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What is Dropshipping Business, How does it work and How do People make Money with it?

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What is Dropshipping Business, How does it work, How to start a Drop Shipping Business and How do People make Money with it? AliExpress, AliDropship, WooCommerce, WordPress DropShipping Tutorial. ★ ----- Top 3 Best Hosting Providers ----- ★ *** Tmd Hosting -- https://bloggdude.com/tmd (Use NAYYAR7 for 7% Discount) *** SiteGround --- https://bloggdude.com/sg (Get 60% OFF Link) *** A2 Hosting --- https://bloggdude.com/a2 (Get 51% OFF Link) -------------------------------------- ★ Complete DropShipping Tutorial -- https://youtu.be/gUTP79Dvxds ★ Join the Gang --- http://bit.ly/2ch451i ★ AliDropship 10% Discount -- http://bloggdude.com/ads (Use NAYYAR10 for 10% Discount) ☑ Watched the video! ☐ Liked? ☐ Subscribed? -------------------------------------- ☑ Twitter -- https://twitter.com/realnayyar ☑ Facebook -- https://www.facebook.com/bloggdude -------------------------------------- ★★★eCommerce Video Playlist★★★ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sO3ujao67Dw&list=PLjR7HjmPoicEyJPKnoj5w7rdPIKjJ-KZu For more tutorials like this, or to learn how to make a wordpress website feel free to visit my website. Also make sure to subscribe to my newsletter where i give away divi layouts! Note: Some of the above links are Affiliate Links, Which Means I earn Some Commission through that Which helps me Keep Making these Free Videos for You. #wordpress #dropshipping #aliexpress #alidropship
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Text Comments (53)
Clever Media Malayalam (4 months ago)
You r great bro ... Keep it up 👍
Nayyar Shaikh (4 months ago)
Thanks a lot 😊
Fahd Vlogs (3 days ago)
I Started with nipkart.com e-commerce business but I need vendors to sell on my site can I help me plz !!
Ashok kumar (1 month ago)
I have a question 👉 jese ki apne kaha sab automatic hoga hume bas payment dena hai aliexpress me. Agar wo product aliexpress ke through ja rha hai to us product ka bill bhi to aliexpress ka hi jayega na
Ashok kumar (1 month ago)
i have a question
D TALK. (1 month ago)
Bro Can we rank a new website made from free domain and hosting??? And can we earn from google adsense on free website free or not???
Manmohan Saini (1 month ago)
Bhai image kha se download kre
md saad (1 month ago)
May I use pyoneer master card in my wordpress dropshipping site ?... (for all types of payment get way processes?)
Yashwant's vlogs (1 month ago)
Brother can we put google ads on Dropshipping website
Vijay Chandra (2 months ago)
You're awesome bro
muhammad musthafa (3 months ago)
Hai Bro! How can I contact you?
Asifiqbal Ansari (3 months ago)
who will bear custom duties, ?
Anwar Shad (3 months ago)
Hello sir my query is the buyer bought from my website and I transferred this order to 3rd party then my question is the product will be delivered the buyer with the the 3rd party banner like boxes or packing plastic... I think this will create confusion to the customer that I have ordered from another sites and this product comes from another site what is this?..... Plz reply....
Bro! What about returns and tracking info? How do the customer notified about the tracking info?
Ray B. (3 months ago)
What happens with regards to returns and refunds? Well done video!
William Cooper (3 months ago)
How do you handle returns?
im brijraj (3 months ago)
cool ty
D'Faro (3 months ago)
Not anyone will give all this information for free. This video is helpful!
News Alert Pakistan (3 months ago)
When we received product fromali express Price will mention on parcal
tatto khabar (3 months ago)
hay bro i am your big fan , plz help me, how to crate newspapers website wordpress, in hindi dubbed video, i living in nepal
aniket ghosh (3 months ago)
Please make a video how to promote the items.
anuj adams (3 months ago)
Nice 👍
subin babu (3 months ago)
Get 15% discount on alidropship plugin use code "STARTER15" http://bit.ly/2ri1rxD
Mukund Panda (4 months ago)
Hi I Am Looking For Web Hosting I Am Planning To Buy Web Hosting And Mostly I Love Wordpress Which Web Hosting Is Best For Website / Blog That Performance Speed Load Uptime Server Performance Time Etc. Do You Have Any Suggestion Which Web Hosting Company Should I Go For
ishwinder singh (4 months ago)
nice tutorial bro , but the key component of this business model is driving traffic to the store. Can u also teach us how to drive traffic to our store. And stripe alternative in india ?
ishwinder singh no he can’t because the whole thing is nonsense. He says lots of people are making money at it....really? No examples are given.
Rajesh Wankhade (4 months ago)
can u build website for me
CLASHER BIROJIT (3 months ago)
i can here is my website webfresh.in
Rajesh Wankhade (4 months ago)
nice sir
Abhijeet Singh (4 months ago)
I do have few queries related to this. 1. If the price on your site is higher than Ali express why would customer but it from your site? Generally, people do check 2-3 websites rather than hitting a single query. 2. When we place the order on Ali Express two things can happen. A- Invoice ( but as you said in one of the comment that we may request Ali Express not to include the Invoice. B- The name of the Ali Express once courier will reach at customer's place. Isn't? Your video is nice..Just curious to know about this thing as I am hearing it first time.
Everyday New For All (3 months ago)
dropship website par customer direct google search se nahi aate. isme aapko dropship website create krte smhe ek niche select krni hogi and ush niche se related logo ko ads ke through interest base par target krke sale krna hoga jisse one time mai hi order place kar de. aapko order krte smhe ye btana hai ki ye dropshipping hai then vendor apne aap hi sb kuch kr leta hai matlab koi invoice attach nahi hoga aur parcel par koi aliexpress ka naam bhi nahi hoga.
Shahnur Siddique (4 months ago)
Great job. Please make a video on auto blogging (wordpress) course. Mainly for auto blog news site
Sagar Mahant (4 months ago)
Apaki wcommerce website link ki Kya Hai sir
Anilananda Chakrabortty (4 months ago)
Very good video... I thing i want to know ,,, if customer cancel their order then how to refund their money ??? Plz make a video on this how to handle refund ???
subin babu (4 months ago)
get 15% discount on alidropship plugin use code "STARTER15" https://alidropship.com/purchase/?via=4407
Akash Kumar Maharana (4 months ago)
Please correct if I m wrong. "This method of business will only work for those buyers who are not aware of Ali express.com" . Am i right?
black wolf (4 months ago)
Bro can you make video how to create Matrimonial website
Subhro Paul (4 months ago)
Just.. Great... I am just started watching your videos... From yesterday....... Your tutorials are really awesome.... It helps me a lot.
Hélio Tualufo (4 months ago)
Bro you are the best, you are not just teaching websites you are giving business solutions! that is super
Nayyar Shaikh (4 months ago)
Yea exactly that is what I am doing...
Sagar Mahant (4 months ago)
If somebody order in your website how you know that. Everytime you can check that..? Or
Sagar Mahant (4 months ago)
Thank you ... very nice method..
Nayyar Shaikh (4 months ago)
Also you will get an email whenever you receive any order
Nayyar Shaikh (4 months ago)
I have explained that in the video, if you wanna see the orders go to your Wordpress dashboard then click on WooCommerce you'll see all the orders...
Political wives (4 months ago)
Coupon Code Is Not Working
Nayyar Shaikh (4 months ago)
The Coupon Problem is fixed, now you can use the Coupon :)
Nayyar Shaikh (4 months ago)
I think there is some problem at the moment, I have messaged AliDropship they'll fix it soon...
ANUJ SINGH SENGAR (4 months ago)
U r super YouTuber bro👌
Nayyar Shaikh (4 months ago)
Thanks a lot Buddy I really appreciate it ☺️
Murugan Mukesh (4 months ago)
Bro, I'm having doubt ....if a customer makes an oder n price is $20....n v place an order in Ali Express for $15 ...to that customer address.... customer will get bill for $15 .... Then they may be problem...??
D TALK. (1 month ago)
Akaram Khan Only write messege( NO INVOICE ) Then there were no aliexpress logo name price...
Akaram Khan (4 months ago)
And what about a logo of ali express .. if someone orders from my website and then get items in box of ali express...then what should I do...
Nayyar Shaikh (4 months ago)
When you place an order to AliExpress message the supplier not to include the price on the invoice.
Mohsin shaikh (4 months ago)
Mohsin shaikh (4 months ago)
Wc....keep it up
Nayyar Shaikh (4 months ago)
Thank you Mohsin ☺️
Salman Salu (4 months ago)
I subscribed, But sir ali express need shipping day 30 for free shipping and paid one need 20 day is our customers wait for this time
Abhi4U (4 months ago)
I watched your all videos. Your way of explanation is very easy
Nayyar Shaikh (4 months ago)
HostGator is also a good hosting it's quite cheap as compared to Tmd also you can get up to 60% Discount http://bloggdude.com/hostgator Coupon Code: NAYYAR60
Abhi4U (4 months ago)
But I not buy such a expensive hosting. Plz suggest me any cheap and best hosting
Nayyar Shaikh (4 months ago)
Thanks a lot Abhi, really appreciate it ☺️
Anirudh Sharma (4 months ago)
Nayyar is there are any other plugin that can be used in place of Ali dropship plugin to get reviews and tracking number
subin babu (3 months ago)
for tracking you can use aftership they will provide 100 shipments per month free
Nayyar Shaikh (4 months ago)
Unfortunately I don't know of any, I'll do some research when I find something I'll do another video on that...
Print Care (4 months ago)
Give your mail id . We have some work with you
Nayyar Shaikh (4 months ago)
Anirudh Sharma (4 months ago)
Is Ali hosting is good?
Nayyar Shaikh (4 months ago)
No it's not that good especially compared to Tmd...
Enamul Haque Raj (4 months ago)
Thanks dear bhaia
Nayyar Shaikh (4 months ago)
You're most welcome Enamul 😊

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