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John Deere 3038E - switching attachments and the brush hog

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Sidney Mathious (11 months ago)
I love the brush hog which I got with my 790 tractor, use it more than any other implement. I also received a trailer, and box blade with the package also. Since then I have just purchased a new 3032E tractor, and have to get a quick hitch for this tractor also.
Thanks for watching and the comment +Sidney Mathious!  A trailer is definitely on our wish list and would be useful for getting the tractor to places where we can help others out.  We opted for a landscape rake instead of a box blade but would still find plenty of uses for a box blade if we had one.  The quick hitch has been very beneficial and for us and was definitely a must have.  Enjoy your 3032E!!!
Bakerisbad (8 months ago)
I wished you finished showing how you attached the cutter to the 3 point hitch before you attached the PTO shaft.
Thanks for watching and the comment +Bakerisbad!  Currently we use the John Deer iMatch quick hitch system to attach the cutter, so there was not much to show once it was all lined up.  At that point it is just a matter of raising the 3 point to allow the hooks on the iMatch to connect with the attachment and then we flip down to levers to lock it in place and once we attach the PTO shaft, we are ready to go.  If you want a closer look at the iMatch, you can check out this video of ours:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7_F2vfRLDbM
Re Silc (9 months ago)
gee, wish JD would do some owners videos 1/2 as good
Thanks for the comment +Re Silc!  Before purchasing our tractor and equipment, I watched just about every video YouTube had on 2 and 3 series John Deere tractors and now have enjoyed sharing our own experiences.  Thanks again for the support!!!
Jeremy Mitzuk (10 months ago)
We do not currently have a machine. I am looking into purchasing one soon. We have 100 acres in northern Minnesota along a river. Much of the terrain is clay and heavily wooded. The pasture areas have great grass, so I'm looking for kinda of a do all machine. Thanks for your reply.
Jeremy Mitzuk (10 months ago)
How steep can a tractor like yours mow and travel? We have some land that needs to be brush mowed, but much of it is at a pitch. Guessing around 15-17%
Hi Jeremy Mitzuk.  Thanks for watching!  It really depends upon your set up (width of tractor and mower and how the weight is positioned on the equipment) and which direction you are going to be mowing.  If you are traveling straight up and down the incline it can handle a pretty steep pitch.  However if you are traveling horizontally along the pitch I personally would not feel comfortable pushing it much over 10%.  If we have a steeper incline, I usually try tackling it by going straight up and then back down instead of approaching it from the side and mowing horizantally across it.  What do you currently use for equipment to mow your land? Or what are you hoping to get?
BigJim57 (1 year ago)
aw-jeepers way....................to short! i wanted to see ya cut them over grown ferns.
mi2tn (1 year ago)
That should make short work of the growth.
Brandon Trainor (1 year ago)
Good video

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