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Five Beer Styles You Need To Know | Craft Beer Boys | Jamie Oliver's Drinks Tube

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We've roped in the boys from The Craft Beer Channel to give us the lowdown on five beer styles you need to know. Lager, mild, IPA, wheat and porter. What are they, what do they taste like and if they were a celebrity, which one would they be?! Make sure you let us know in the comments what beers you'd like us to cover next. Which styles are your favourites and have we inspired you to try anything new? Have fun and please drink responsibly. http://www.drinkaware.co.uk Links from the video: The Craft Beer Channel | Meantime Porter: http://goo.gl/C98rgy Jamie Oliver's Margarita | http://goo.gl/LZhmqH -- Jamie Oliver's Drinks Tube: http://goo.gl/Fv9E2I Subscribe to Drinks Tube: http://goo.gl/FGu2D1 Twitter: http://goo.gl/Wd2apB Facebook: http://goo.gl/7fO8zU Instagram: http://goo.gl/RNbRfj More great recipes: http://www.jamieoliver.com #DrinksTube x
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Text Comments (186)
Fact.MR (1 month ago)
Thanks for sharing this video. We have been analyzing the craft beer market for the duration of 2017 to 2022 and according to our research, 'Bocks are estimated to remain the fastest-selling product in the global craft beer market'. Our researchers created a 200+ page sample report which can be downloaded from here: http://bit.ly/2JhyxGm
RNApol (6 months ago)
This video made me want to drink a cold IPA.
nagublhu ku (6 months ago)
Thank you man
D0land0 (7 months ago)
if this video was a celebrity... I wouldn't care
Noah Lim (8 months ago)
Use this link to get 20% off a cool beer T-shirt! Ends April on April 10th! https://teespring.com/in-beer-we-trust-2018?pr=20OFF
Privetboy Moscow (8 months ago)
Something more sophisticated you suggested, hell no, you guys are the Trappist style of bier reporting. На здоро́вье
Jernej Kump (10 months ago)
As many IPA's as you can... Bitter is my field - too bad people do not know much about IBU...
Hop (10 months ago)
Wish this had been more better. Don't mind the humor attempts, but didn't find the celebrity comparison helpful ... or funny.
SteelWarrior115 (10 months ago)
Dunkelweiss and heferweiss are love and life
raj Kumar (3 months ago)
SteelWarrior115 vyj
First Name (10 months ago)
It's mein Name not meine.
David Sch (1 year ago)
That Boris Becker comparison made for a good laugh :D. Btw. yes, I am coming from Germany and I do enjoy stout. Only recently, I got my hand on an imperial stout from a german regional brewery that I enjoyed very much. Having grown up with Pilsener beer, I only recently (about 2,5 years ago) I discovered other styles beside the ones popular in Germany (Pale Ale, IPA, Porter, Stout). That might be because I live in a small city and it was hard to get some out-of-the-box-beers in pubs. Keep up your good work!
Davidsbeenhere (1 year ago)
Love the video!
Erdrick68 (1 year ago)
Belgian Blonde Ale. Everything else is a poor substitute.
x Berreys (1 year ago)
Craft beer sucks no one likes it
alyssa haupt (1 year ago)
I'm giving this a thumbs down due to the commercial I witnessed maybe if the people who make up YouTube start showing that the people who watch there videos won't cause of there commercials than they will get the point
Yeti Distillery (1 year ago)
Sir what is the meaning of craft beer? Plz send me in details
RenegadeTimes (1 year ago)
Is it cold in that room or are u just scarfy ? lol eeks
Richard Hanley (1 year ago)
what is that rugby shirt????
Mónica Delrri (1 year ago)
My Top 5: IPA, Porter, Brown Ale, Vienna Lager and Stout.
Beerded Adventures (1 year ago)
"Professional beer drinkers" #lifegoals 😂😂 cheers 🍻🍻
TheMastiffprince (1 year ago)
Im surprised no one had a sours.
idahval (1 year ago)
This is so superficial. Learned nothing.
Kyle Mendoza (1 year ago)
What kind of glass the one drinking Indian Pale Ale have
CanyonMiniCooper (1 year ago)
Jesus, there was more misinformation here than correct information. Do you guys even know what beer is. I unsubscribed!
I remember Fred Dibna (if that's how you spell it) I watched him all the time as a kid
+Jamie Oliver's Drinks Tube Me and my dad go to steam rallies all the time and I own a steam engine myself because Fred inspired that in us...that pride in good old northern rolled up sleeves and 'ard work.
Jamie Oliver - Drinks (1 year ago)
Fred Dibnah - what a ledge!
How can I be a beer expert?
+Jamie Oliver's Drinks Tube I'm 22 years old, I've been drinking beer since i was about 17 and I've been interested in craft beers since about 20. I'm not sure what being a "beer expert" ensues but I can certainly envisage myself doing something professional.
Jamie Oliver - Drinks (1 year ago)
Years of training 😉
Ken Taur Official (1 year ago)
Every Czech kid can drink more Pislner beer than you, so stop talking about profesional beer drinking mate!
BeersWithMe (1 year ago)
Joe Pearson (2 years ago)
do you get paid for being a pro beer drinking and how much? alsoooo... can students be classed as professional drinkers or just part-time alcoholics?
Jamie Oliver - Drinks (2 years ago)
Pro-beer drinking isn't a career... it's a calling.
Goran Turkalj (2 years ago)
2:24 hahahaha, oh God the memories of that movie :D
Mason Chhun (2 years ago)
never drank porter nor mild, not that I know of. guess I'll start looking around for those types :D
Jamie Oliver - Drinks (2 years ago)
Enjoy Mason - we think you'll like it!
Jeeto (2 years ago)
Is a "mild" what we in America call "ESB"?
mild can be dark or light but usually low abv. Mostly it's associated with black beers around 3-4%. ESBs were invented by Fullers in the 70s - and it's a strong, malty and hoppy beer. Balanced but rich and fruitcakey.
Jamie Oliver - Drinks (2 years ago)
Not quite - in the UK, a mild is it's own unique brew - heavy on malt and very light on hops. It's usually quite dark , while (if our research is correct) a ESB more of a pale ale, with a decent amount of hops. But, if any ale-heads out there know more about ESB please yell out! We'd love to know more about it x
Vasily Krushev (2 years ago)
pretentious as always
eliten0Ob (1 year ago)
Yeah sure. Anything that contains anything else than pils malt and not brewed in the czech republic is default pretentious. Or even better yet; bakers are pretty fucking pretentious with their malt loafs or semolina baguettes. Beer is as pretentious as you make it out to be. Being craft means squat other than it's brewed in smaller volumes by a professional or autodidact brewer.
Vasily Krushev (1 year ago)
i'm talking about "craft" beer in general mate. I used to work that very famous craft beer bar starting with M. I know what's up.
erm... we compared a weissbier to Boris Becker. I'd call that pretty lowbrow.
tritaeus (2 years ago)
where can I get the glass you used for the mild?
tritaeus (2 years ago)
Jamie Oliver - Drinks (2 years ago)
+tritaeus Ebay is a seriously good shout or any home stores with a decent glassware collection!
Great Beer Adventure (2 years ago)
Love it! Professional beer drinker right here too!!
CarlosAGV (2 years ago)
nice video, my top beers would be porter, ESB, any stout (except dry stout), red ale, strong belgian and schwarzbier to include a lager. cheers
Jamie Oliver - Drinks (2 years ago)
+CarlosAGV Very good shout all round! Thanks so much for watching and feeding back your thoughts - big love!
Lenier Ashcraft (2 years ago)
How can you claim to be a beer enthusiast and claim lager is brewed slow? It's fermented for a long time. Not brewed. Brewing is the process of boiling the wort before pitching the yeast.
Aidan Jimmy (1 year ago)
+The Craft Beer Channel  Thanks for the recognition! Great to hear from you guys... I do understand that you guys try to appeal to a wider audience, and not specifically beer nerds! Which is why you simplify slightly. Cheers!
Yep you're all correct. We watered that bit down a bit too much! Definitely not brewed slow, just rested after fermentation while some more processes happen to reduce yeast flavours and clear of sediment.
Ta12dankdiscoveries (1 year ago)
It's been described as follows: Ale = active…the yeast moves around the tank fermenting, making the process quicker, while Lager = lazy…the yeast settles at the bottom of the tank and doesn't move around…making the fermentation much lengthier.
Jose Ramos (2 years ago)
Yes, Lagers are carbonated at a lower temprature than Ale's. That is how Lagers get that crisp refreshing taste.
Aidan Jimmy (2 years ago)
Lenier is right though.. The whole reason it is called a lager is because it is "lagered" (or fermented) at a particular temperature for an extended period of time. And that should be articulated in the video... I do like the craft beer boys, but they lack substance sometimes.
BattleGoat (2 years ago)
im 18 and my favorit beer is a porter...
Jamie Oliver - Drinks (2 years ago)
+BattleNoob Nice! This was just a bit of fun.
Ryan Hanson (3 years ago)
Hi chaps, can we get a video on the beer process, and the difference between a pilsner and an ale?
Ryan Hanson (3 years ago)
Thanks but this doesn't actually give a production process from start to finish, though does give a nod to parts of the deal. Im looking for something a but similar to your gin production video
Jamie Oliver - Drinks (3 years ago)
+Ryan Hanson Everything you've ever wanted to know about beer in 26 points - this is Drinks Tube's A to Z of Beer! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Px5WXK6L_TQ
Tim Huijzers (3 years ago)
Weiss is not german for white! Well it is but in this case it's the grain that's use
Tim Huijzers (3 years ago)
How else would you explain dunkelweiß
Jamie Oliver - Drinks (3 years ago)
+Tim Huijzers You're very wise, Tim.
Great Channel! We hear ya!
Nicholas Sedlacek (3 years ago)
Nice scarf queer
davidbrun (3 years ago)
Lager? What??? Lager is not a style... it's a type of fermentation, so it would be more of a family of beer styles... inside lagers you can have rauchbiers, bocks, doppelbocks, pilsners, viennas, the sad watery standard american lagers, etc... all of them very different among each other.
Kath G (11 months ago)
Yes. I call American lagers "piss water"! Can't understand how my mountain-man Marine husband could drink the stuff!
Benevolent Despot (1 year ago)
Originally Porter was a cheap alternative for Sailors and river porters, hence where the fuckin' name comes from, not "men with beards in front of the fire", at least have a sentence about it's origins at least.
Very true - lager refers to the yeast or the process of lagering. However, for this video we decided that might be too much detail. On our channel we go into a lot more detail.
Iburiedpaul 9 (3 years ago)
This was awful..
Rainy Dheis (3 years ago)
Belgian strong ale (La Chouffe, Duvel, etc) and Doppelbock (Weihenstephaner Korbinian) are my favourites.
Jamie Oliver - Drinks (3 years ago)
+Sails at Dawn We hear you. Nice.
Jesse Ojava (3 years ago)
Belgian dark strong ale, porter, weissbier, lager and lambic I think is most important.
Jamie Oliver - Drinks (3 years ago)
+Jesse Ojava Cheers Jesse
Josef Sábl (3 years ago)
Never heard of the "Mild"... IPA is the best anyway :-)
JediMasterBubba (2 months ago)
Sure if you like drinking earwax.
TiberiumSon (3 years ago)
themusic is greats..can somebody tellme the nameof the song? ore gnre... amazing chanal by the way :)
Cypeq (4 years ago)
mild is very British thing there aint much of that available or drunk anywhere else... I'd suggest abbey - belgian style of very fruity and sweet style beer.
Jamie Oliver - Drinks (4 years ago)
+Cypeq Good shout.
De Ten (4 years ago)
i might like the India one, thanks guys
Brew Reviews (4 years ago)
Well put! Cheers to good beers!
chaosrulerofall (4 years ago)
What about sour beer or fruit beer ? I love sour beer it's what got me in to beer
Jamie Oliver - Drinks (4 years ago)
+chaosrulerofall You should take a look at this video which features a beautiful cherry beer Four Beers for Beer Haters | Sarah Warman | Jamie Oliver's Drinks Tube
Philip Kim (4 years ago)
what's the difference between porter and stout?
The Craft Beer Channel (4 years ago)
Not a lot, and everyone argues about it. The original story is that a stout is a strong porter (it was actually called a stout porter) but terms like imperial have muddied the water. We think of a stout as a thicker bodied, malty beer - while a stout is lighter on the tongue, maybe with more hops or spices. ABV wise they are now the same.
w0g (4 years ago)
Can you help a yank out and explain what a mild is (maybe list a couple of popular export brands)?  I've never heard of that in my life.  
The Craft Beer Channel (4 years ago)
Well, none of it really gets exported but it's a classic British style. Imagine a session porter. It's kind of like that. Brewdog have an imperial mega-hoppy version called Nanny State. Try to find that.
sagnol92 (4 years ago)
Gut...very gut. I'm German and you explained it very gut ;-) Keep drinking my friends.
Doucheslayer11 (4 years ago)
Danish love pilsner
georgina evans (4 years ago)
like the beer characters !
Angela Vickers (4 years ago)
I love my red wine, but give me a glass of porter and I am equally happy...deelish!
CP 1993 (4 years ago)
My favorite is Bell's Oberon. Dose that mean I should purchase some lederhosen?
Jamie Oliver - Drinks (4 years ago)
Immediately. Then send photos.
The Craft Beer Channel (4 years ago)
+gutorage Hey, thanks for your comment! We are very aware that lager is a family of beers (and refers to the kind of yeast). However, as an introduction to beer styles that's a bit complicated. Check out our lager vid where we show 3 different kinds of lager: Three Lagers With Flavour | Craft Beer Boys | Jamie Oliver's Drinks Tube And us for us not knowing about beer, Jonny will out-nerd you any day!
NiklasStøterau (4 years ago)
Oh ja, wir mögen unser Weißbier..... xD ;)
gutorage (4 years ago)
Can´t belive that you guys actually said "lager" is a style of beer. It is a family of beers, and there is lots of different kind/ styles of lagers, such as rauchbier, pilseners, SAL, PAL  etc. You should be more carefully when talking about something you don't know.
Veredika (4 years ago)
I love how they know their audience
Le Chill (4 years ago)
The hipster jesus looking fella looked well out of place... 
fclavijo (4 years ago)
Terrible, I love beer and this bit totally put me off it.
Jillyciousification (4 years ago)
The weissbier , haha lovely^^
Grace Renell (4 years ago)
I like the "we're professional beer drinkers" ! :D
andybearchan (4 years ago)
Come to Portland OR USA, where it seems like anyone with a garage is making their own beer. Which is not a bad thing.
Jamie Oliver - Drinks (4 years ago)
The scene is exploding, right? Great to see.
Camille Crestani (4 years ago)
The kinda german guy presenting the "weiss bier" is really well done, I was laughing all the time. In fact good times !
The Craft Beer Channel (4 years ago)
+Arvydas M not all bottled beers are pasteurised, and nor are all of these beers! But we'll happily take you up on that Lithuanian challenge...
Arvydas M (4 years ago)
Beer from bottle is a wrong choice cause it's pasteurized... Actually if you want to taste really good quality beer's come visit Lithuania. Here We have lots of different traditional brewery beers! And beer is most popular drink among Lithuanians, everyones drink it here! I bet once you try some of Lithuanian beers you will agree its one of the best in the world!
sofakingdrunk66 (4 years ago)
What no Stella?
De Au (4 years ago)
that small/slim foam layer hurts my german eyes ;)
Big guy in kitchen (4 years ago)
There is no better beer than a nice cold german "Weißbier" on a warm summer day and a good piece of meat straight from the BBQ!!! Cheers, Prost from southern Germany!!!
Jamie Oliver - Drinks (4 years ago)
Prost from London!
Artaris Cenitar (4 years ago)
must say it again: If one draws a circle around the countries of Germany, Austria and the Czech Republic, you will find the best breweries with the best beers in the world on the inside of the circle. Greetings from the magic circle
Pidur Rincewind (1 month ago)
Artaris Cenitar don't forget Belgium
Exluto (10 months ago)
Nathan Trout yeah the US has inovated a lot never before did they add urine to beer.
Nathan Trout (3 years ago)
Britain and Belgium have their own traditions. And the UK and the US amongst others are far more innovative. Limiting your beer to four ingredients doesn't make you better.
Artaris Cenitar (3 years ago)
Nop,there is no " http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Reinheitsgebot " and no old traditon like in the magic circle. We have best mountinwater, great hops and barley even the oldest brewery. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Weihenstephan_Abbey Also"Salzburg in Austria has 641 years brewing tradition." Thats traditon, thats history and this is why there is such a great beer. If you don´t agree, then you didn´t even try. So..... i don´t feed the troll now.
Geir Sunde (3 years ago)
+platindrache1 Oh, there's more to USA than bland lagers. Sierra Nevada, Founders, Anchor, Brooklyn etc, all brewing more interesting stuff than anything coming out of the "magic circle".
rcjm21 (4 years ago)
The porter or dark beers,specially the ones that have a coffee or chocolate taste are the Best ! INDIO,FRAILE All the way!
rcjm21 (4 years ago)
Yes! In Monterrey Mexico,you have to try it someday
Jamie Oliver - Drinks (4 years ago)
That's by the Sierra Madre Brewing Co, right?
Blackat92 (4 years ago)
I'm half finnish and half italian and I love porter!
Nancy Xavier (4 years ago)
Thanks for that, useful info!
ddrab14 (4 years ago)
Hope this isn't the end of The Craft Beer Channel!?
Jamie Oliver - Drinks (4 years ago)
Not at all! The Craft Beer Channel boys are a part of the Drinks Tube family. Thanks for being part of Jamie Oliver's Drinks Tube community.  Don't forget to like us on Facebook & follow us on Twitter @DrinksTube
Cathal Whelehan (4 years ago)
Funny you should mention it, but I myself often sit in my Berlin garden composing poetry in my head whilst savouring a drop of stout. Would love to see more alternatives to the obvious suspects. Great video, thoroughly enjoyed it. Thanks.
Jamie Oliver - Drinks (4 years ago)
Thanks for your kind words Cathal. Like us on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/DrinksTube Follow us on Twitter https://twitter.com/DrinksTube
Sam Coleman (4 years ago)
IPA, all the way! We make some amazing ones here in Nova Scotia
TheCityLights (1 month ago)
I was afraid you were going to call Keith's an IPA for a second there.
Sam Coleman (4 years ago)
Propeller and Garrison are the two big craft breweries around here, although we also have a few smaller ones. Highly recommend Propeller's IPA.
Jamie Oliver - Drinks (4 years ago)
Which are your local breweries Sam?
Kurt Peters (4 years ago)
Don't know if I should even take beer advice from gentleman who prefer drinking their beer at room temperature.
oh my, i love all of them, especially the porter!!!!!
Jamie Oliver - Drinks (4 years ago)
Steffi Dunne (4 years ago)
Ich liebe Weizenbier ❤️ Erdinger :)
Hi Drinks Tube!  Thanks for having that interesting channel!  Can you give me a hint? Which music did you put under the video? Sounds delicious ;p 
correzzana1992 (4 years ago)
Great Video !!!  Obviously there would be tooo much things to say about beer styles, and you wisely covered all the type of "colors" (often associable to one particular style of beer). But in my opinion you missed some important. Example: belgian beers (abbey, etc...), double malt, red beers, ambers....
correzzana1992 (4 years ago)
+Jamie Oliver's Drinks Tube 4 sure!!! I really appreciate you guys opened this new drinks channel, really awesome idea, something like this was missing on the web. Keep it up, I think you're gonna have a big success
Jamie Oliver - Drinks (4 years ago)
There'll be plenty more to come. Make sure you're subscribed so you don't miss a drop. Subscribe: @Nnm37r Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/DrinksTube Like us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DrinksTube
Cindy Parks (4 years ago)
A+!!! Hope you guys do a lot more with beer!
Cindy Parks (4 years ago)
Also I loved the Craft Beer guys :)
The Craft Beer Channel (4 years ago)
+Jaime Bellon if you like things a bit sweet try a malty red ale (like Brewdog's 5am saint) or a bock lager (like Huber lager) - or a Belgian fruit beer such as Liefmanns. Fruit beer can be very sour though...but we love it for that reason!
The Craft Beer Channel (4 years ago)
+AliWali888 those are all variations on the ones we picked out (except maybe red). They'll all be covered soon - along with Belgian beers which we haven't touched on here. In the meantime, there's lots on our channel https://www.youtube.com/user/TheCraftBeerChannel
The Craft Beer Channel (4 years ago)
+Richard Kardos thanks for posting! We count that as a style of lager, like helles and bocks. We're covering pilsners in our next video so tune in!
The Craft Beer Channel (4 years ago)
+Moshlav It's a very Bold British style we wanted to include because we think these kinds of beers are going to have a come back - milds, bitters, brown ales etc
The Craft Beer Channel (4 years ago)
+Tobias Valinski we're all over it check out our channel here - https://www.youtube.com/user/TheCraftBeerChannel for food matching. Also, very aware of dunkel beer, love the stuff. Headed to Germany in July, so will be indulging!
The Craft Beer Channel (4 years ago)
+KingJL25 What about nicht klar? :)
KingJL25 (4 years ago)
nice that you answer. it would be possible to say nicht klar, but it is like saying not clean to something that is dirty.
Travis Sagebiel (4 years ago)
Could y'all branch out and try some of the Texas made beers,
Alex Gardiner (4 years ago)
Big fan of IPA's, just need to learn to not drink so many!  Got a pub near me that has Meantime Brewery fresh that opened last week - been meaning to try it!
Leoeeasy (4 years ago)
I am German
Petar Koneski (4 years ago)
Great stuff, learned a lot. Thanks
Jaime Bellon (4 years ago)
Recommendation for a cocktail girl getting in to beer? Nothing super bitter?
Moshlav (4 years ago)
Why have I never herd of Mild? Is it like ale? Cuz it sounds like ale. P.S. IPA or even double IPA is my favourite.
KingJL25 (4 years ago)
in german we would say "trüb" and not '"unklar" :) but nice video

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