors will get a popup
wesam (11 months ago)
Darrel Wilson (11 months ago)
you are very welcome
Jihad Al Razqi (11 months ago)
I always block those notification pop ups! 🤕
Biel (4 months ago)
many people also don't read emails they suscribed for but that's not a reason to not send emails to subscribers... always some will open and some will not
Tony Baldwin (7 months ago)
It's OK ... you are not a prospect.
Ryan grover (11 months ago)
how old r u darrel? i really wondercoz you sound like u r 18 or 19.
Darrel Wilson (11 months ago)
im in my 20's. thanks tho i sound young huh
kaba 365 (11 months ago)
your new logo look amazing
Darrel Wilson (11 months ago)
hell yeah, thanks bro
hidrokoxilas (11 months ago)
You helped me a lot to make my own woocommerce e-shop. I want to ask you if this notifications plugin works with woocommerce , so when i post a new product customers get the notification?
hidrokoxilas (11 months ago)
Thank you very much for your reply. I really appreciate it.
Darrel Wilson (11 months ago)
i havent found a good reliable one just yet
masti babu (11 months ago)
Darrel you are most influential person on youtube keep it up bro soon you will hit 1 million subscribes . my suggestion is also make videos on tech like . reviews, unboxing, tech info, like this. I have guarantee u will get 1 million subs only from india because india is #1 internet users country . but problem is much more people don't understand hindi language. so u will get definetly get 1 mill subs less than 6 months . ...best of luck ...... love from india
Darrel Wilson (11 months ago)
really appreciate the comment bro, thanks again
Alejandro Hernandez (11 months ago)
Hey Darrel! As always great video. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with all of us. If you don't mind I would like to ask you a question? it's not related to this video but i know and i hope you can give me a better idea if it is possible or not! Can we create sales funnels using WordPress? and if possible can you make a tutorial on how to step by step?
Darrel Wilson (11 months ago)
i dont use them too much. ><
Online Ziggasa (11 months ago)
Chris McCormick (11 months ago)
Always wanted to know how they did this...now I know! And it's FREE! Thanks again Darrel.
Darrel Wilson (11 months ago)
no prob, good luck with the website
Radhika vyas (11 months ago)
Hey Darrel..!!! Awesome work like always..!! I just want little bit help. I want to make an informative website just to show of my products and services..Can you please suggest me any theme or anything like that which can help me out...??? Please help me out......Thanks in advance
Darrel Wilson (11 months ago)
i like the divi theme, i have a tutorial on that as well
David Dunnington (11 months ago)
Hi Darrel, does this work with WooCommerce products too? Thanks
Darrel Wilson (11 months ago)
as of right now, no, they may have this in the pro version
Export Galaxy (11 months ago)
Nice video. I wanna ask how is its impact on wordpress speed? There was another similar service offered by Pushify and it made our online store super slow to load.
Darrel Wilson (11 months ago)
i havent used the other service, i just found that onesignal was the easiest to use
Darrel Wilson (11 months ago)
If you are still using email marketing, well your behind! Add push notifications to your website for FREE! ****THIS WORKS FOR PRODUCTS AS WELL, LET CUSTOMERS KNOW ABOUT YOUR NEW PRODUCTS!***
Rebel Pete (9 months ago)
Oh, so how does this beat email marketing exactly?The age-old mantra has always been the money is in the list. From what I understand this push thing is only meant to inform visitors of your new posts etc. While with email marketing you are building an asset by building a relationship and promoting relevant products to your subscribers which results in passive income. If you like to constantly write articles or post be my guest. Email marketing works best for people who want that passive income check on a daily basis year in year out.
jojotogo10 (11 months ago)
Tipity-top video Darrell many thanks for sharing it (including the mistakes! :))
Darrel Wilson (11 months ago)
lol right on, thanks again
Harsh Dev Sharma (11 months ago)
Hey Darrel, Can you make a video on myarcade plugin?
Darrel Wilson (11 months ago)
looks really cool ill awdd it to my list
Floower Resident (11 months ago)
You're always a life saver , keep checking 3 times a day if you upload a video every day 😂😂😂 even that i have notification alert
Darrel Wilson (11 months ago)
thanks again bro
Lazy Owly (11 months ago)
Thanks a lot brother!!! This is great stuff.
Darrel Wilson (11 months ago)
woot, thanks bro
Millard Clark (11 months ago)
You continue to be my go to guy, for all things wise and cool!!!
Darrel Wilson (11 months ago)
i appreciate it, good to hear
Tai Chi (11 months ago)
thanks Darrell:)
Darrel Wilson (11 months ago)
you are welcome!
Currently I am using push engage for sending push notifications. Is onesignal better than this? What do you say?
Darrel Wilson (11 months ago)
if it works for you, i would stay with your current provider

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