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2008 Lumberjack World Championship Log Rolling Win

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With a torn ACL, Shana Martin defeats Jenny Atkinson for her third log rolling world title. Shana is sponsored by Duluth Trading Company: http://www.duluthtrading.com A special thanks to Kristine Ochu of Windigo Productions for the production of this video. http://www.windigoproductions.com
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Text Comments (20)
Deez Nutz (1 month ago)
That wasnt a rat.trap it was a game
tran hau (8 months ago)
An amazing game!
Shawna Graham (2 years ago)
It's easy to see the girl with the hurt knee would win. she keeps her entire upper body parallel to the log, the other girl is not her upper is in line with her lower body. Simple weight distribution, actually the winner is almost turned on the log at times her knees are facing the other girl most of the time. the other girl from what I seen in much older films is the right position.
James vW (3 years ago)
this is brilliant
Jesse Waller (4 years ago)
been watching a few of these videos is the idea to use the heel of your shoe to spin the log? is it more difficult to use the toe of the shoe? also i notice the girl on the left(prior to switching sides) her left leg is off balance quite a lot. She uses that leg to push the log as well idk if that's a correlation or not.
Shana Verstegen (5 years ago)
Hmmmm, like we've NEVER used that one before. In fact, we used almost those exact lines on the Tonight Show a few years back!
Shana Verstegen (5 years ago)
I work hard for that!
Shana Verstegen (5 years ago)
Actually this competition was in Hayward, Wisconsin in the midwest. And please don't use that word, totally offensive to many.
Shana Verstegen (5 years ago)
Actually there were thousands in the crowd! There was a field of 22 log rolling women in competition that year.
Brendan Ramsey (5 years ago)
WOW these comments are terrible! id like to see any of you do this! my gosh!! great job girls :)
DungeonRealms_ (5 years ago)
log rolling is a very old logging sport so yeah
Rarrrrrr (5 years ago)
Haha this is so fakin retarded!
caesar09 (7 years ago)
the blonde has a big booty =O
inoscopedMLK (7 years ago)
lol like 50 people attended the world championship
ThomasHA1982 (7 years ago)
HAHAHAHA this is SOOO funny :D
Zolbat (8 years ago)
that guy on the boat has the best job in the world^^
Gil Bremer (8 years ago)
wow the northeast is filled with 'tards
Skippy Deluxe (8 years ago)
have fun with your diarrhea... 48000mg of vitamin c will KILL YOU YA FUCKING IDIOT
paul8kangas (9 years ago)
Health is like log rolling. You try to keep your self from getting sick, by taking 2 grams of vitamin C hourly, The more often you get sick, the shorter you live: You tube: paul8kangas
Mark Luyk (10 years ago)
Wow! Well done Shana! Congratulations. Regarding your speech, although I'm sure your mother loves you regardless, what a wonderful achievement to dedicate to her! I'm moved to do better myself, thanks.

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