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British SAS Soldiers vs US Navy SEALs - Military Training Comparison

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How does the training of a British SAS soldier compare to a US Navy SEAL? 🐻 SUBSCRIBE TO OUR NEW CHANNEL: Fuzzy & Nutz 🐿️ ►►► http://bit.ly/fuzzyandnutz WEBSITE (You can suggest a topic): http://theinfographicsshow.com SUPPORT US: Patreon.......► https://www.patreon.com/theinfographicsshow CHAT: DISCORD.....►https://discord.gg/theinfographicsshow SOCIAL: Facebook...► https://facebook.com/TheInfographicsShow Instagram..► https://www.instagram.com/theinfographicsshow Twitter........► https://twitter.com/TheInfoShow Subreddit...► http://reddit.com/r/TheInfographicsShow -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Sources for this episode: Some Images used under license from Shutterstock.com
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Text Comments (10652)
The Infographics Show (1 year ago)
Obviously meant to say Special Air Service, not Special Air Force. This happens when you are doing special forces video at the same time. 🤦
wayinfront1 (16 days ago)
tristman 84 (29 days ago)
You know there's a male face palm emoji
screm like flem (1 month ago)
Aaron Wilson (1 month ago)
The Infographics Show why would you ask an opinion on who has the best training if we don’t know what the SAS training is like? Nobody could make a reasonable opinion on this because you don’t explain both sides
The ANT (1 month ago)
@Shorty Shorty Delta was formed as a direct equivalent to the SAS and initially trained by the SAS, army rangers are more in line with the parachute regiment.
Peter Bailey (2 hours ago)
SAS mans Super Army Soldiers
LHB GAMING (9 hours ago)
SAS all the way ! +1 from France
OG KING Swag (13 hours ago)
Mission failed we’ll get them next time
ok nice (13 hours ago)
100% the SEALS
General Juice (16 hours ago)
They need 12 mins to do a 500 in swimming? When I was in swimming, (age 12) i did a 400 in like 5 mins.
Debron Kashner (22 hours ago)
The conclusion is that their Special Air Service should end up basic training soon after they finish basic training if they think that they are the best among the best they will try to enter SAS training. But different to the US Navy Seals though they did not go to the basic training but they could go straight to the US Navy Seals to start training. For me SAS is the best with motto of Who Dares Wins.
Krnjinac (1 day ago)
They are nothing against Milorad Ulemek's JSO "Crvene beretke" ;)
blue face bonzi (1 day ago)
I can't wait to join the space force and be a space shuttle door gunner
hunter NS (1 day ago)
I’m 15 I can do all the seals starting excercise requirements... why? I’m not excessively fit or anything - I play water polo and am pretty strong but don’t have a fraction of what it take to be a SEAl. Shouldn’t it be a bit harder?
Cool Kid (1 day ago)
Seals > SAS facts
LSPDFR SVENSKA (1 day ago)
I have played Rainbow six siege can i join now
Varunan (1 day ago)
SEALs is tier 2, SAS is tier 1, next question?
Atlas Vlogs (2 days ago)
Blackbeard vs. Mute
Jimal price (3 days ago)
I only just got through this video. There no chance of getting through that training
Alfred Calupas (3 days ago)
welcome to 141
Elmer Balota (3 days ago)
I thought SAS means *S*uper *A*ssault *S*oldiers
Martyn Borthwick (4 days ago)
Do people realise the SAS gets flown in to train/created the training manual for other countries elite forces? Including the yanks? Also, the Seals aren't even a fair comparison, they are not the very best of the best, just exceptional people amongst normal soldiers. Yet you still go on like they're the best lol.
LaPugsley (4 days ago)
@Martyn Borthwick Aye, but that's why I only took the Dutch as an example, we train moet foreign militaries, rather consistently. But we trained the Dutch once in the late 70's and they managed tae get a highly elite military front there on with minimal help from other countries.
Martyn Borthwick (4 days ago)
Aye mate, Israels task force is up there as well. Same again, SAS had a hand in training them i believe
LaPugsley (4 days ago)
Aye US and British special forces donnae really compare. Even delta and DEVGRU donnae compare tae our special forces. The only special forces unit in the world that can be compared to ours is the Dutch korps kommando troepen, but they donnae have as much experience by far.
Average Joe78 (5 days ago)
SAS are like the lgbt versions of Navy Seals
LaPugsley (4 days ago)
First of all, what you're trying to say is the Navy SEALs are the straight version of the SAS, as the SAS was formed before the SEALs. Second US Navy SEALs are tier two, I reckon you're thinking about DEVGRU. And British special forces is still better.
Max1muslegend (5 days ago)
Im a kid. I don’t think I can exactly do that
Tindrr (5 days ago)
“Soap, what type of name is soap?”
ian davies (5 days ago)
if a seal team can carry and use a 20mm gatlin gun they must be the strongest men in the world cause thats the gun used in an a10 warthog antitank killer aircraft and it weights a couple off tons
annoyed chef (5 days ago)
Like if some one can carry 7.62 minigun and ammo it's miracle.
gottfrid grubb (6 days ago)
This is like swedens gmu (basic millitary traning)
Mike Donaldson (6 days ago)
right off the bat I couldn't watch this video. British Special Air Force? It's Special Air Service. Also, comparing Navy Seals to SAS, unless you're specifically talking about DEVGRU is like comparing Combat Engineers to Army Rangers.. both have a job, both do it well, but they serve two entirely different functions. The brits have a SEAL team equivalent, called SBS, or Special Boat Service. The better comparison would be SAS to 1SFOD-D or Delta Force, as Delta was modeled and built on the concept of SAS and they can fairly seamlessly link up and work together.
Reason Rules (6 days ago)
Alexander Kirwin, The regiment use the Brecon Beacons because it’s near their lines. If you ever get a chance go and hike there in the winter then you will realise that it’s tough enough. Several guys on selection, and seasoned troopers and officers have lost their lives there.
Reason Rules (6 days ago)
There’s very few troopers in the SAS like Arnie.
Nathan Kaye (6 days ago)
I'm in the military in the UK 🇬🇧 and not saying what Regiment I'm in, but believe me the training for the Para's is hard let alone training for the SAS.
Candice Perry (6 days ago)
The navy is part of the military
Gary Hayes (7 days ago)
Both SAS and US Navy Seals are Brothers in Arms therefore there is no real Difference.
Mr Wetcloth (6 days ago)
@Gary Hayes 🙏🙏👌
Gary Hayes (6 days ago)
@Mr Wetcloth I know that and you know that but the Americans don't.
Mr Wetcloth (6 days ago)
But SAS are better
Daniel 357 (7 days ago)
SAS is compared to rangers and delta. It would SBS and navy seals. Noobs.
LaPugsley (4 days ago)
@Daniel 357 You saying you're in sarc or saying they donnae kiss and blow. Going through your history, based on what you say and watch, donnae think you're actually a jarhead.
Daniel 357 (4 days ago)
@LaPugsley s.a.r.c. dont kiss and blow losers.
LaPugsley (4 days ago)
@Daniel 357 I'm currently in 42 commando's J coy, and have attempted SBS training. What've you done?
Daniel 357 (5 days ago)
@LaPugsley thx for proving you didnt train with either.
LaPugsley (5 days ago)
Rangers are elite, not special forces. And US navy SEALS are tier two, with an exception of DEVGRU (SEAL team 6) Also DEVGRU and SAS missions are more high profile, Delta force and SBS missions are more secretive.
Wayne Beck (7 days ago)
The seals training is based off the SAS
LaPugsley (4 days ago)
The US Navy SEALs training is actually based off Royal Marine / PARA training. DEVGRU's training is based off the SBS' training.
Nathan Kaye (6 days ago)
Exactly, us 🇬🇧 military is the best in the world regarding Special Forces.
Soda Pop (8 days ago)
Try 1841 what they did to us
k3b4bzy (8 days ago)
David Chapman (8 days ago)
Well, the SAS do train the SEALS. Also, the SBS are better then the SAS but no one really knows what they do as they are that secretive.
LaPugsley (5 days ago)
Then how do you know the SBS is better? Also, the SBS have better training than the SAS, but they're not better. They have less experience than the SAS, and the SAS had members from the PARAs, Royal Marines, gurkhas, royal engineers etc. While the SBS mainly has Royal Marines among them. So the SAS has more experience, regimental diversity, funding and more roles. But this doesnae mean they're any better than the SBS, they're still both the best in the world.
Why was most of this video about SEAL training exactly?
Jake Gasson (7 days ago)
I think it's because the SAS are a lot more secretive about what they do than the Seals are, although they could have talked about some of the training the paras do since that's mostly where the SAS recruit from
OneTwoCrazy (9 days ago)
You don't get your trident after buds... There are a few inaccuracies in this video. But that's ok
Hacker neo (10 days ago)
a friend of mine went on Dof E and he was in the area where the recruit died and it was 2 weeks later.
Aaron Whitaker (10 days ago)
For SEALs Pre-BUD/S is in Great Lakes, Illinois, and BUD/S is in Coronado not Colorado🤣
Morning Tae (10 days ago)
SAS vs Delta is the real fight here
Aqua man (4 days ago)
marshcrew It’s not a unit. It’s a Joint Task Force which consists of men from Tier 1 and support elements from the UK and US military.
marshcrew (8 days ago)
Great mates as they have a unit called task force black basically the tier 1 of tier 1 lol 😂
Jeeper (10 days ago)
3 shots simultaneously from a fantail with both ships moving in rough waters = 3 dead pirates. Enough said.
Aqua man (8 days ago)
Jeeper ? That is no reason. British special forces have achieved equally impressive feats if not feats that are even more impressive!!
SuprDez _ (9 days ago)
At night
The White Jaguar (12 days ago)
When it’s mentioned that SAS train in a welsh mountain and one person died there, I thought I would add that the mountain they train at is called pen y fan (welsh name) also known as the breakon beakons. I know this since I have seen them training there. (I live near pen y fan) it snows a lot there and it is easy to get lost which is another reason the soldier died
The White Jaguar (10 days ago)
@Gareth Shitshot Griffiths yeah I live the valley over from where it is. over to see friends who live near-ish to the mountain. i must've made a mistake in saying brecon beakons. just brecon, also just noticed your name, gareth, proper welsh.
Its Brecon. Are you sure you live near there?
Dyslexic Pacnam (12 days ago)
I feel like a disappointment watching this whilst eating ice cream
大龙 (12 days ago)
"The training in Colorado"? Dude, your videos are always rife with errors. Coronado. There is no training in Colorado
alexander graham (12 days ago)
But who got to Osama bin Laden first ;)
LaPugsley (2 days ago)
@SuprDez _ Should do some research yourself mate. Rangers and Delta did try tae track him down. And failed. Which is why the CIA (Those actually tasked with finding him) asked the British government tae do so. And no assassination was ever authorised because the CIA wanted tae drop a bomb on the compound, if they found it. If you actually read just about any book on Neptune Star, you could do some research yourself and maybe stop being blinded by patriotism.
LaPugsley (4 days ago)
@SuprDez _ Pal what are you on about? I commented saying the British government was tasked with recce in preparation for operation Neptune star and why.
SuprDez _ (4 days ago)
LaPugsley our special forces are equivalent to each other just accept that 😂😂 we are allies why is there so much competition.. well I kinda understand y’all.. y’all want something military related to be better.. but y’all just don’t got it 😂😂
SuprDez _ (4 days ago)
LaPugsley 😂😂 we had Rangers that tracked him multiple times into caves and found multiple hideouts but no assassination was ever authorized.. so do a little more research buddy 😂😂
LaPugsley (4 days ago)
You do realise British Special Forces (SRR, SAS & SBS) was tasked with intelligence gathering on bin Laden, because your recce troops couldnae do it properly. Our government was never tasked with the assassination of bin Laden.
8rick1ane (13 days ago)
I got rejected for a job at a carpark because I went missing 🍟🍔while patrolling the site.
Liverpool 11 (13 days ago)
The SAS and Navy Seals don't have the same mission parameters, if you knew anything you'd know that, a closer comparison would be the Seals and the Royal Marine Special Boat Section (SBS), who's lineage actually predates the SAS by a few months in WW2. The SAS US counterpart is Delta Force, who's founder served on attachment with the SAS in Oman and modeled Delta after the SAS identically. Both units cross train to this day.
Liverpool 11 (13 days ago)
Special "Air Force"? It's Special Air Service!
niceguycally (11 days ago)
That's why i hate this guy and i don't watch his videos he hardly gets any facts right and when he dose he somehow messes that up too.
nicholas paterson (13 days ago)
Max Power (14 days ago)
90% of all SAS are Scottish!!
Mod 66 (14 days ago)
The difference between the two is that the seals shout and brag about what they do and the SAS don't because they are the best in the world and don't need to tell anyone.
Daniel Hammer (14 days ago)
The british has a lot of sas!
Aqua man (13 days ago)
Daniel Hammer ?
Daniel Hammer (13 days ago)
@Aqua man as in, being sassy
Aqua man (13 days ago)
Rick Sanchez No! The amount of SAS operatives is classified.
Rick Sanchez (13 days ago)
We only have 800 SAS maybe 1500 at a push
Unknown Elite (14 days ago)
We know the the SAS are better
Aqua man (13 days ago)
Alex Mulvihill Hmm..... more than the Seals that’s for sure. A better question would be give me a list of their known botched missions.
Alex Mulvihill (14 days ago)
Unknown Elite name one time they succeeded
Alexander Future (14 days ago)
Sas British and Russian Spetsnaz and the Royal British navy seals and the us navy seals and the Russian frog men commandos navy seals are the most elite special forces and navy!!!
Pierce Ogle (14 days ago)
Navy seals are third in the world but #1 is another US special force called delta force
Aqua man (13 days ago)
prithivi raj Fam, Seals existed before Delta force. You’re talking about Devgru.
Pierce Ogle (14 days ago)
prithivi raj the delta force is the most secretive force out there and most advanced and most formidable so no delta should be first
Pierce Ogle (14 days ago)
prithivi raj why should the order be that
Pierce Ogle (14 days ago)
prithivi raj ok I wasn’t sure sorry
prithivi raj (14 days ago)
@Pierce Ogle so the order should be 1 SAS 2 SEAL 3 Delta forces
Hairtrigger83 (15 days ago)
Pretty sure the major take here is you don't want to be in a position where you are facing either of them.
Rob Nepinak (15 days ago)
It’s cute when video gamers and airsofters try and and act like they know anything military lol
Alex Mulvihill (14 days ago)
Rob Nepinak many airsofters were in the military don’t confuse them with “gamers”
Grizzly Country (15 days ago)
As an American and SpecOps combat veteran I will say the Navy Seals are highly overrated.
Aqua man (13 days ago)
Grizzly Country Yeah hope you had fun playing Call of Duty. Keep your Call of Duty discussions on your gamer threads online
jenny gore (16 days ago)
Not fair cos sbs are the best British have
Rick Sanchez (13 days ago)
Wrong the SPECIAL RECON REGIMENT are almost invisible
eormenraed hunferthing (16 days ago)
SAS gave the USA their training manual...and the US equivalent is not the SEALs. It is DELTA. Let's compare apples to apples, folks.
Flora Edwards (5 days ago)
@Justyne Sansoucy that's not what happened at all... An American (Charlie Beckwith) was working with the SAS in the 80s, realized they had small, able teams that could move behind enemy lines very well, decided to go back to America and ask the Pentagon for a blank check to create Delta, who are viewed as one of the premier special forces of the world... And no... Don't believe the Bullock's by the Brits that the SAS train Delta... Nobody knows the training regimen of Delta or Devgru... So I'd say Delta and Devgru has a huge edge over the SAS.
Jhared Rembert (6 days ago)
Delta and seal team 6(devgru) is on the same tier
Jake Gasson (7 days ago)
Yeah I was wondering why they were comparing the SAS to the Seals. Surely it would be more accurate to use the SBS instead of the SAS?
HDLTH (10 days ago)
Delta force is the highly covert special force team in the US that sometimes operated without the presidents knowing they are considered among the elite. Just for those who don’t know what delta force is
Justyne Sansoucy (10 days ago)
True statement. An SAS soldier actually worked with our elite forces and pointed out our weakness's. Gave a blueprint on how it should be done and that's when Delta force was developed. I actually just watched a documentary on SAS lol and soldier just explained it. Either way all special forces in the world are top notch soldiers!
Rouge Saytr (16 days ago)
For a basic rundown of SAS training I highly recommend you watch the tv show SAS:Who dares win. Ran by ex-SAS soldiers and gives the people who sign up a shortened week training program but consists of all the training stages (my favourite stage is the evade and capture/interrogation stage)
kyrol (17 days ago)
Ask yourself this, if you were taken hostage & had a choice of being rescued by either the SAS or Seals, who would you pick ? for me, It would be the SAS, no question.
Xuin Penguin (16 days ago)
Indra Dinatal (17 days ago)
Indonesian kopasus is better
Ruell Wester (17 days ago)
None of the above are as though as the Warriors of Christ.
Alex Mulvihill (14 days ago)
Ruell Wester gods not real
Psalms27 Sneadspd (18 days ago)
No. I got to be honest. I couldn't go through it. I would probably past the chow hall part. That s it.😌
Neo N (18 days ago)
SAS, SEALS, whatever, they'd all be wise not to mess with me. Just sayin.
Red Panda (19 days ago)
NAVY seals I'm not saying the the SAS isn't bad but I prefer NAVY seals
SupremeKeyz _ (19 days ago)
Lets be real.. the fact the SAS are still in secrecy and the Navy SEALs aren't so much anymore should tell u something.. the USA has another Elite Force it doesn't want the people knowing about :/ hence the reason they are publicizing the SEALs so much recently lol
Fifa Gaming 123 (20 days ago)
The SBS (Special Boat Service) would have been better to compare with. They are very water based instead of air based.
Louis Wallis (19 hours ago)
Fifa Gaming 123 the SBS training is a continuation of SAS training, they have all passed SAS selection and can choose to learn to operate in maritime conditions alongside the everything they did during SAS selection.
wayinfront1 (16 days ago)
Yes, but that's too intelligent for the guy who did this vid. He even had a brain fade trying to say ''Special Air Service.'' and ended up saying Special Air Force,'' lol.
hmm i see you (20 days ago)
hmm if your job everyday is to blow up things then like nothing for you.
Ishi 123 (20 days ago)
The SAS is so tough they can die 3 times
Matthew Murphy (21 days ago)
I bet they are sasy
it's ziggy gaming (21 days ago)
Navy seals+sas+spetsnas=literally anyone's nightmare
Jonathan W. Matthews (19 days ago)
stellar365 (21 days ago)
Csgo Anyone?
Kris Faulkner (21 days ago)
SAS stands for Super Army Soldiers for a reason.
John Schrader (21 days ago)
Navy seals have no chance the San are tbe best in the world PERIOD the seals were founded after the sas
British Creamy (21 days ago)
Can I join the SAS. I mean not to brag but I completed MW2s campaign on veteran and I have over 20 diamonds on minecraft.
Fred Derrick (21 days ago)
crazypolite (22 days ago)
To compare they're pretty much the same diff. And F*** no! I wouldn't make it through even the first day
James shiffer (22 days ago)
Colt automatic rifle 15??? If your talking about the Ar15 it's armalite rifle 15 which is a semi auto rifle. If your talking a fully automatic ar15 style rifle that would be the colt m16 or m4. Stop feeding into liberal anti gun propaganda.
Aqua man (13 days ago)
James shiffer the SAS use the Colt Canada C8 carbine.
TJ Murphy (22 days ago)
Sas focuses on the basic soldiering skills, being able to navigate long distance over harsh terrain with heavy weights. Seal training doesn't seem to have any of this, Americans seem to focus on technology like aircraft and gps but u won't always have them and then what do u fall back on
TJ Murphy (22 days ago)
Special air force?
Charlie (23 days ago)
Marcus Luttrell
David Thompson (23 days ago)
I wonder how many of the comments are actually special forces
TJ Murphy (22 days ago)
The Truth (23 days ago)
SAS don't do Israel's bidding. That alone should tell you their capabilities.
SlavKing 1945 (24 days ago)
Its not Special Air Force its Special Air Service
John Brass (24 days ago)
Both equally tough but I think the SAS are probably trained better in intelligence and espionage. Either way both elite units and I wouldn't want to mess
Daniel Andrews (24 days ago)
Im currently serving in the u.s milertry and we have a saying....when i grow up i want to join the s.a.s. Our seals are kickass but from what i have seen..read and heard the sas are levels above any other special forces and im talking global!! 🇺🇸🇬🇧. Usa..uk...stronger together.
Tweaky Robin (3 days ago)
yeah but you american's have a lot more units serving in your army and would still beat us in a war nowadays but a war between us and uk will never happen
Xanthous Fish Jeretuna (24 days ago)
SAS all the way bois
kevin lokits jr (24 days ago)
Frogmen actually had there start in ww2 where they put on fins and a mask armed with explosives (hence the name frogmen) to take out enemy beach defenses before an amphibious landing, they seen a lot of action in the pacific theater as well as Dday. There underwater demolition expertise is still a cornerstone of operation and training (BUDS-Basic Underwater Demolition and Seal training) is the pipeline and indoctrination they must go thru to become SEALS. They actually weren’t called SEALS till much later. The forerunners of the seals were the OG Frogmen of WW2.
Jeahboy72 (25 days ago)
I would say the SAS have less deaths in training due to the fact they get most of their recruitment from regiments that are already classed as elite soldiers like the para' s , sbs, commandos and marines.
Jaime Coburn (25 days ago)
their both wankers
I Kill You (25 days ago)
You shoud create a video about the philippine army.
glyn caldecott (26 days ago)
Comparisons are not really relevant. Respect to anyone who can get through that kind of training 🇺🇸 🇬🇧
Kevin L (26 days ago)
SEALs are much better. The SAS has even said so themselves. Google "can the sas match the seals"
Braden Robson (26 days ago)
The SAS are the best The SBS are second best Everyone else isnt even close
yandrjam (26 days ago)
Special air service****
Agent Loo (26 days ago)
Delta force?
Trevor Johnstone (26 days ago)
What it's saying is you need to be a machine to join
krissander1 (27 days ago)
They are both elite teams, I suspect many of the people who want to get into a peaing contest over who is best, don't know what they are talking about.
DJSpectreBolt (27 days ago)
Should do something with the Spetsnaz, would probably be pretty cool
Kxloux (14 days ago)
Spetsnaz train a lot with gymnastics surprisingly, I guess mobility is their thing.

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