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WARNING! DO NOT PLAY GTA ONLINE ANYMORE UNLESS YOU KNOW THIS FIRST! ►Cheap GTA 5 Shark Cards & More Games: https://www.g2a.com/r/mrbossftw WARNING! Do not play GTA Online until you know what is going on! Consoles are no longer safe and have been overrun with modders and hackers! SOURCE: https://gtaforums.com/topic/913989-warning-gta-online-on-xbox-one-insurance-fraud-mod-menu-on-xbox-one/ ►My Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MrBossFTW ►My Snapchat: https://www.snapchat.com/add/MrBossSnaps ►My Twitter: https://twitter.com/#!/mrbossftw ►My Instagram: http://instagram.com/jamesrosshudgins Hope you enjoyed this video! See you guys in the next one! ✌🏻
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Text Comments (2440)
MrBossFTW (4 days ago)
WARNING! Do Not Play GTA Online Anymore Until You Know This First!
Jesse Royster (3 hours ago)
Michael Contreras you ain't no tryhard your just a scrub
total prank (19 hours ago)
It's on Xbox 360 also what's bad online
Scottie Faraone (1 day ago)
I had a guy using probs a glitch to shoot me when I was in my office. no damage, but still really strange. There are a lot of people using glitches and mods on PS4. They usually will join a solo session I'm in, and they often spawn very close to my location. the vehicles they use don't act in a normal way. like an oppressor that can shoot a locked on missile from the ground to my Akula at high altitude.
The Ultimate (1 day ago)
Jason Hart (1 day ago)
good to know. anyone who says this video is lie....IS a gta 5 hacker. Believe it!
The Knightle (42 minutes ago)
i've seen modders on xbox since like 2015-2016, once i went into my garage and all my cars were on fire and a christmas tree was on fire too in there.
Corey King (43 minutes ago)
I think I have had someone take all my money when I logged on the one day for ps4 GTA online and I saw I had $0 in my bank and $0 that I was holding I was like what the hell happened to all my money and I thought since I got killed the day beoftr maybe somone toke it all but it was still there when I left GTA online so idk what happened after I got off
Porsche bro (1 hour ago)
Would I have been hacked if I was kicked out of my own car 3 times
Michael Afton (1 hour ago)
cool lets drain mrbossftw's account lol
Xd pc only pc gamers get this karma console is fresh with like a 0000.1% chance
Corey Olson (2 hours ago)
Yeah I was going to my hanger and a guy shoots me down looks at me at then shot money bags at me next thing you know I got 750M
Dustier Chip60 (3 hours ago)
I have seen moding on the xbox360,someone is putting a windmill in front of people's homes and spawning in weaponized vehicles destroy vehicles and kill player's and target me most of the time I don't know what I did to them.
Ripples (3 hours ago)
You cant fucking mod on next gen. You cant access the files to add any mods. We dont even have stealth servers for next gen. I have no clue how any of this happened but trust me.
Jesse Royster (4 hours ago)
When ever I destroy my own vehicle I usually have to pay some money to insurance to get it back but now when I go to get it back I don't have to pay anything to insurance. And then sometimes when I destroy other peoples vehicles they don't cost me any money.
reshon palmer (6 hours ago)
Is this only for ps 4 and xbox a and x, because i been see people modding on gta on ps3 since 2014
dave h (7 hours ago)
You are a liar that has not happened to me yet
zombiekiller6955 (9 hours ago)
Why would he use a pistol to destroy it or what’s the point of destroying the buzzard 🤦‍♂️
BALAKU PABLO (9 hours ago)
Will it happen in a solo public session?
Sean Everts (9 hours ago)
Dose this include ps3 because that's the version me and my freinds play
huster104 gaming (10 hours ago)
I've used mods but gta 5 money drop ok take money but at least there not deranking you or giving rp
AmericanCole (11 hours ago)
My friend has a usb that you can put into your PS4 and it gives you 5mil instantly
Aaron Brockington (11 hours ago)
[email protected]:15...don't you mean to say "you can do everything but sell in a private session"...? (meaning all the sourcing and collecting etc can be done in a private session but to selling the goods must be done in a public session)
Tre Williams (12 hours ago)
I need money if you're modding on nex gen.
Craig Scorer (13 hours ago)
Logan Lopez (15 hours ago)
I know how to mod on ps4 it’s really easy
Jacob Love (16 hours ago)
If you are on Xbox one and don’t want to deal with it you can just go into a solo public session by joining a public session, wait to load in and then go in your settings>internet settings>test NAT type wait a few seconds (you don’t have to wait for it to finish just wait for 3 seconds) then go back into gta V and everybody will leave the session and you will be by yourself. I don’t know if this works on playstation.
Darkfury Gaming (17 hours ago)
1. Rockstar needs to shutdown mod menus 2. Earn money fairly 3. Don't HACK your console.
Andrew Witt (19 hours ago)
Happened me someone put me in bad sport. It was supposed to be for 2yrs 9months and like 16dys got out 8 days later
Matthew Gantt (21 hours ago)
they can also update the anti cheat take the cheaters to court make them pay a whole bunch of money or spend years in prison
Gerard V Clarke (21 hours ago)
I won't abide cheats I've been attacked several times whilst playing online, Honestly they attack me once I try me best not to retaliate They keep on coming for me Before I let it go, now I report them Eg during a session on Saturday night I was on the way to the office, on the map a player nearby I went around cos I thought he/she may be on a mission Respect yourself more importantly respect other players I sincerely feel for players that have been hacked Rockstar needs to be cracking down on these hackers Who ruin the experience of GTA online for Good players
Andrew Leach (21 hours ago)
Cough cough 360
Big Mike117 (22 hours ago)
I think u can only mod on ps4 offline for now. Idk if u can online
Jason Smith (1 day ago)
Within the last two weeks, on Xbox one, I had two experiences that may have been modders. The first, I'm certain about. I was in a fight with someone - he was on a yacht, and I was in a plane - I fired some missiles, and missed, and was flying away, about to turn around - and without warning I suddenly died. No that the place blew up - it was like I was sniped. So - I gave up, went to do other things - and he sends me a message". "Oh - did you crash your plane?" "No - I just suddenly dropped dead with no warning." "Oh. I understand." And he then basically immediately logged off. The second was a guy who I was fighting with - and it may just have been lag - but he was jumping all over / seemingly teleporting 10-15 feet at a time - I couldn't land a shot, but he got me several times. I'm not great in a fight and have lost quite a few - and I've had lag issues - but I've never had lag issues like that.
BigJeff (1 day ago)
If you want to sell in nightclub you can go into a solo public session
Marc Van Der Weide (1 day ago)
Only on ps3 not on ps4
A VPN (virtual private network) can protect against modders and hackers.
Mister November (1 day ago)
I'm against griefing-modders
ALIENGAMING HD (1 day ago)
Was playing gta bout 3weeks ago. I'm on xb1 n guy was shooting me I was standing basicaly on top of him but could not see him anywhere he was modding for sure
Joey Pazicni (1 day ago)
Yesterday I ran into an 8000 and screenshot it on PS4
cdunlap0008 (1 day ago)
Lvl 8000s all over ps4 so modding and exploiting has been a thing for a while but never to this degree. Glad I stay out of public sessions if I'm not selling anything
Purestock (1 day ago)
I have come across Mods to where they use girl characters that are naked on PS4.
jpalasz123 (1 day ago)
furthermore you should be more considerate upon the PC community rather that the consoles.. all due to that we get hit harder than them.. Not everyone plays on console.. Example when the hacking for the GTA 6 fake releasement that was widespread on the online sessions, you said that it never was shown on PC.. WRONG!!!.. I'm on only PC.. and it was displayed.. Console is not the only thing that GTA online or the game itself is played on.
Ahmad Ehab (1 day ago)
Says the guy who uses modders to keep haters away. 😂
jpalasz123 (1 day ago)
Staying out of public sessions... cmon its inevitable online is online.. you are bound for other players to be around anyways..
GTA KING (1 day ago)
What about glitched out public solo are u safe there
Samuel LP (1 day ago)
WHAT! PC Has no Car Insurance
Brax Brown (1 day ago)
Thanks for the heads up.
Osvaldo Acosta (1 day ago)
within a week i saw three lvl 8000 on ps4 but they didint have mods Hmmm
dopesmoking son (1 day ago)
Me and a friend of mine that play on PS4 got put into a bad sport lobby for 48hrs buy modders and Hume one week me the next.
Fuckidifuck nigga (1 day ago)
PC Jews.
DEADSHOT 1340 (1 day ago)
I got froze then I got all my money taken away and I had 12 million
DEADSHOT 1340 (1 day ago)
Enigma. (1 day ago)
I mean I would like free money....
the joka (1 day ago)
Lol i take it as you never had a ps3 and gta 5
Struan Sinclair (1 day ago)
Mods have always existed on console as I got a money drop from a random player around 2 years ago
Chris Latham (1 day ago)
I had no issues today with calling mors mutual.
CyaVain (1 day ago)
Does Bad Sport exist ? i never experienced it since 2015 :/
L.Tjuston Senack (1 day ago)
yes it dose one guy become a bad sport abd got a hacker from the deep web that or the dark web the hacker got him out of the bad sport lobby
Boney Lockz (1 day ago)
Total Income Earned legitimately: 44mil... All from Import Export. The horrors of grinding. If I ever get banned one day because a modder throws cash at me, I would not only be pissed, I would go crazy on the rockstar staffs who ban players via mail or live chat...
AyoKIDDjesus (1 day ago)
bro modders been on the ps4 for some time now ive encounter some before.
Da Killah (1 day ago)
Not true. Security system on ps4 is damn well made. They cant mod. Its a glitch in the game system well actually more to let you get punished for being a douche.
Ammo Doom (1 day ago)
It’s every time he shoots the helicopter.
My MTU on PS4 is set to 700. So i dont worry about this.
fordranger9212 (1 day ago)
Bad idea for me to get GTA 5 BAD IDEA well I might never play gta online I might play on DOJRP Roleplay server on gta
Jogging Dogg (1 day ago)
Thanks for this video mr. Boss I totally agree with you on this issue if I play online I usually go to invite only anyway myself because of stuff like this I get sick of being harassed by people people blowing up your vehicles Etc so this is good to know really appreciate you posting this video trying to help everybody out yeah it is getting ridiculous I don't have a problem with modders either myself it's just the malicious mods like you said that's the problem when they do it for fun to make videos on their YouTube channel that's pretty cool I like some of these modded videos people make they are pretty neat looking but anyway thanks for posting this thanks for giving everybody the warning the heads up on this issue great video great information great help thanks mr. Boss for everything you're doing👍👊
Matthew Catlow (1 day ago)
Yeah on Xbox 360.
Zach Hamell (1 day ago)
How do you do a resupply run in private/invite only session if you can't access your business?
Jeff Ruedger (1 day ago)
Oh shit, the sky if falling.
Mr. C (1 day ago)
I miss the 360 days and everyone being turned into the giant glowing orange. Nothing more fun that rolling along on my super bike pulling wheelies and jumping shit and guys are like “FUCKING FLYING ORANGE YAAABOIYYYYY”
Kakusek PL (1 day ago)
Who here can mod on xbox and is willling to give money
marsh mellow (1 day ago)
Alright I dont want to watch this so I'll stop playing
M (1 day ago)
Rockstar has reached a new level of bad secured software.. now even the consoles?! Must be some kind of world record..
PS4gaming Soul (1 day ago)
Yes I have
Lil Frosty (1 day ago)
But it shows everyone leaving
Lil Frosty (1 day ago)
Some one keeps following me and kicking me out the session
Yankee Studios (1 day ago)
My friend got his gta reset
Paneque Panaca (1 day ago)
Philip Shinigami (1 day ago)
Yes, I screened someone who shot me through different houses. Got even sniped by a random guy through Mount chilliad, he was down at the lake while I've been on the other side of the mountain
Daniel Mattos (1 day ago)
"issue" lol
tyler collin (1 day ago)
Thanks for the info. I will be staying in private, invite only sessions until the matter has been resolved.
Dieter Heineck (1 day ago)
RIP Xbox
The Shameless Plug (1 day ago)
"This is where i draw the line, in the sand" 😂
Erik Hallenbeck (1 day ago)
Micro trans need to go then i tell u now I've spent over 300,dollars an thought i was safe thanks mr boss i love ur streems a friend an i check ur videos every day for info.u mfrs need to stop bashing this guy if u need a hitman on GTA give me there user name i got u bro.
Erik Hallenbeck (1 day ago)
Yes i have seen a person teleport when gunfight on the street ps4 i died over 20 times n never killed this avatar 2017.
Flying Kangaroo (1 day ago)
God mode on PS4 is paramount now.
Faye Holtom (1 day ago)
Bye the way this is my grandmothers phone so ya and i was in a mission in freemode invite only then 3 people with teronto joinrd nobody sayed they invited them cyberteronto was a rank 8000 defenitly a modder also thos was on xbox 1 so i dont know every once in a while i will see a rank 1000 or a 3000 but i jus get out off that lobby asap
What if that gameplay is on pc he's just using a controller because come on what console player would run away from free money
Emil Reinsnes (1 day ago)
IT was probaly on ps3
JoelTG 1995 (1 day ago)
I came across a modder in gta 5 on 360 he was using a monkey avatar he was spawning spaceships and shooting out cash and stuff
BONAL (1 day ago)
Mod players already existed so long ago on ps4 and xbox. But they only played offline
It was glitch... And it's his fault he shot at it.... And didn't stop
Just Saying (1 day ago)
I was once on ps4 with a friend and suddently I cant drive anymore but my car keeps turning and hitting my friend so ...
Madbeens RC (1 day ago)
Ps4 modders everywhere, i‘m madbeens, give me money you magnificent fools😂😂
Leon Winter (1 day ago)
produce taxpayer feed ingredient legend trunk either stop
im Noteric (1 day ago)
Dont u use mods from some 1 eals on every live stream from u
Dustin L (2 days ago)
If you have issues getting missions done due to other players you can always lower your connection speed and you will launch into your own private lobby
Nicdaprick (2 days ago)
takun rr (2 days ago)
I was on ps4 and there was a guy locking me /kicking me out of my own car
Piotr Sobucki (2 days ago)
Noah The Slayer (2 days ago)
Lmaooo Xbox 360 has always been full of HELLA modders
Toxic Ash Main (2 days ago)
And also way before this video I encountered modders on ps4
Toxic Ash Main (2 days ago)
Does he not know how easy it is to jailbreak new consoles now?
Ryan Hilbelink (2 days ago)
Get a real life people
LoveChillBeats (2 days ago)
I ran into someone using god mode on my ps4

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