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Create Google Site using New Builder

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- Website Design https://hernandezmastermind.com/website Alain Hernandez, President at Hernandez MasterMind; shares with you a Video about How to Create Google Site using New Builder while he was working on a Website Design for a Business Customer. Not every customer can afford a high end website design like those I can create with wordpress. When looking for a simple, yet affordable website solution; new google sites seems ok for starting up on how to build a website. Working inside the new Google Sites is very standard plus features are simple, yet provides an easy to understand builder for Entrepreneurs; to create a website in google without the extra cost and time involved with a Self-Hosted WordPress. - Complete Business Solutions for Entrepreneurs needing Monthly Strategic Services. https://hernandezmastermind.com/solutions One great thing about the new Google Sites, is that it comes included with G Suite for Business; if you have such Account. You may also integrate your domain as well to use with google sites. One of my customers needed a website for his business, lucky for him he already had g suite account when he purchased his domain; after we compared the two he decided that Google Sites was simple enough to make a website. Of course just because is simple does not mean it will suck, I've created a landing page that was professional; while also focusing on call to action. Connect on Social Media - Facebook https://www.facebook.com/HernandezMasterMind - Twitter https://twitter.com/SuccessfulAlain - Google https://plus.google.com/u/0/117920239042928295237 Blog Content - Check our Blog Posts for Shared Videos https://hernandezmastermind.com/blog-content/create-google-site
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