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WooCommerce: How to edit prices and stock quantity for products on Wordpress

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How to edit prices and stock quantity for products in WooCommerce on the Wordpress platform. Video courtesy of http://quadripple.ca. Performed for a client (https://goldenant.ca) a distributor for wholesale LED lighting for the Canadian market. Hosted with the best, A Small Orange: http://asmallorange.7eer.net/c/279833/185398/3107
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Dhananjay Shah (2 months ago)
How to set up minimum and maximum order for particular item Please publish video it is usefull to all
LA Ricketson (1 year ago)
I'm running WP 4.9.4 and do not see this "Manage Stock" option.
LA Ricketson (1 year ago)
Oh I see.... Gotta do this first: WooCommerce>Settings>Products>Inventory>Enable Stock Management
Krina Kkrriinnaa (1 year ago)
Thank you

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