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2018 TREK Stache 5 (REVIEW) - of the features that I enjoy and was looking forward to

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THIS IS WAY MORE BIKE THAN THE ROSCOE 8 Great bike to ride around the trails here in the Midwest for cardio but provides the capability to take out to CO and anywhere really for serious downhill singletrack. The Stache delivers! Ride is smooth, grip is sick, the high end gear ratio lacks a little but this is not a sprinting bike, gears are perfect for the trail. Could not recommend it enough! I went to a couple local Trek dealers a few weeks ago intent on purchasing a Roscoe 8. They were out of them in all sizes and informed me that Trek was back ordered until mid May (2018). One of the techs suggested a Stache 5. I was a little hesitant about paying $500 more and about the 29" tires which I had never experienced. I am SO GLAD I bit the bullet and bought a Stache 5. It's probably the most comfortable hardtail bike I've ever ridden. Trek just has geometry down to a science. Wait... it is a science... anyway, I'm in the Midwest and around here it is rooty, rocky, and we have our share of elevation changes from 50-250 ft, hard climbs, and crazy downhills. The Stache 5 delivers. I love this bike!!! Stock components will do me just fine for at least a couple of years. Just a few minor upgrades to add a splash of color to the matte gunmetal silver frame.
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More like a 32er.
Thanks for watching and the comment +Edgar Smittenheighnjenkson! I agree, the 29er with a 3" mid fat tire ends up being closer to a 32er. It makes for a great ride!
Only The Bold Project (1 month ago)
Very cool, I just got my own Stache 5 & I too love it!!
Michael (2 months ago)
Nice. I recently bought a Stache 5. Thing is a champ. The front end is so light you have to watch out so you don't pop wheelies going up hill.
Thanks for watching and the comment +Michael! I agree, the front end is so light. My son and I were out last night and on a couple of the up hill climbs, I was sitting in the saddle and about looped out when the front tire popped off a the tree roots. Of course when I come up out of the saddle then there isn't enough weight on the rear tire for good traction. Overall, I still love the ride!
I’m in the same situation. I want a Roscoe 8, Or I may get a Stach 5.. I’d prefer the Judy RL Silver fork on the Roscoe. But, the Stache has true 3” wide tires, and 29” tall at that. The Stache 7 would solve my problems, but $2,200 is out of my league.
Thanks for watching and the comment +The Real Family Channel! That is exactly where we were at with weighing the difference between the Roscoe 8 and Stache 5 - especially regarding the front fork/shock. After having the Stache 5 for about 2 months now, I have been impressed by the Manitou Machete front shock and have not been disappointed. Also, we could not have justified the price tag on the Stache 7. Hope you can make a decision quickly so you can get out and ride this summer!
maverickskier587 (2 months ago)
What PSI are you running in the tires?
Thanks for watching and the comment +theconman1395! Currently we are not riding tubeless. Most of the trails we have ridden so far this Spring are either hard pack, gravel or pavement and the higher psi has provided a more efficient ride for speed rather than comfort. I agree that if we are riding through snow or on trails with more features and jumps we will drop the psi down to 15 and it provides a much better quality ride. Thanks again and enjoy your Stache!
Mr. Popo (2 months ago)
Our Big House in the Little Woods dude, that's ridiculously high. Are you tubeless? I run 15 psi on my Stache. The difference in ride quality is huge.
Thanks for watching and the question +maveickskier587! Typically we run somewhere between 20-30 psi depending on the trail we are riding. If there are more features and jumps on the trail we tend to keep the psi a little lower to soften the landings.
Alvin Enobio (3 months ago)
Thanks for the reply =)
Alvin Enobio (3 months ago)
What fork are you using?
Hey +Alvin Enobio, thanks for watching and the question! We are using the stock fork that came with the bike (Manitou Machete 32 Comp, air spring, ABS damper, lockout, E2 tapered steerer, Boost110, G2 Geometry w/51mm offset, 120mm travel) and have been impressed with it so far.

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