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WooCommerce Taxes Setup: How To Get Your Taxes Automated!

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You can Get The Plugin Here: http://www.darrelwilson.com/taxjar In This WooCommerce tutorial For Wordpress, I Will Show You How to setup your taxes for woocommerce automatically! In The past, i have shown you tutorials on how to setup woocommerce taxes but this plugin will now make it so all your taxes are automated and automatic! I really consider this one of the best woocommerce plugins for your wordpress website! If you are running an ecommerce wordpress website, think of the time and hassle you will save with this plugin. NOTE: Make sure to check this article to see if your state requires collecting taxes from different states. Some DO NOT! http://blog.taxjar.com/charging-sales-tax-rates/ To learn how to make this same exact website, you can visit my tutorial right here! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AVq0d2brXp8 Use the code DARREL At checkout to save 10%! for more tutorials like this or to learn how to make a wordpress website, feel free to visit my website at http://www.darrelwilson.com
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Text Comments (38)
David Powers (6 months ago)
Taxjar deactivates geolocation which i need for other plugins
Darrel Wilson (6 months ago)
i think now woocommerce offers this automatically
Coffee and Much More (6 months ago)
Hey Darrel Please reply to this comment. Our team is in India and we are targeting US customers. We have all set our store by following your video on this channel. We are using woocommerce and print on demand wordpress plugin - printfull to design our products. I think the fullfilment center of printful is located in Los Angeles CA and charlotte NC. Then how do we suppose to charge tax for the US buyers.
Darrel Wilson (6 months ago)
im pretty sure you need to pay the tax of where you are located, im not sure 100% however
Fun Stuff (7 months ago)
Hi! I wanted to thank you for the quick tip, and I have been viewing about 10 sales tax videos before yours, and every one of them was foreigners in another country besides USA that I couldn't relate to so I did a quick search for sales tax the USA and your video came up. The funny thing is that I am also at 91770 for my online store!! LOL! I configured 7.25% before I watched the video. Now that's pure luck! Thanks! Tom
D S (8 months ago)
Great for national sales and Canada.
Darrel Wilson (8 months ago)
Maciej Kotkiewicz (9 months ago)
Hey Darrel what pluggin did you use for thumbnails you're showing in 30th second?
Maciej Kotkiewicz (9 months ago)
thank you, do you know any pluggin like this one working for category thumbnails?
Darrel Wilson (9 months ago)
product image flipper plugin
Ameen Khan (9 months ago)
@Darrel One of my user put the following postal code in my website (20904-1449) but woocommerce did not charge tax? any idea.? state is maryland USA
David Fozdar (9 months ago)
TaxJar has other problems which you obviously don't address. It is simple to set up, but I've had a lot of issues with it. This video makes it look like it just does everything perfectly. For me, it does not accurately calculate sales taxes if the customer does not put in the 5-digit zipcode + 4-digit extension. If only the 5-digit zipcode is put in, the plugin only pulls in the state sales tax rate. Also, up until recently, people had issues using TaxJar with WooCommerce subscriptions. Anyway, those of you who want to use TaxJar, Avatax, or Simple Sales Tax (Tax Cloud), or any other tax plugin, beware that you will most likely run into issues every time WooCommerce gets updated. You can usually work things out, but their are definitely a lot of frustrations.
MyrealTV (2 months ago)
David Fozdar Thanks for the warning. So what program do you use?
Wookierabbit (3 months ago)
I am having same issue. I tried adding 4 digit zip code, but taxjar still does not calculate sales tax accurately. Do you know any other way to troubleshoot this?
Manny & Leah AfroSushi (10 months ago)
Darrel Wilson (10 months ago)
thanks again!
Ensto Market (10 months ago)
o is this true? automatic )?
Darrel Wilson (10 months ago)
yup take a look!
Carlo Santos (10 months ago)
Thanks for the great info! Is the nexus information optional? or did you just leave it out of the demo?
Plant based (1 year ago)
which SSL do you use?
Darrel Wilson (1 year ago)
i think its the woldcard
Leah Eddings (1 year ago)
Darrel, I followed the steps in the video, however the sales tax field will still not populate at check out. I enter different addresses but no sales tax is calculated. Any suggestions? Thanks!
Darrel Wilson (1 year ago)
email them, it does take a few hours or 1 day
Custom Video (1 year ago)
Hello does it plugin work well with recent woocommerce update. if you see the recent review to this plugin it's sounds like it doesn't work for wordpress. thanks.
Armine Hovhannisyan (1 year ago)
Hi Darrel Wilson. Would you please reply my facebook message. https://www.facebook.com/
RIKEOO (1 year ago)
You should make a tutorial on WooCommerce with Printful, since WooCommerce is the only platform that users don't need to by an extra app/plugin in order to sell their on products and Printful products and still having the correct realtime shipping rates from Printful. Thanks.
Hi Darrel, i just want to ask you if there is a way to mass input attributes to woocommerce. i have a site with auto parts and i would like to connect the products with auto brands and models
the senario is that i have a catecory batteries. then with attributes i will connect the brand and the model with the product battery. so when someone searches for batteries can select his brand and model and find the proper battery
Darrel Wilson (1 year ago)
why not just make them a category?
Sarah Britny (1 year ago)
Hi Darrel Wilson. Please reply my facebook comment. link is here : https://www.facebook.com/DarrelWilson03/posts/457580054584970:0
Sarah Britny (1 year ago)
Thank You
Darrel Wilson (1 year ago)
i responded to your other comment, ask the Elegant Themes forum, they will provide you with the correct CSS
anand sai (1 year ago)
How Are U Selling Dresses ? I Mean Do U Have Textile Industry.
anand sai (1 year ago)
Darrel Wilson Oh OK Bro
Darrel Wilson (1 year ago)
nah its just for demo purposes
Darrel Wilson (1 year ago)
Let me know how this works for you! This plugin will automate all the taxes for you and save you tons of time! Make sure to like this video! Woooot! Also make sure to check this article to see if your state is required to collect sales tax for different states http://blog.taxjar.com/charging-sales-tax-rates/
Darrel Wilson (1 year ago)
ohh, im almost 100% there is a plugin for it, althought i dont know, i have seen similar plugins when browsing on wordpress
Stewart William (1 year ago)
hi Darrel, Do you know how to change the currency on WooCommerce. I know how to change $ to €, but my country (Haiti) use HTG.

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