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The Beer Log: Clwbbing at Tiny Rebel's new GIANT brewery | The Craft Beer Channel

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The Beer Log: Clwbbing at Tiny Rebel's new GIANT brewery Last week Jonny was invited to the unofficial launch of Tiny Rebel's new brewery and taproom. Blown away by the scale of it, he caught up with the founders about how far they have come since their big GBBF win – and just what makes Clwb Tropicana so damned good. Buy our new book, Beer School, today: USA (Amazon): http://tinyurl.com/zbjx4sn UK (Amazon): http://tinyurl.com/zksjmdf UK with beer (Beer Merchants): http://tinyurl.com/j4vmps6 Europe (Beer Merchants): http://tinyurl.com/jy6fr2y Check out our partners at http://www.beermerchants.com Twitter – @beerchannel Facebook – http://www.facebook.com/thecraftbeerchannel Instagram – @jonnygarrett @mrbradevans Remember to drink responsibly(ish) and not be that guy...
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homebrewAlchemist (3 months ago)
i make there homebrew kit its amazing
Gary Hughes (8 months ago)
Tried Tiny Rebel award winning 'Cwtch' Red Ale last night, very nice to be honest, but imo Wolf Rock from Sharps is a better, more flavoursome red ale...
Gary Hughes (8 months ago)
Cheers, thanks for that i understand better now, had the Cwtch out of a bottle from Morrisons tbh, don't get me wrong it was a lovely drink, the Sharps Wolf Rock was out of a bottle as well, and bottle for bottle a slightly better drink imo, i'd like to compare both on Cask and fresh, what a lovely thought...
The Craft Beer Channel (8 months ago)
I think cwtch is much more hop forward which makes it very unstable compared to other reds like Sharpes's on cask, on form and fresh it is a showstopper
trevor barnett (1 year ago)
great review on CLWB TROPICANA, well deserved 10/10, visited the crew @tinyrebel last month, awsome time! I hope to import them into #Vancouver next year, they will be a major hit!! Cheers, keep up the good work mate.. Trevor in YVR
thanks Trevor - hope you get to bring their awesome beers to Canada!
Ffion Jones (1 year ago)
Holy Moly looks incredible. Must visit next time I'm home! Good work Tiny Rebel.
Ffion Jones (1 year ago)
I heard. Happens to the best and they seem to be dealing with it well and transparently. Onwards and upwards!
+Ffion Jones it's a great place! having trouble with their cans at the moment though!
Josh Whitaker (1 year ago)
One day I'm taking a trip to the U.K. and visiting this brewery! Such a cool vibe this place seems to have. It's awesome to see craft beer growing so much across the pond!
SLM3573 (1 year ago)
2 weeks no new video ... I cant last that long.... maybe something about the latest takeover of Camden and the Brew Dog response??
Sorry! We've been mega busy with a new project but we'll have a video this week and next. Happy to say our new book is now basically done, AND we have some extra exciting news coming...
Tasty Tales (1 year ago)
Impressive, they might be Tiny Rebels, but that's not a tiny brewery anymore!
Tasty Tales (1 year ago)
Lol! We will from now on :)
haha, yeah far from it. Should rename them Mid-sized Rebels.
Brew Stories (1 year ago)
I agree. It is totally lush! Summer in a can, last mouth full is just Tropicana Lilt.
haha, exactly.
Beardy Beer Reviews (1 year ago)
You should do a cover story on Vibrant forest!!!
Beardy Beer Reviews (1 year ago)
Get in contact with them buddy, I agree they do! I am proud to say their my local micro brewery!
+Beardy Beer Reviews Would love to! they make fantastic beer.
PS ILUVU (1 year ago)
where's the Bradsta?
+PS ILUVU couldn't make this one. He's knee deep in a different exciting project but will be back soon
All About The Views (1 year ago)
Superb beer. Couldn't believe how fruity it was. Always buy one when I'm in my bottle shop. Great vid. Look forward to the next one. ATB.
+All About The Views cheers!
Francis Weir (1 year ago)
The first time I tried Clwb Tropicana I said to my mate this definately has pineapple juice in it as i've never tasted hops that would produce that flavour. Thanks for clearing that one up for me :)
Yeah to get that light tartness there had to be fruit or lacto in there. I thought pineapple immediately too!
Homebrew Griffo (1 year ago)
Looks awesome, as it's not far from work I've been there a few times to buy beers from the off site rebel van whilst the brewery was being built. I've been looking forward to this place opening! Cheers
Would love to live near here!
I couldn't believe how good Clwb Tropicana was when I tried it. Interesting to hear there are fruit additions, not that that changes my opinion of the beer. Definitely gonna be one of my go to beers this summer.
Us too! When done well fruit can add huge amounts to beer and is a very traditional process (think lambic). Here it brings the pH down and just ramps up the juiciness. So silly drinkable.
guruji75 (1 year ago)
good news... their beers have made it to Melbourne Australia
Micro_Squid (1 year ago)
Fingers crossed for Perth.

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